winehousecut706_544x600.jpgWe cannot resist a great set of before and after pictures! In the last three years since she hit it big, singer Amy Winehouse has given herself a massive makeover, according to these photos from UK’s Daily Mail. In the beginning she resembled and Italian Anna Magnani retro gal and it was a cool original look. Apparently she took a lot of flak for being voluptuous, and started going to the gym with a vengeance. Add a few tattoos, piercings and most recently that fabulous beehive, and you’ve got a whole new and equally unique looking singer. We’ll take her either way – and we love the Ronnie Spector eye makeup.

Posted by Janet on March 19, 2007

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  1. By Belissa
    On March 19, 2007 at

    Janet, she looks like she has an eating disorder!

  2. By Art Chick
    On March 19, 2007 at

    “They wanted me to go to rehab I said no no no” …her song is the bomb but ….
    tweaking much? – heck yeh!
    She looks like your average drugged San Francisco freak wonder what her drug cocktails are, crack and meth?

  3. By the truth
    On March 19, 2007 at

    She was not voluptuous before, she was NORMAL. Why aren’t male actors and singers starving and/or drugging themselves until they look like end stage cancer patients?

  4. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at


  5. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    Exactly! Anna Nicole was vuluptuous. This girl had a way normal body and if you think this anorexic looking crap is acceptable someone needs the slap that green tint from you hair.

  6. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    She looks anorexic…I can’t believe you don’t see that.

  7. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    she looks like she likes her drugs, i think its really sad how she looks!! her legs DO NOT LOOK OKAY! they look withered. she looks altogether withered.

  8. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    She looks so nasty now… just like a drugged out $2 whore.

  9. By spy
    On March 19, 2007 at

    I agree with everybody else. Janet, you are way out of line saying she looks better as an anorexic. My goodness!

  10. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    You should be ashamed of yourself…she looks no different than richie did and everyone was screaming feed her a burger….this girl looks like an ad for a halfway house, there is nothing intersting or “equally unique”..she has an eating disorder or a serious drug problem. What exactly are promoting here?

  11. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    I agree with every comment on the previous posts, this girl’s after photo looks like she is anorexic or on some very nasty drugs or both. What were you thinking to say she looks good have you lost your mind?

  12. By Alana
    On March 19, 2007 at

    She’s an addict. From what I understand she is a real mess personally. If she was not recording and making money as a singer she would be prostituting to support her habit. She didn’t lose weight because she went on a diet! She needs help. I read that her previous management quit because she wouldn’t go into rehab. I feel sorry for her.

  13. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    Janet, by you making such a statement makes me confused as to why i even read a sight like this….tsk tsk tsk…what do you have to say for yourself…

  14. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    She looks terrible.

  15. By Patrick
    On March 19, 2007 at

    That looks like some creature escaping a concentration camp.

  16. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    POST @ 5:18PM…
    Girl learn how to spell.. It’s SITE not SIGHT!
    Don’t trash talk Janet, you flea infested dog!

  17. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    Of course PEREZ HILTON just loves this piece of gutter trash.

  18. By Anonymous
    On March 19, 2007 at

    She reminds me of a crack 80′s addict trying to sell a vcr in Nyc Spanish Harlem

  19. By Bobbi Fendi
    On March 19, 2007 at

    Shes no Karen Carpenter.She should could stand to lose another 10 pounds the heffa

  20. By zee dickshownary
    On March 20, 2007 at

    janet didnt say that she looks better. she used the word UNIQUE, which could be either a compliment or a slam.

  21. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    excuse my ignorance, 6:51…you are another reason why i question this SITE….why do you feel the need to call names…have we met before? if your biggest issue is that a word is miispelleeddd, you have bigger problems. There is no “trash talking” janet…this is a serious issue and her promoting this pix (that’s picture) tells all of the young girls out there that it is okay to look this way…shame on you, too!

  22. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    zee, you are right, she didn’t say she looked better, but she did state that she would take her either way….therefore, she is saying it’s okay to look like an anorexic cracker…or at least that is how I read it..

  23. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    This is not even the same girl. The tattoo is missing on her right arm in the “skinny” pic.

  24. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    Are you KIDDING ME? The pic on the left is scary. She looks like she needs to be hospitalized STAT. What a beautiful woman she was BEFORE. Now? Just sad. Sad and lost and starving.

  25. By Zelinka's Mommie
    On March 20, 2007 at

    I agree with all the previous comments. This person is a mess in every sense of the word.
    I don’t think she’ll be around in a few years.
    Once an addict- always an addict.
    Her aura by the way looks terrible.
    The girl needs to get it together.
    Being self destructive and getting fame & $$ because of it NEVER lasts.

  26. By The Not So Jealous Kind
    On March 20, 2007 at

    I don’t listen to the radio anymore – so I don’t know how her musics sounds, but she looks nasty!

  27. By Ebeth
    On March 20, 2007 at

    It sounds like you approve of this ‘after’ shot. I know you didn’t say so in the post, but all other posts you come out and say it if someone looks worse, therefore implying she looks better. She looks like she’s on crack! It’s a digusting look that unfortunately too many girls in this country aspire to. Thanks Janet, for feeding the eating disorder, drug addicted beast that dwells in so many females.
    I have completely lost respect for you.

