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Mariah and Nick Cannon and their twins Monroe and Moroccan were invited to take a cruise on a yacht around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Instead of casual wear and flat shoes like everyone else, Mariah dolled herself up in a Cavalli long knit dress and seven inch heels. Not a great choice for slippery decks…
Photo via: FashionBombDaily


Posted by Janet on January 5, 2013

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  1. By missyco
    On January 5, 2013 at

    I’m sure her yacht don’t get no wet decks and if they do get wet she must have plenty of wet deck removal employees. Why not?

  2. By Hilary
    On January 5, 2013 at

    She must keep up her diva status, Janet! 🙂

  3. By Bluejay
    On January 5, 2013 at

    The yacht owner must have been hacked off at getting the boat deck all punched up with stilleto heel marks.

  4. By Noblecascade
    On January 5, 2013 at

    this girl is not normal.

  5. By georgie
    On January 5, 2013 at

    I had the same thought as Bluejay. Normal people wear boat shoes when boating, first of all to save the boat, and secondly, they are no slip and flat bottomed and help you keep your balance. Also, you can get them soaking wet and they aren’t ruined.

  6. By Hello
    On January 5, 2013 at

    Ditto Hilary!! After reading cdan reveals on her generosity, Mariah can wear whatever she wants.

  7. By sandy rose
    On January 5, 2013 at

    She must have the worst feet – wearing high heels for so many years – which she once said are very uncomfortable.

  8. By Christine India
    On January 5, 2013 at

    I don’t think she ever fully recovered from her 2 severe mental breakdown. She now has delusions of grandeur (diva). Of course, she is a major star and is a multi-multi millionaire, so that’s the way it is.

  9. By mishmash
    On January 5, 2013 at

    She must have really effed up the deck with those heels. And tell Nick to put some laces in those boots.

  10. By Kitty
    On January 5, 2013 at


  11. By Glen B
    On January 5, 2013 at

    have you recovered from yours @Christina ?

  12. By Harvey
    On January 5, 2013 at

    There are more important things to worry about…

  13. By forrest gump
    On January 6, 2013 at

    they bought kids from Whom?
    ………..N*GGER KIDS?

  14. By forrest gump
    On January 6, 2013 at

    they bought/hred kids from Whom?

  15. By XYZ
    On January 6, 2013 at

    she has gone astray since long…. mind control must have fried her brain….

  16. By cal
    On January 6, 2013 at

    A knit dress, she must be crazy, it is so hot here at present.

  17. By Hello
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Mariah Carey conceived her kids. The people who bought N* **gger kids are steven spielberg, tom cruise, charlie theron, Angelina Jolie, jillian michaels, madonna

  18. By Christine India
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Glen B…..get off my case. I have more wisdom and insight in my little finger than you do in your whole being. I will pray for you that your nastiness will subside. You are just basically mad because I am saved, and it appears from your snide remarks that you are not.

    Google her breakdowns and see if you can read how severe they were and how she really went bananas. I will pray for her too; do those words get up your nose?

  19. By christine
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Notice that husband Nick has to carry her purse and has both the kids. What a girl!

  20. By crtb
    On January 6, 2013 at

    I feel sorry for any mother who can’t be down to earth when she is spending “quality” time with her kids. Have her children ever seen their mom with her hair down and without make-up & 5 inch heels? What a sad message to send to your kids. Even Madonna and Beyonce give up the DIVA act when relaxing with their children!

  21. By palermo
    On January 6, 2013 at

    She, like Lady Gaga, wear such weird shoes that they always have to have men to help them when they walk. Mariah, before you know it you will be old and really need that help, so if I were you I’d ditch the stupid shoes and enjoy moving under your own power while you still can. The biggest mistake she made was to get those huge breasts, all they do is make her look matronly and a lot bigger.

