Much was made of the fact that Amy Winehouse ran into MIscha Barton at the popular Camden hangout The Hawley Arms the other night. The girls were observed having a drink of some kind together – although Mischa says she has given up alcohol. They both love to party, but somehow we can’t imagine these two becoming best buddies. Above they were photographed when they left – Mischa left early and was carrying a container of guacamole, and Amy didn’t get home until 11:30 A.M.


Posted by Janet on August 3, 2010

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  1. By Bettye Bluejay
    On August 3, 2010 at

    Finally! Mischa looks good, too bad being drunk and wasted is a prerequisite for looking good.

  2. By SebastianCanada
    On August 3, 2010 at

    I agree Bluejay. Has she strategically covered up those matronly thighs, had lipo, or found a miracle-maker/trainer.

    As for the guacamole, well, there is a really gross joke in there somewhere about a trip to the gynecologist, and getting a scraping, but I am a classy fella and shall refrain.

  3. By Lenny
    On August 4, 2010 at

    I think it a fish lens or something. She has put on weight in the last two years. She is a good actress, but getting drunk and high all the time will mess ya up.

  4. By captain america
    On August 4, 2010 at

    just give them ALCOHOL and we will see.

  5. By clementine
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Oh, I dunno Janet…They are both young, and messed up on drugs and alcohol. Neither of them are in any condition for a comeback or doing any real good work right now. I think they have more in common than you say…just not very *good* things in common…to be washed up by 25 is tragic…

  6. By Sally
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Despite her issues, Amy is truly a very talented singer with a unique, beautiful voice that’s a throwback to jazz and blues genre. Mischa on the other hand can’t act. But I do agree that their nefarious activities have finally caught up with the both of them.

  7. By SebastianCanada
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Winehouse is one of the most over-rated musical performers of the last half century. Barton at least was once a beauty, and exhibited some acting talent.

  8. By Sally
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Winehouse has a unique voice and look. Her albums Frank and Back to Black were very well done. She channeled Billy Holiday and Sarah Vaughn with her delivery. When she hit the music scene she offered something different than Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Then drugs and other vices came along and messed that up.

    A pretty face doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have talent to back it up. Beauty can only take you so far before it gets boring. Barton doesn’t have any talent other than rolling a joint while driving.

  9. By Sally
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Sebastian not everybody will have your opinion on certain topics and views. You seem to enjoy mocking and lambasting other posts with your own warped views that you seem to think superior to other views. For a person who seems to mock Reta and others for policing comments, you certainly do your fair share. And you tend to contradict yourself the more you explain yourself.

  10. By Bettye Bluejay
    On August 4, 2010 at

    I look forward to Canada’s comments.

  11. By Bettye Bluejay
    On August 4, 2010 at

    It’s not a fish lens. Mischa’s cheeks are very sunken.

  12. By SebastianCanada
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Thanks Bluejay.

    Sally, this is all a bit of fun, most of the time. Occasionally one of us goes of and get high and mighty or a bit too academic. Big deal. I guess that last comment was your turn. It is interesting that you are so touchy about Winehouse, of all things.

    I do not think someone like Winehouse is the opposite or antidote to a Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus. In fact, she is just the other side of the same coin.

    Winehouse is a clump of rotting cliches under a rats nest of a wig. She generally appeals to people who want to look bohemian, or smarter and more cultured than they are. Winehouse’s voice is like rough sandpaper on metal, and her cultural references are as shallow and pathetic as Madonna’s.

    There are many more, far better recording artists on which to lavish your respect or adoration.

  13. By SebastianCanada
    On August 4, 2010 at

    P.S. Winehouse is NOT the 21st century Piaf, or Nico, or Marianne Faithful, not in any substantive way. She is nothing but packaging.

  14. By Sally
    On August 4, 2010 at

    All artists at one point or another are packaged and groomed into becoming something other than themselves. They cater to their record labels. There’s no such thing as being original. In the end, it’s not the artists who have the power, it’s their record labels who are their bread and butter.

  15. By Sally
    On August 4, 2010 at

    P.S. Amy Winehouse is in a different muscial genre than Piaf, Nico, and Faithful. It’s impossible to compare these artists with each other since each is so very different. It’s like comparing Ricky Nelson to Bob Dylan, it just doesn’t work.

  16. By SebastianCanada
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Sally, Winehouse’s image/persona is a variation of the female blues singers of the early twentieth century – cool, tragic, slightly out of it (because of pain and booze and drugs) – as was Piaf’s, Nico’s, Faithfull’s and many others. The image is a moving and powerful one, that is why great singers like Piaf fit the category, and why soused no-talents like Winehouse ride the cliche form to the bank thanks to gullible cultural illiterates.

    There is a huge difference between a talented singer/songwriter being “styled” and someone being packaged the way a Spears or Winehouse are.

    Winehouse reminds me of all the “New Wave” singers and groups who appeared after ’84. Phonies one and all, created to exploit a the meaningless shreds of a trend that the cool and hip had long since abandoned.

  17. By Pippa-London
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Janet, this story sounds like rubbish to me. Did you pull this one out of the blue bin?

  18. By SebastianCanada
    On August 4, 2010 at

    Sally, BTW, I think it is simply awful that someone like Winehouse achieved international fame while people like P.J. Harvey are little known outside the U.K.

  19. By captain america
    On August 5, 2010 at

    ……you’re a jobless FAGGOT, sebastian?

  20. By SebastianCanada
    On August 5, 2010 at

    Captain, there you go projecting again.


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