Nobody plays eccentrics better than Al Pacino – as he reminded us in his HBO movie “You Don’t Know Jack” (about Dr Jack >Kervorkian) last year. Now he’s about to sink his teeth into the role of music mogul/murderer Phil Spector for HBO, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Spector’s life is a glut of success and excess – he produced hit records while keeping his wife Ronnie locked up as a prisoner and ended up in jail for shooting Lana Clarkson. Hollywood hairdressers will be competing to work on this film because the wide variety of Spector wigs are such an important part of his story development.


Posted by Janet on October 11, 2010

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  1. By Reta
    On October 11, 2010 at

    Pacino is good and everything, but I’m a little sick of him being given every role for every weirdo! Also, Pachino doesn’t ever manage to “be” anybody but “Pacino” by changing his mannerisms and voice and timing unlike people like Meryl Streep who transforms into other people so completely. She takes on the accents, looks and embodiment of real people when playing them. I can’t think of an equal actor of the male persuasion, it certainly ISN’T Pacino, and I know I will be attacked for saying so, as tho I am being blasphemous even!

  2. By Mel Zipskin
    On October 11, 2010 at

    Al is one of the great American actors and he will do an outstanding job in this role. He is underserved and worthy of much praise.

  3. By Lovely
    On October 11, 2010 at

    Pacino was born to play these roles, i.e. crazy, screaming… I’m sure it will be entertaining!

  4. By Reta
    On October 11, 2010 at

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Pacino is a National Treasure…and I can just see him now; pacing back and forth on the sidewalk yelling and screaming, hair wild and crazy…oh wait…he did that already didn’t he in Dog Day Afternoon. Point is, Pacino IS good, but Pacino plays Pacino in everything he does, wild hair and all. Even in his private life he walks around in those all black outfits and longish shaggy wild hair. All he has to do is memorize lines or read cue cards, and get paid for being himself, which apparently most people will just rave about! Intense! I can act pissed off and crazy too! Can’t we ALL?!

  5. By Indy
    On October 11, 2010 at

    Reta, I agree. It’s not that Pacino is not a good actor, but I think he got so far in this biz is because he was somewhat aloof and mysterious much like Brando. This whetted the public’s appetite and they more or less put him on a pedestal. e.g. when he but stooped to speak to fans, they just melted.

  6. By captain america
    On October 11, 2010 at

    first make sure you’ll see the madhouse from inside………..

  7. By Teddy
    On October 11, 2010 at

    Reta, the male equivalent of Meryl Streep (and I do agree with your assesment of pacino, the actor, resembling Pacino, the personality) is Philip Seymore Hoffman. The guy can play anything.

  8. By Pippa-London
    On October 11, 2010 at

    Some more greenlit rubbish for Americans to put themselves $12.00 more into debt over.

  9. By SebastianCanada
    On October 11, 2010 at

    I am not a big fan of any of those American Method Actor types. They are too much in their own heads – they are acting nerds.

    Hit the F**king mark, look into the camera and say the lines like you mean it. I don’t give a s**t about what YOU thought about to make you cry when your character left his wife, because the character’s thought when he leaves his wife should be either “What the hell am I doing?” or “Good-bye you miserable bitch.”

  10. By E
    On October 12, 2010 at

    Totally agree about Pacino being Pacino and Streep transforming herself.

    There have long been rumours in LA about Spector’s craziness and proclivities to kidnap women and hold them against their will (including, I heard, Ronnie)

  11. By Lenny
    On October 12, 2010 at

    I have to see this first before I can make judgement. Al hasn’t had a good movie in awhile.

  12. By Natalie
    On October 12, 2010 at

    Agree with Teddy on Meryl Streep’s counterpart being Philip Seymore Hoffman.

  13. By Reta
    On October 12, 2010 at

    I too agree that Philip Seymore Hoffman is brilliant and WAS Truman Capote in that film. (Thank you people for hearing what I meant and not just attacking me right off). I’m NOT saying Pacino isn’t good. When he played the blind guy I was impressed, that is, until the dancing scene when I saw him move his eyes (a sure sign of focusing on something). I watched it over again to be sure, and yes, he did move his eyes side to side while dancing and staring supposedly blindly off into the distance. Hey, some people can do it and some people can’t. He’s no Patty Duke. But then, could she pace on the sidewalk and do a total freakout meltdown? Is THAT really “acting”?!

  14. By SebastianCanada
    On October 13, 2010 at

    Reta, I heard that when Truman Capote farted it smelled of apple cobbler. But when Phillip Seymour Hoffman was on set in character as Truman Capote, when he farted it smelled of PEACH COBBLER. So much for Phil’s great acting then, huhhhhhh?????

  15. By Reta
    On October 14, 2010 at

    Who was given the priviledge of being the “fart tester”? I’ve never noticed THAT in the credits, but I admit they DO roll past pretty quickly…

  16. By SebastianCanada
    On October 14, 2010 at

    It is not credited, but I would guess it is Perez Hilton. He is a well-known fart catcher after all. It is a labour of love for him ; )

  17. By Dean
    On October 19, 2010 at

    WOW, hoo haw, pacino will burn this role big time. I can not think of a better choice to play spector!

  18. By Rosemary Davies
    On September 19, 2011 at

    The British public have expressed concern re. the new film.It’ to do with lionising Spector when he’s doing time for murder.,,,,,But right now a well known high street trader M & S is usung one of his greatest hits to promote their autumn sales drive.”BE MY BABY” !!!Oh, and PACINO is the only one who COULD play Phil.


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