Unable to resist a huge salary boost, Angelina Jolie has just signed to reprise her action role in SALT 2. She took a look at the script, and according to a source, she casually suggested that producers offer a role to Justin Theroux. Yes, you read right- Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend! Now THAT would be an interesting bit of casting – but somehow we doubt it will come to fruition.


Posted by Janet on August 28, 2011

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  1. By Bu
    On August 28, 2011 at

    Oh No she didn’t…

  2. By Nicky
    On August 28, 2011 at

    she looks 40 something. maybe she wants to adopt theroux.

  3. By forrest gump
    On August 28, 2011 at

    so this anniston fairytale can be deleted now…….

  4. By georgie
    On August 28, 2011 at

    Very tacky, if its true…which I doubt.

  5. By Strom
    On August 29, 2011 at

    This seems like a planted story, maybe by a Chin supporter. Hard to believe Angelina would be so stupid, pubically. Is she still having the affair with the slant eye lesbo?

  6. By Nicky
    On August 29, 2011 at

    “slant eye lesbo”


  7. By Strom
    On August 29, 2011 at

  8. By Nicky
    On August 29, 2011 at

    I’d call it two things. First, her name is Jenny Shimizu. Second, it is old old news.

  9. By Indy
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Justin had better start looking into hair plugs/transplants. Does Jennifer really like him, or did she just relish stealing him like Brad was stolen from her, (just to see if she could do it). I think Jennifer is getting a little F-up up in her mind.

    I also believe Angelina is still seeing Jenny Shimizu as I have heard her state in an interview that no one tells her what to do and she does not rule out her attraction to women.

  10. By Nicky
    On August 29, 2011 at

    “Angelina is still seeing Jenny Shimizu ”

    has a tabloid, newspaper or tv report indicated that Jolie is seeing Shimizu ? I don’t recall reading anything recently. It has been years since she had a relationship with Shimizu.

  11. By Seriously?
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Of course she does. Major daddy issues drive her to seduce men to continue to prove her desirability. And this one would really stick it to her baby daddy’s former wife.

  12. By Strom
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Yep…Jenny is an absolute freak, like it or not, but Angie cant get enough of her. Maybe some here say that’s ok but would it be ok if she went after your daughter….the abnormal and ridiculous is made to look like the normal. Send Jenny to Gay Island along with Sam Ronson and then let them go after each other 24/7, but dont throw it up as normal for the folks in Peoria and their kids.

  13. By Nina
    On August 29, 2011 at

    What a bitch! Of all the actors in Hollywood, she has to pick the one Jennifer Anison is dating? She’s taunting Jennifer with her little family with Brad, and that’s just wrong. I’m not a huge J.A. fan, but as a fellow woman, I think Angelina needs to crawl back under the rock she came out from. She’s trash.

  14. By Denise
    On August 29, 2011 at

    I dont’ believe this story for a moment. It reeks of someone’s bad/tasteless joke.

  15. By Strom
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Could Jenny Shimizu be behind it?

  16. By Muffin
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Janet, did you make this up? Sounds phony, balony to me!

  17. By Palermo
    On August 29, 2011 at

    I think this relationship is going to end badly for Jen anyway, she has the worst taste in men. This guy is a former druggie and cheater.

  18. By pusssykatt
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Knowing how Aniston is the worst in Hollywood for planting stories…I think this is her latest attempt to make Angelina look bad. Maybe she’s deflecting the fact that she ‘stole’ a man from someone else. I can’t stand Aniston…she’s the worst of what Hollywood makes a person’s ego.

  19. By Strom
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Like Beyonce…take away the blonde hair and she is a very plain looking woman…Jen w/ chin…..Beyonce w/ forehead.

  20. By Nicky
    On August 29, 2011 at

    “Knowing how Aniston is the worst in Hollywood for planting stories”

    Bull. Like YOU know for a fact that Aniston plants stories. That is a bunch of made up stories. Jeez.

  21. By yoyo
    On August 29, 2011 at

    He slightly resembles a much younger version of Bush Jr.

  22. By Muffin
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Aniston is going to get her “karma” for allowing the “poor little Jennifer” saga to carry on way too long. She told the whole world in Vogue magazine long before her & Brad’s split that she was not sure if he was her soul mate. Whoa, talk about a low blow. No wonder Brad ditched her. Even her best friend Courtenay Cox got tired of this BS story and parted ways with he.

    So now Aniston is going to hook up with some guy, who she knows is a LOSER. He’s gonna hurt her, and then she can go back to being “poor little Jennifer” again! I just hope by that time, most people will have opened their eyes up to her devious ways.