  28. By Tony
    On March 20, 2007 at

    I listen to all kind of music streching write back, but Back to Black is easily the best album I have ever heard.
    I saw Amy feb 25th, front row. she looked stunning.So much Charisma & presence. But it ain’t even about the looks man. Its about the music. This is the biggest talent I have seen in many many years.

  29. By SickofHollywood
    On March 20, 2007 at

    Janet, you’re a pathetic sychophant. To see Amy Winehouse looking emaciated is heartbreaking. She is such a beautiful and talented girl. I hope she can find the inner strength to continue to be who she really is and get her body healthy. You are a typical Hollywood bloodsucker. How about trying to save some lives rather than contribute to their demise.

  30. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    Thin is in! She looks way better on the left side…and I agree that she could stand to drop a few more pounds. All you fat people believe that “misery loves company.” Go eat another case of twinkies and blame your heart disease on genetics.

  31. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    Is Perez likes her, than I hate her. He is a fat, disgusting sycophant who only DREAMS of being thin!

  32. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    No, she did not hit the gym. She’d be looking healthy, with toned muscles. She’s obviously starving herself. For you to glorify it is pathetic.

  33. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    she looks like the grim reaper. jesus..she is on deaths door
    Have a f*cking cheeseburger, and step AWAY from the meth.

  34. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    She looks just plain scary and sad…..what a pathetic world we live in when her normal “before” picture is called “voluptuous” and her concentration camp “after” look is praised. Very, very sad.

  35. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    This is not an improvement. She looks like an anorexic skank down from a curvy babe. Sad she opted her original look for run of the mill slag.

  36. By maxx
    On March 20, 2007 at

    I banged this truck stop whore two days ago for $20 bucks. This hoe is missing a tooth… among other things.

  37. By Lauren is a troublemaker
    On March 20, 2007 at

    Yeah, right, Janet. She did achieve that look by hitting the gym. That is, if your idea of ‘the gym’ is a CRACKPIPE. Dammit, Janet- you’re a slut!

  38. By ThinIzIn
    On March 20, 2007 at

    Rock on, Janet…don’t let all these chubby chasers get ya down! I bet their keyboards are all covered in chocolate and pretzel crumbs.

  39. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    She is anorexic now. Come on, she’s all bones and doesn’t look happy. She looks horrible on the left and healthy on the right, although she should get a little more toned in the legs before she should wear a short dress like that!

  40. By Shirl McKlinskey
    On March 21, 2007 at

    I hope and pray that in a few months I get to piss on her grave

  41. By Anonymous
    On March 21, 2007 at

    She’s obviously into drugs and is a bag of bones..she’s disgusting before and after..

  42. By Anonymous
    On March 21, 2007 at


  43. By Cypress
    On March 21, 2007 at

    She looks ill.. very ill and sad, very sad and ugly..

  44. By smaile
    On March 21, 2007 at

    If you think looking like a herion addict is better than looking like a real person than bang it up your veins janet.

  45. By Anonymous
    On March 21, 2007 at

    are you a crackhead too? look at her? are you f’ing serious?
    are you trying to get an interview with her or something? SHE DOES NOT LOOK GOOD NOW (didn’t really look too good before, either, but at least she looked among the living).

  46. By applebum
    On March 22, 2007 at

    Amy’s music is completely unique and she is musically gifted, especially for one so young. These images of her speak loudly to the fact that all is not right with her life. There is absolutely no way that her after photo could be the typical result of “going to the gym with a vengeance”. She needs help and should say YES, YES, YES to rehab before we lose another talented artist to the darker side of substance abuse.

  47. By S
    On March 24, 2007 at

    ”started going to the gym with a vengeance.”
    I don’t think so. I think she started something else with a vengeance.

  48. By Anonymous
    On March 27, 2007 at

    What is the matter with you? Clearly this woman is ill and on a death march.

  49. By Anonymous
    On March 27, 2007 at

    Not the same person. Look at the tattoos.

  50. By Anonymous
    On March 28, 2007 at

    Look closer, the pic on the right “before” is REVERSED the writing is backwards on the sign behind her. That would make the tat on her left arm, which you can’t see in the “after” picture.
    I agree that she looks like a drug addict. Very sad indeed.

  51. By Anonymous
    On March 29, 2007 at

    How sad…she looks like a sick addict roaming the streets…I hope she’s looking for a hospital, because a body as thin as that is destroying her organs and bones.

  52. By tanner
    On April 3, 2007 at

    go play football with the girls

  53. By Matthew
    On May 3, 2008 at

    Amy is gorgeous either way. If she is happy with not eating, then let her be. To each there own. IMO, she looks much better during her “Frank” days, and I also love her music from back then too. But if she is content with her body, then we need to get off her back. Judgement is all that is going around here, and who are we to judge? She has been cutting herself since she was nine, who knows how her life has been.


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