Out of the blue, Eddie Murphy became this year’s Oscar host and this may prove to be a turning point for him. Oscar producer Brett Ratner hired his pal Eddie who stars in Brett’s upcoming movie “Tower Heist.” Eddie is not the ambitious young creative talent he was on Saturday Night Live and “48 Hours.” According to the L.A. Tiimes he is now most noted for his “half-hearted work ethic and sense of entitlement.” Eddie’s massive talent became mired in his own ego. His recent movies, aside from Shrek, have been critical and boxoffice flops. He is also remembered less for his humor than his questionable sexual proclivities. Eddie can put this all behind him if he wows us on the Oscar show. But will he make the effort?


Posted by Janet on September 7, 2011

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  1. By yoyo
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Luv’d Eddy on Beverly Hills Cops, SNL, 48 Hrs, on & on. I have zero clue to where that funny guy went or if in fact, his ego’s taken him hostage.

  2. By Denise
    On September 7, 2011 at

    yoyo, he stopped being funny years ago.

    Although I’m not a Mel B (Scary Spice) fan, he treated her like dirt when she got pregnant with his daughter. Any respect I had for him was long gone.

  3. By yoyo
    On September 7, 2011 at


    Right you are, forgot about Scary Spice. Guess all that money & power somehow makes one forget where they come from.

  4. By nicky
    On September 7, 2011 at

    didn;t he have a bunch of kids with his ex so everyone would think he was a big stud? when really he liked big hairy arms

  5. By Seriously?
    On September 7, 2011 at

    This choice mystifies me. Eddie hasn’t been funny in years, nor has he been relevant in the film industry. Were Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Jackman, Craig Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, David Letterman, Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien ALL busy that night?

  6. By Muffin
    On September 7, 2011 at

    I agree with all of the above comments ^^^^^

    Boooo!! Oh well, I will probably still watch the awards anyway. I am a big fan of The Oscar Awards. Maybe I will PVR them and FF through his ugly mug parts!!

  7. By Hello
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Seriously, they all did it already why not someone new? They not going to get the guy that was disrespecting everyone on the other award show. It would have been nice because they all deserved to be pissed on.

  8. By dimes
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Eddie might be throwing in some ad libs, but it’s Bruce Vilanch who will be writing his material. Hopefully Eddie will pay more attention than James Franco did.

  9. By Indy
    On September 7, 2011 at

    I have a funny feeling he could be a flop and will intersect some of his characters he did on SNL, albeit unwittingly, trying so hard to be funny. When you have to try too hard, it fails.

  10. By pippa martins-st. onge
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Just making this announcement has killed the ratings by half.

    Ricky Gervais or Craig Ferguson would have been better picks. Even Larry King would have pulled in more viewers.

  11. By Hello
    On September 7, 2011 at

    pmo, really Larry King?!?! The show is already a snooze fest. After the red carpet, half hr of the begining of the show is good, then change the channel, then maybe 20 minutes before the show ends to find the best actors is good.

  12. By Nina
    On September 7, 2011 at

    I’m not surprised he has a sense of entitlement. He has always seemed very arrogant to me as himself, rather than his characters. He got a LOT at a young age, and just thought he’d always have it. He would be wrong. Also, I agree that Craig Ferguson would be a hoot to host the Oscars. He would take Bruce Vilanch’s material and run with it.

  13. By Leigh
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Although, I enjoyed Eddie Murphy’s performance in Dreamgirls, I would have preferred Oprah as Oscar host.

  14. By princessjohnson
    On September 7, 2011 at

    thank you for mentioning “dreamgirls”.
    murphy’s tour de force performance proved to hollywood what hecan do.
    his best work is ahead of him as a musical comedy star.
    i predict he will find a role in porgy & bess, starring again with beyonce, & brian mcknight.
    see eddie murphy in “guy & dolls”, w/mariah carey, vin deisel & whitney houston.
    wait & see, haters!

  15. By CoCo
    On September 7, 2011 at

    I’d love to see Craig Ferguson do it and Steve Martin is always cool.

    I hope you are kidding about Mariah Carey in Guys & Dolls, princessjohnson!

  16. By Mona Garrett
    On September 7, 2011 at

    If he does at least a creditable job it will be considered a big win, because I don’t think the expectations about his performance could be any lower.

    As stated in the other post, Eddie being named host seems more rooted in promoting the Rattner movie he’s in, rather than capitalizing on popularity—which he just doesn’t have at the level he used to.

  17. By Mona Garrett
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Oh, and it’s more likely than not that he was telling the truth about Scary: she intentionally got pregnant after telling him she was on the pill.

    Remember, she scheduled her C-section for Eddie’s birthday (nice touch!) and wasted no time enlisting Gloria All-red to plead her case in public.

    But after the story leaked that she was trying to extract an $8 million dollar beach house from Eddie, she became uncharacteristically camera shy—and their settlement was concluded privately.

    Eddie’s NO PRIZE, but I think he was determined not to be roped in by a gold-digger no matter how bad it made him look; in fact, his aborted marriage to Tracey Edmonds soon after Scary, was said to have imploded over her 11th-hour demands for cash.

  18. By Mona Garrett
    On September 7, 2011 at

    “…soon after his relationship with Scary…”—didn’t mean to imply they were married.

  19. By Mona Garrett
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Oh, and finally (promise! 🙂 ), a little cosmetic dental work would go a long way, ya know?

  20. By forrest gump
    On September 7, 2011 at

    just try to act like axel foley did…………

  21. By Strom
    On September 8, 2011 at

    Year of Obama so it made sense a BLACK was chosen for this…….Mel B pulled the all time scam and Eddie was foolish to be screwing her anyway…she is much more lesbian than straight.

  22. By Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen Elisa is a major pain in the Butt and hope her ass is kicked off the show soon..Because I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and..How could Tennile be any one role model she was kicked off the show for me
    On September 8, 2011 at

    Eddie Murphy is funny and smart and charming and has been around for years and his personality is amazing and…I like him very much as an actor and..A man who is so funny and can make you laugh until you cry or your tummy starts to hurt.. Fantastic to see him do the Oscars and…It would be wonderful to see him on T.V. Again having fun and just joking around and being himself and..In this picture he looks truly happy and cheerful and on top of the world.

  23. By John
    On September 8, 2011 at

    Craig Ferguson would have been a far better host. He’s a comedy genius.

  24. By Casonia of Seattle..Hells kitchen is frustrating to some degree because your forced to be with Bitches like Elisa and that has to be a major pain in the ass..That all the woman where kicked out and she was the last woman standing. She is well hated by the
    On September 22, 2011 at

    But Eddie has something special and that means he can make you laught and have fun and forget your worries and have a special evening but well wishes for him and good luck to this future.

  25. By Casonia of Seattle..Hells kitchen is frustrating to some degree because your forced to be with Bitches like Elisa and that has to be a major pain in the ass..That all the woman where kicked out and she was the last woman standing. She is well hated by the
    On September 22, 2011 at

    To tell you the truth…I don’t watch this stuff..I find it rather boring and…would rather sleep instead.

  26. By E
    On October 16, 2011 at

    I like Pippa’s ideas of Ricky Gervais or Craig Ferguson.

    I think that Murphy at one time was a truly talented actor (including, but not at all limited to, comedy), but that his ego and nuttiness seem to have eroded his talent.

    Ferguson can make anything funny; and Gervais as a host seems to come in with his own(?) stuff which is more daring than American tv usually gets.

    With regard to Mel B/Scary Spice, I have no idea whether it’s true that she claimed to be on the pill and then got pregnant, but in this day and age it makes sense from both men’s and women’s perspectives to use condoms every time.


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