Brad Pitt’s hair (head and face) notwithstanding, he and Angelina Jolie were a disturbingly beautiful and perfect couple at the Golden Globes. Almost too perfect. Can somebody tell us how Angelina managed to arrive at the event in a limo and get out without a SINGLE wrinkle on her delicate satin dress? Did she have a steamer in the back seat? How is this possible?


Posted by Janet on January 15, 2012

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  1. By Patrick
    On January 15, 2012 at

    They look ready for their spot at Madame Tussaud’s.
    Brad looks baked.

  2. By Bluejay
    On January 15, 2012 at

    I agree with Patrick. Angie had so much makeup on she must have used a putty knife, especially the lipstick. They were not the most glamorous couple, nor the most beautiful.
    Mirror, Mirror, Madge was the most beautiful of all, and dressed the most beautifully.

  3. By crtb
    On January 15, 2012 at

    This is the best she has looked in a very long time. Nice to see her in something other than black. She looks like she has put on a few pounds also.

  4. By Muffie
    On January 15, 2012 at

    They always look great! Yes “crtb” it is indeed, nice to see Angelina in a non-black dress.

    PS. Maybe her dress is treated with some sort of wrinkle guard spray.

  5. By CoCo
    On January 15, 2012 at

    Check out some close-ups; she did not seem to be wearing much make-up at all. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the dress didn’t wrinkle because it was not silk, but synthetic…fat chance!

  6. By missyco
    On January 15, 2012 at

    Maybe they drove segways?

  7. By Cal
    On January 15, 2012 at

    Patrick I think Brad is always baked at these events, this is his way of handling it all. Hell I would be too, just think of all the mundane repetitive questions and you have to answer happily. Who are you wearing? What do you think the answer is to world peace? blah blah blah blah blah.

    Although I think Brad would be baked on a daily basis. Hell I would be too with the tribe of kids and the Mrs he has to deal with.

  8. By Patrick
    On January 15, 2012 at

    Any excuse Cal. Really.

  9. By Patrick
    On January 15, 2012 at

    Okay, okay…who here…would try Brad’s shit?!
    I’m just puttin that out there for scientific, medical, observation.
    “Only dopes do dope.” Tommy Chong said so. Tommy Chong is GOD!
    I think Pippa’s a hophead. Janet’s a friggen, hippy chick too! You never know?
    Okay I went first.
    ps…bet his shit is goooood.

  10. By Reta
    On January 15, 2012 at

    The dress is absolutely satin. No question. It is flawless and she does look ravishing even tho I still don’t like her and won’t see anything she makes.

    As for “Madge”…no…her dress was fabulous, but the bodice, or top across her breasts was WAAAY to tight and looked like it would explode her implants any second. But looking at the dress on the internet up closs, it is really a work of art, just too bad it didn’t fit more flatteringly.

  11. By Patrick
    On January 15, 2012 at

    My answer was NO!
    I do not.
    Lying is a sin. Bullshit is an art.

  12. By Strom
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Agree on Trussard’s.

    Does JC only have a dozen viewers?

  13. By Strom
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Could Jenny Shimizu be under her skirt?

  14. By Muffie
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Samplin’ the bud, ya Patrick?

  15. By Muffie
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Should have said……

    Samplin’ the bud, were ya Patrick?

  16. By The Hammer
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Angelina is always hot. Just a damn good looking woman.

  17. By Christine India
    On January 16, 2012 at

    The resident consulting physician for National Enquirer estimates she is 20-25 pounds underweight. Look at the thin arm and wrist. Her brother James (who she french kissed) said she has little appetite.

    Brad is most always ummmm I guess you could say “mellowed out”. Angie claims she has no substance abuse and reports are that she rags Brad to stop doing it, esp. around the kids.

    There were pics in the Enquirer where all 8 of them were at Cirque de Soleil in Vegas and the kids screamed, threw popcorn at each other and couldn’t be calmed down. The only one that acted decent was Maddox. Maybe that’s why he is stoned a lot of times.

    Also, I think they do not 100% trust each other, as she flies to where he is making a movie, and vice versa.

  18. By chris
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Hideously skeletal with a body full of equally hideous large tattoos and a flat will never see her in a bikini, it’s not pretty.

  19. By Dragonfly
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Although I hate to admit, she is one of the most beautiful women. However, I would take my own face than be trapped in her unhappy life. Did anyone notice every time the camera cut to her it was a very forced smile? She looked miserable through the entire evening.
    @Christine, if your significant other were working in another place for a few months and money was no object, wouldn’t you fly to see him? UGH I hate that I am taking up for her here because I generally don’t like her but I know I would fly out and not for trust issues.

  20. By Christine India
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Dragonfly, yes if I had the moola and of course they have tons of it, I would fly to wherever. I also read that the 6 kids have 6 nannies. They must have millions of miles of flying time, as they are in the south of France one week, L.A. the next, NYC the next, Bosnia the next, blah blah. They must have huge amounts of stamina and sometimes more money than sense. Ah, the lifestyles (and problems) of the rich and famous.

