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Britney Spears recently put up for sale at 7.9 million is in a gated community, but many precautions are being taken to keep out the looky-loos. At a recent open house strictly for real estate agents, every agent had to produce a photo I.D., AND sign a confidentiality agreement! Not only were cameras banned, but cell phones too. We were surprised to learn the place is being sold furnished and the decor couldn’t look LESS like it belongs to a young pop star. It looks more like a grandma’s house. Would YOU buy the furniture?


Posted by hoodlum on September 28, 2008

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  1. By kait
    On September 28, 2008 at

    Looks like a grampa and gramma live there.

  2. By Anonymous
    On September 28, 2008 at

    Buy the furniture? Not.
    Can you give furniture STD treatments?

  3. By Anonymous
    On September 28, 2008 at

    Not worth anymore than 3.8M . Including tacky furnishings. Deduct 500K that will be needed to get britneys stink off of it.

  4. By gerard Vandenber
    On September 28, 2008 at

    A home for the “WEALTHY-ELDERLY” presentation?

  5. By gogojojo
    On September 28, 2008 at

    Nothing wrong with the decor. It is exactly opposite of the shabby chic crap that is perfect for a 12 y.o. that she had in her last house, which makes perfect sense when you are trying to move on… going to extremes. It will be interesting to see what she goes with next.

  6. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2008 at

    >>Nothing wrong with the decor.

  7. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2008 at

    this traditional decor is very popular in the south…Have you ever heard of southern style ???
    to each his own.

  8. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2008 at

    problem is, HOW DOES IT SMELL? Remember her and her trailer trash friends all smoke like chimneys. Probably smells rancid like many of the old casino floors in Vegas.

  9. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2008 at

    It doesn’t really look like a young person’s home. It looks like someone came in and decorated and Britney just lives there. I agree with above posters that the place probably reeks. I’d be surprised if the furniture wasn’t stained.

  10. By Jasper's Goat
    On September 29, 2008 at

    This former pig-pen has been totally cleaned, no doubt by at least a dozen merry-maids. It has been reported numerous times that she lets her dogs wee and poo all over the house, and no doubt the two boys have toys scattered all over.
    What is still the most amazing thing of all is she did not work for about 4 years…yet she draws $750,000 per month and pays $$$ to Kevin, not to mention nannies and bodyguards. If I had all that and not have to work, I sure wouldn’t have f**’ed by brain up with all the crap she pulled. She is definitely bi-polar, and needs to have constant watching to see she takes her meds. (as to the type of furniture, who cares…different strokes for different folks).

  11. By Barbi
    On September 29, 2008 at

    Janet, or whoever….on picture #2 and 3 (middle and last picture), is that a baby grand piano about one inch away from the couch? I can’t tell. If this is true, who decorated this room?

  12. By fletcher
    On October 1, 2008 at

    This simply represents what a ton of money and a crew of decorators can do. They churn out an utterly impersonal, highly staged living environment that advertises the client’s status… yes, and with a hint of the southern belle thrown in. But more importantly, does this look like a child-proof home?

  13. By e.j. tweaker
    On October 1, 2008 at

    Hate it, no personal style, but then she doesn’t have any either. She lacks taste and talent.

  14. By Anonymous
    On October 1, 2008 at

    The decor is horrible, tacky and junky. Awful..it sort or matches her outfits, typical!

  15. By jonna
    On October 7, 2008 at

    if you read about this house she bought the house with everything!

  16. By jonna
    On October 7, 2008 at

    if you read about this house she bought the house with everything!

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