  22. By General Idea
    On January 6, 2013 at

    “You are just basically mad because I am saved, and it appears from your snide remarks that you are not.”

    if that’s the case @Christine India, what are we to conclude is the source or cause of all YOUR snide remarks ? Jesus ?

    you’re really a laugh and my fav character at this zoo by far, and sadly perhaps the most self-deluding.

    As a christian, I think its really inappropriate that you invoke his name and scripture all the time, all while you say the nasty things you do.

    John 8:7

  23. By harold M.
    On January 6, 2013 at

    God, I wish all you guys would just stop with the faux Christain BS, isn’t it a private thing, give it a break.

    I think Leanne needs some serious help, but she won’t get it anytime soon.

  24. By Colin
    On January 6, 2013 at

    What’s that film starring Divine? Pink Flamingos?

  25. By Akir O.
    On January 6, 2013 at

    I totally agree with @Harold , becuase no one cares about your religion Christan, so please keep it to yourself, I don’t believe in “your” god, but I don’t mention it nearly every bloody post.

    Faith isn’t a competition or a tool to be used against another person. You do give it a bad name.

    Leanne and her friends are willing to trade their happiness for fame, I wonder If she still thinks its worth it ?

  26. By avoir de pois
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Colin, spot on !

  27. By Sally
    On January 6, 2013 at

    We don’t know the occasion. She could have been singing at an event, you think?

  28. By Hello
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Now I am curious, what you were saved from Christine India. Where you bad, evil and you looked in the mirror and asked for forgiveness? You talk about Mariah poorly but she spends her time, money, often with no shoes on children. She has been doing this for at least 10 years esp the fresh air fund in new york. What have you been doing since you been saved?

  29. By Christine India
    On January 6, 2013 at

    @ Hello: SO YOU ASKED…

    “What were you saved from”….
    Answer: Repented of all my sins, (stupid sinful things I have done), pleading the blood of Christ who died on the cross for all my sins and asked Him to be my Saviour. Then walking in repentance (when we thru human frailty sin again) and faith, Then depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance.

    #2 question”…..I did not mean to disrespect Mariah, in fact I like her voice. I only said a FACT. (that she had 2 major mental breakdowns…google it). I knew she did charity work. So then you asked what I have done. So here it is:

    Bible Study at Juvenile court – 7 years
    Bible Study at Juvenile Detention Center – and counseling the boys age 13-18. – 13 years.
    Distributed over 500,000 tracts to the 2 above and to a large Federal jail complex 25 miles from my humble abode.
    Played piano at Sunday School – 8 years.
    Give new shoes to poor and gently used clothing.
    Gave $$$ to local mission for homeless and counseled them in the day room if they had questions about the tracts given to them.
    Helped start a homeless shelter for abused women and children.
    Gave a lot of $$$ to Red Cross for the tragedies of tornadoes in Joplin, Mo. and also to the huge losses sustained when Miss. River flooded last year.

    Visited nursing home and gave out a few needed items – 12 years

    BTW, all the good works cannot save you, only faith and belief in Christ will save you. of course, John 3:16

    So, hope no one gets mad at me, this is what Hello asked, and all the above is the truth.

  30. By pinkandyellowroses
    On January 6, 2013 at

    She wears those heels to look thinner — not working Mimi

  31. By Rex Mundi
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Golly, you do seem utterly desperate @christine india, I’ve never read anything so strange, so both out of touch and self interested at the same time. You really don’t see it do you ? There must be huge pieces missing from your life. Your poor family. I’m not mad at you, just sad really. Don’t hurt anybody, please, get some real counselling.

  32. By kip and LaWanda
    On January 6, 2013 at

    and I thought Mariah was a diva bitch,

    @christinaindia you take her cake !

  33. By cal
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Indy learn not to bite, it’s just the Internets.

  34. By Bluejay
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Nick Cannon sure is a great dad. His kids are fortunate to have a father who gives them so much caring. And, Nick’s cute, charming, and talented.

  35. By kip and LaWanda
    On January 6, 2013 at

    “Distributed over 500,000 tracts to the 2 above and to a large Federal jail complex 25 miles from my humble abode.”