  21. By Denise
    On January 16, 2012 at

    This is a very stiff uncomfortable looking photo. I watched the E! red carpet show, and most of the time they looked terrific. He helped her out of the limo and up the stairs to speak with Ryan Seacrest. Brad didn’t sound “baked” to me and other than the lipstick, her makeup looked minimal.

    That dress is gorgeous.

  22. By truth
    On January 16, 2012 at

    When angelina took the stage. She looked like a vampire skelton with a very large head! gross. she’s looking worse n worse every year she ages. she already looks like shes in her 40’s now. You just cant look like you have class with all those tatoos on your body…just looks druggy and dirty. scary momma

  23. By truth
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Brad looks great! He could have any girl he wants, I’m sure he already has..who can deal with scary momma, heard shes a nightmare!

  24. By forrest gump
    On January 16, 2012 at

    it’s nice to know they SHIT just like you & me…..

  25. By anonTWO
    On January 16, 2012 at

    stiff. phony and full of themselves.
    I had time to kill and I was rooting for a few underdogs who were nominated this year to win a GG so I watched the ceremony last nite.
    At one moment a nominee won for best score. He was a French and spoke with a pronounced French accent.
    He made the effort to offer his thanks by reading his acceptance speech in English, he did not have to speak in English as the FOREIGN PRESS is the group who nominates and selects GG winners. He could have said THANKS in French.
    While he was on stage, the camera panned over the crowd of these elite and sophisticated celebs who were squirming and giggling like 12 year olds while this man spoke.
    It was telling moment.
    These people, most of whom are well over the age of 30 are immature and phony.

  26. By Lola
    On January 16, 2012 at

    How does she do what? Being a homewrecker?

  27. By fly on the wall
    On January 16, 2012 at

    They don’t look real because they are not real.
    Relationship based on faulty foundation. No real joy, happiness, natural anything there! Duh! If they do ever manage to look reasonably happy, it’s not genuine.It’s forced. They’re actors! You know what? I think THEY don’t even know when they’re being real or acting!And six kids? Good luck with that, especially the future. You two dug your own bed( no pun intended haha) now go lie in it!The world is onto you !Fame is fleeting. Notoriety perhaps!BTW Brad is looking old and who wants a cheater…..not me.

  28. By Seriously?
    On January 16, 2012 at

    A portable steamer and a stylist is how her dress is unwrinkled. At least it looks like she showered, which is more than I can say for her baby daddy there.

  29. By Christine India
    On January 16, 2012 at

    @ Seriously? I 100% agree. And I would like to know how many employes they have to:

    Keep up their wardrobe and accessories.
    Cook and clean.
    Make plane reservations to the zillion places they fly to (not good for clotting/thrombosis to go up and down so many X).
    Hair and makeup artists
    Keeping 6 kids clothed and fed.
    I’ve heard Brad doesn’t shower enough, per crew members on his movie sets.

    They must be entirely insane by now and no longer able to distinguish between their fairy tale world from the real world.

  30. By Natalie
    On January 16, 2012 at

    I’ve never found them to be the most beautiful on the red carpet. I don’t know why everybody fawns over them.

  31. By Kitty
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Indy is so right. I heard a long time ago-pre Angelina that he doesn’t like to bathe, which I find totally disgusting. Ashton Kutcher is another one who looks dirty and unkempt all the time.

    If I had their millions and all their servants and nannies fawning all over me all the time, I think I could get by, too.

  32. By Amy T
    On January 16, 2012 at

    They always look beautiful.

  33. By Sari
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Angelina is breathtakingly gorgeous. Where was Aniston? Have not seen one picture of her. Surely she was at some after party.

  34. By Frankly My Dear
    On January 16, 2012 at

    Who cares about this linebacker shoulders hobag! Why is no one staring the obvious: that Nicole Kidman totoally rocked the red carpet last night, that dress was incredible on her it looked like it was painted on her body. Yes hobags here looked better than her usual heroin looking self but not my favorite look of the night by far.

    #1 Nicole Kidman
    #2 Jessica Lange? (green sequined dress)
    #3 Claire Danes
    #4 Tilda swinton
    #5 Zoey deschanel

  35. By Me
    On January 16, 2012 at

    I think you people have it wrong. I believe she has seen so much in the world of REAL life that her personal values are not really compatable with tinsel town shallowness. She is there mainly for work purposes but after the atrocities she has seen overseas I believe she just goes thru the motions at these pompous award banquets.

  36. By fly on the wall
    On January 17, 2012 at

    Yeah keep thinking that! They’ve got you fooled!

  37. By sasha
    On January 21, 2012 at

    I think she looks uncomfortable and unatural. Posed and stiff. He needed to wash h hair.

  38. By E
    On January 23, 2012 at

    Haha, of course they can’t trust each other. Think about under what circumstances they started their relationship.


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