winehousecut450x300.jpgIn blues singer Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album many of the songs reflected her ruptured heart when she caught her longtime boyfriend Blake Fielder Civil cheating and they split up. (She never removed the tattoo of his name that she had on her chest.) The songs describe her despair, her boozing to ease the pain, and the terrible feeling of betrayal. Apparently Blake got the message. He came back into her life and recently coaxed her into leaving her current boyfriend. And they just got engaged – she’s flashing a huge diamond ring. We’re happy for her, but what’s Amy going to sing about now?


Posted by Janet on April 22, 2007

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  1. By Anonymous
    On April 22, 2007 at

    ^^^^^ no relevant.
    Nor is she interesting or attractive.
    I’ve heard some of her music, the word overrated is an adjective I would use to describe this person and her music.
    Not interesting.

  2. By Been there
    On April 22, 2007 at

    No she’s not attractive nor interesting, but famous or not…Amy, Amy, Amy…don’t you KNOW??? Once a cheat ALWAYS always a cheat!!! SERIOUSLY!!!More heartache lies ahead for you dear…TRUST ME…It’s not just a “saying”…IT’S THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!! Amy…SERIOUSLY!!

  3. By posh
    On April 22, 2007 at

    She’s wears all that make-up to cover up her pain

  4. By Sunseeds777
    On April 22, 2007 at

    She’d look like a real natural on the back of some burly looking guys Harley.

  5. By Anonymous
    On April 22, 2007 at

    no one cares about this trash

  6. By Bev
    On April 22, 2007 at

    Uhm who cares about amy bagelhouse.Her c.d. flopped hard here in the states.Shes an ugly looking drug,booze hound.PLEASE NO MORE STORIES ON THIS NOBODY

  7. By Patrick
    On April 22, 2007 at

    ^^^^^^^Here kitty kitty^^^^^^
    It’s licky, licky time.

  8. By Anonymous
    On April 22, 2007 at

    I don’t get her or her music. I agree with the poster who said once a cheat always a cheat. It’s true.

  9. By Sunseeds777
    On April 22, 2007 at

    I’ll bet she’s a helluva gal in the sack.
    I mean, why else do guys cut and run for ?
    She must really love the guy – how many women do you know have their boyfriends name tattoo on their chest?
    Wonder when that guy is going to get her name tattoo on his chest?

  10. By Anonymous
    On April 23, 2007 at

    Is that a dead birds nest on top of her head?
    Now that’s a nappy headed ho!

  11. By Luvs Patrick
    On April 23, 2007 at

    Patrick!! So glad to see you here again!!

  12. By Patrick
    On April 23, 2007 at

    I’m tryin to draw some heat off my fav gramma.
    Go Sunseeds…

  13. By zzz
    On April 23, 2007 at

    pat ‘s back oh dear’

  14. By Spacelamb
    On April 23, 2007 at

    What’s with all the venom? Honestly, you’d think the woman had murdered somebody from some of these comments!

  15. By L.L.
    On April 23, 2007 at

    Amy is FABULOUS and I want to know everything about her!

  16. By ssing
    On April 24, 2007 at

    UGHH!! This thing CAN’T sing. Why the big todo over her talentless butt???

  17. By Anonymous
    On April 24, 2007 at

    I cant stand her,her music sucks and im sure she did as well to get a record contract

  18. By Anonymous
    On April 25, 2007 at

    he just came back cause she got famous.
    she is talented but she needs to lose those awful tattoos and gain some weight. look how great xtina looks now.


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