    2 things that immediately come to mind: isn’t that called illegal dumping ? and “my humble” I don’t thinks so Indy.

    take your meds you sound like strom and hellp

  36. By SuzyQ
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Mariah is wack hopeless, lucky those lovely kids have the Dad they do.

    @ christine what you wrote was pretty pathetic girl

  37. By Hello
    On January 6, 2013 at

    What are 500,000 tracts?
    Cal, really, you didn’t want to know what she was saved from?
    I still don’t know. Was it drugs, prostitution, killing people, snitching… Why so many years helping male juveniles?

    Kip, I would never yap about the bible. Talk trash 6 day’s a week then refrain on Sunday, no not me.

  38. By Hello
    On January 6, 2013 at

    Good for you India. Anything to give back to those who are unfortunate.

    I adopt a Navajo family out in Arizona by donating 4, 5 gallons of water a month so they don’t have to drink urnanium water that causes cancer.

  39. By SuzyQ
    On January 6, 2013 at

    ya, like thats what the “unfortunate” need, more bullshit. your totally “unfortunate” @hello and it sure didn’t help you out any, you nutbar, save this crap for the street corners, where it belongs, this is a celeb gossip site for christs sake.


  40. By cal
    On January 7, 2013 at

    @Hello, yes I did wonder what tracts were, but just figured it was a religious thing and couldn’t be bothered to google it.

    I think Indy’s heart is in the right place, particularly when there are plenty of mongrels in every day life. It is my understanding that a high percentage of Americans are religious and conservative, which is somewhat amusing to me in this day and age. Also I think there have been worse prattlers in the past that have contributed to this site, I daren’t day their names in case it brings them out again.

  41. By cal
    On January 7, 2013 at

    Oops, sorry Hello, didn’t read your question properly it’s HOT here and am tired tonight 🙂

  42. By strom
    On January 7, 2013 at

    Ghetto trash with $$$.

  43. By Hello
    On January 7, 2013 at

    Suzy you need to suck on your man’s unfortunated nuts. Do something Good with your time today.

  44. By Christine India
    On January 7, 2013 at

    Thank you all very kindly.

    To HELLO, (who asked:)

    Sins not proud of: too much cursing, a little too ummmm wild in college, yelling at mother, envy of wealth of cousins and others, jealousy of a boyfriend’s past……(no prostitution, drugs, smoking, murder)

    RE: tracts….duh, they are small leaflets with a clear preservation of the Gospel.

    ***I think I’ll wind up this subject***. Thanks.

  45. By Christine India
    On January 7, 2013 at

    Breaking the promise of winding up this to answer another of Hello’s query….

    The reason I went to Juvenile Court and Juvenile Detention Center is those kids need Bible knowledge, answers to questions and someone to listen to their stories, many times about life on the tough streets.

    Friends, you all are so kind, I’m sure we’ll meet again on another of Janet’s subjects.

    *****2nd time….winding up*******. Thanks.

  46. By Rex Mundi
    On January 7, 2013 at

    Christine and ahello, check yourselves, my theory, is your cellmates in a woman’s prison.

    Evidently, based admittedly on just pure supposition, neither of you work or have any “real world” responsibilites. ( I do mean other than hand out tracts to strangers etc. )

    This is a gossip site, and not the place for you personal faith crusades, however intentioned.

    Give it a break and @hello dial back the crudity

  47. By cal
    On January 7, 2013 at

    Rex you haven’t been around long enough on this site with regards to crudity. The un-pc’ness of posters is the draw. I would recommend another gossip site more suited to your delicate reading, maybe cdan.

  48. By Denise
    On January 8, 2013 at

    Uh, cute kids? I’m afraid to say anything else under this post 🙂

  49. By Lilly
    On January 8, 2013 at

    Well, I for one, feel for Mariah being harassed by that weirdo crackhead Nicki Minja, whatever her name is.


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