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Adam Levine of Maroon 5 has a long history of famous girlfriends (Yikes- even Lindsay Lohan) but he seems to have settled down with a cute waitress from Teddy’s. He and Rebecca Ginos have been seen together on both coasts – here they are in Manhattan on their way to Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street for cupcakes.


Posted by hoodlum on October 13, 2007

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  1. By Fred Rogers
    On October 14, 2007 at

    That guy and his band are the most over-rated garbage on the planet. He always comes off like an arrogant ass. I suggest he gain 30 pounds by lifting weights. What a poser!

  2. By Time To Tea Bag
    On October 14, 2007 at

    She has nice legs. He is a douche.

  3. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 14, 2007 at

    Margo,, you old whore,,why must you be so crude?

  4. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 14, 2007 at

    This Fuckig Faggot uses his Dick/cock only in the asses of boy’s. That’s why he has an “ORDINARY” waitress as girl. Because she wouldn’t dare to argue with the sucker. She loves all the celebs and drinking a cup a coffee with lindsay lohan for instance is now possible!! That’s why she will tolerate just anything, even fucking boy’s!!

  5. By posh
    On October 14, 2007 at

    oops! somebody is really jealous of lindsay lohan.

  6. By gerard Vandenturd
    On October 14, 2007 at

    I love, Love,LOVE her big retro rain coat and the fact that she color coordinated it with her mid sized pumps sassy?,,,yes,, just a ladylike hint of her lovely legs are shown with a flirty floral mid legnth dress,,perfect for a stroll out in the city to get cupcakes with a dashing rock star,,who by the way looks ,,dare I say,,,hunky in his mid legnth over coat. They have a certain jenay se qui and city chic I admire. BRAVO.

  7. By Anonymous
    On October 14, 2007 at

    yawn. how boring

  8. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 14, 2007 at

    This sucker is a CHEATER, FUCKING LIAR, BIG FAGGOT and an ASSHOLE at the same time. This nobody hasn’t any gut’s in his body and betray’s everyone. This loser is simply to weak to choose a party!! He wants to have a girl for the outside world and a fucking FAGGOT to loose his sperm in. Such faking celebs are expected to entertain AMERICA. Well Sucker, NOT AS LONG AS I’M AROUND!!!!!!!

  9. By Margo Channing
    On October 14, 2007 at

    gerard,, darling PLEASE,,,although his mid tempo ballads may not be to your liking ,,you must stop being such a boor. Adam Levine is very successful on the pop rock charts and with the Hollywood Girls Club.,,his list of female conquests is quite lengthly. His new girl friend looks delightfull and is absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps she will have coffee with Lindsay Lohan,,I wonder what they would talk about?

  10. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 14, 2007 at

    Margo Channing, you’re a pretty naive human being!!

  11. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 14, 2007 at

    Margo channing, I don’t know who is posting that text with my name under it? I think it’s a Faggot-friend who wants to get some kind of “REVENGE” or something because of all the nice words about FUCKING FAGGOTS around the net. I’m sure the girls know it’s really me when I post some text. That text from the other gerard Vandenberg is simply too complicated for me to understand and so write!!
    I’m from Holland, you know?This new-fellow is definitely a FAGGOT-FRIEND!!

  12. By He's a Fruit
    On October 14, 2007 at

    He definately looks queer. She is much to fine for him. Plus he is probably dreaming about her brother naked.

  13. By Anonymous
    On October 15, 2007 at

    He’s very affected and queeney, onstage and off. Not a major talent, either. Probably closet, like so many rock people.

  14. By Anonymous
    On October 15, 2007 at

    What other rock/pop stars are closeted?

  15. By Anonymous
    On October 15, 2007 at

    he is sexy as hell

    On October 15, 2007 at


  17. By Anonymous
    On October 16, 2007 at

    Most of you will be sad when he goes riding off into privacy to have chldren and live happily ever after with Becky.

  18. By Casonia Sade Logenberry...I am going to try out for season 10 of Hells kitchen...I like the mean ass show and I love all the abuse and drama and trama and name calling...The show has its twist and turns
    On August 7, 2011 at

    When a man is ready…No one in the world has to tell him to settle down and have a mate for life and they have to be the most amazing and fantastic woman they have ever met in there life and they have to light his fire and really make his day and give him time that is Valued and put a smile on his face and gives him a stress free life and have him missing her company? But to each man comes time and…When the time is right and the moves can be made.. Then that will be the right time!


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