Alec Baldwin needs anger management ASAP. He returned home after work today and a photographer ran up and inquired about his “health” (after the emergency room visit last night.) Baldwin insisted the photographer had made physical contact with him and told the doorman to call the police.The police arrived and Baldwin insisted the paparazzi had “assaulted” him. He became agitated and lunged at the photographer and police had to pull them apart. Somewhere, Kim Basinger is laughing to herself.


Posted by Janet on February 11, 2010

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  1. By Agent Ego
    On February 11, 2010 at

    Cranky old closet case closet boozehound as well!

  2. By Snaps
    On February 11, 2010 at

    I feel for Kim and Ireland with this maniac. He has made their lives hell. I can’t believe this guy is hosting the Oscars. I won’t watch.

  3. By Marianne
    On February 12, 2010 at

    I think Kim Basinger knows how to push his buttons big time and uses their daughter to do it. I feel sorry for Alec. He’s may be volatile, but his ex makes things worse on purpose.

  4. By captain america
    On February 12, 2010 at

    …….there were condoms involved?

  5. By Natalie
    On February 12, 2010 at

    I agree with Marianne. Maybe Alec’s temper wouldn’t flare so much if his wife wasn’t behind the scenes screwing with him any way she can via their daughter. He wants to have a relationship with her, and the wife tries her best to disrupt that. She ought to be ashamed. The sad part of the story is this: Ireland is the one who will suffer. So in the end, if Kim Basinger is keeping score, who won and who lost?

  6. By L'il Off Broadway
    On February 12, 2010 at

    Alec and Kim are both looney tunes, just in different ways. He has a quick temper and she is crafty and cunning, esp. regarding the kid. Recipe for disaster for sure.

  7. By Etienne
    On February 12, 2010 at

    Come on, Janet. If you’re going to report gossip, do it right. “Paparazzi” is PLURAL! Meaning more than one!

  8. By E
    On February 12, 2010 at

    I’m with Marianne, Natalie, and L’il Off Broadway about the Battling Baldwins.

    And I thank Etienne for mentioning the fact that paparazzi is plural (paparazzo is the singular, reportedly originally from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita; I found an interesting article referring to this and giving a few examples here

  9. By E
    On February 12, 2010 at

    Sorry, I munged the article reference (and I didn’t want to put it inside an href because I know that before I click on a link I want to know where it’s going):

  10. By Syl
    On February 12, 2010 at

    He lets Kim get to him, if indeed that’s what happened. Instead he should have smiled and been nice, but he doesn’t have that setting in his evil brain. I also won’t watch anything with him in it. Let me know who wins Oscars.

  11. By Best Self Tanning Loation
    On February 13, 2010 at

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  12. By vswilson
    On February 13, 2010 at

    Alec has a history with the paparazzi, and any photographer brave enough to go approaching Mr.Baldwin about his health should be thinking of his own.

  13. By crtb
    On February 14, 2010 at

    Kim is bitter and angry that her ex is having a better life that ehs is. she’ll do anything to ruin his life. She is the she-devil.

  14. By Carlotta
    On February 16, 2010 at

    The guys going home from work. Give him a break. Who wouldn’t be tired after a day’s grind? He has the right to go home and kick back just like anyone else, and he’s not required to be at the beck and call of fans and photogs 24/7. He’s a human being with the normal human flaws. He also has the right to be left alone.


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