    Anybody who doesn’t invite their own Mother to their wedding out of spite,
    is “trash” to me. I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my Father but I would never disrespect him like that. Nasty!

  23. By Nicky
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Muffin maybe it was not out of ‘spite’– maybe Aniston just wanted to have a beautiful day unspoiled by her mother. my precious mother got drunk at mine and proceeded to dance and hump the reverend’s right leg which had just been operated on.

    at my sisters wedding she told everyone she was pregnant in her wedding toast and my sister was not pregnant and has yet to have a child 7 years later.

  24. By Strom
    On August 29, 2011 at

    that explains much!

  25. By CharletonTHElyingHAG
    On August 29, 2011 at

    I knew there was a reason most people 50 years of age and under, stayed away from this hags old dusty site. Do yourself a favor Jan charlatan, stop planting stories for Jennifer traniston, her newly purchased short middle-aged bald guy, and her PR flack, in attempt to make maniston’s new man ‘happen.’ if it hasn’t worked for the last 20+ years, dating a tv sh*t-com hacktress and being her kept companion, won’t do it either. Though I agree linking this greasy midget to Angelina (and Brad) in some form or fashion is a better tact, it’s still hysterically preposterous. As if, Angelina is sitting around staring at brad Pitt, his abs and her babies and thinking…oh yeah, I think I’ll go hire/snatch maniston’s ugly middle-aged bald shrimp whom no one knows or cares about, a guy who makes Vince Vaughn look like Brad Pitt, just because I can. riiiiiiiight. Keep up the bad embarrassing mortifying storytelling Janet. I’m sure karma will pay you several visits for your toxic blatherings.

  26. By Strom
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Could Jenny Shimizu be behind all this?

  27. By ANUSTON is 45 and UGLY
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Well, sorry ‘nicky’ she isn’t 40 something. She’s 36 and happens to be one if the most beautiful women in Hollywood, while Aniston is 45, and looks like Dustin Hoffman’s Tootsie character’s older, uglier sister. Stick to the topic: which is, why in HELLL would Angelina Jolie, one of the biggest movie stars in the world, trade in the man who adores her, Brad Pitt, the other biggest movie star in the world, for 90s tv hacktress Jen Aniston’s unknown anonymous creepy looking loser bf, who has lost his hair, and needs platform shoes to skim 5’4″. Bahahahahaha. How to tell this is a plant by Aniston’s PR guy, in an attempt to also coattail Justine on the backs of the Jolie Pitt’s much like he’s done with Anuston for the last 7 years?? He sends charlatan a 10 yr old pic of the bald midget, to lessen the creepy ugly factor. This guy makes Vince Vaughn look like the catch of all time. Poor old Jen.

  28. By StromSAYSJUSTINthereauxISgAY
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Dear storm do you have an obsession with celebs who’ve had bi-flings in their youth? Maybe you need to divide your time between Madonna, Anna paquin, drew Barrymore and Megan fox – not to mention hundreds of others…surely Jolie’s teen relaysh with her then good pal, didn’t invent this particular wheel. Jolie’s the last person who cares who knows it, sinces she discussed it from bans Walters to numerous interviews. All these other starlets saying they ‘kissed a girl’ are just following in her footsteps. Glad to know the 90s and teen Jolie hold such fascination, but you may have missed the last 15-20 years under that rock you live in, worshipping Jen Aniston’s dumb boring menopausal asss.

  29. By Blonde Angelina
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Ha, Ha, Ha. Maybe she wants to steal the boyfriend of Jennifer again.

  30. By JenThefattnedTICK
    On August 29, 2011 at

    The person who’s behind all this is Jen Aniston and her PR flack Stephen Huvane, who want to make her new paid boyfriend ‘happen.’ attaching anyone and anything to ‘Angelina jolie’ the biggest movie star in the world is a guarantee. They know it works, they did it with Aniston for years. It’s a three step process: 1) Justin the old bald midget signs the contract to put up with Aniston. 2) Aniston and Huvane reward him with a deal at CAA ( the PR agency does things like create stories about Justin thereaux whom no one knows, planting them on silly Internet blogs like this one, and in magazines, and making sure he gets seen at all the right venues. That way Jen won’t feel so bad that her new companion is a NOBODY. Finally 3) Stephen Huvane, Jen, and now justin’s new PR flack contacts his old queen pals like rob , Janet charlatan, and have them attack the Jolie Pitt’s and link the Jolie Pitt’s to Aniston in ridiculous stories (see above) on stupid silly attack blogs like this one. Aniston pays Huvane very well to do his very best for her in the art of fakery and image making. Now the midget is attaching himself to the Jolie Pitt’s like a fattened tick as well.

  31. By pippa martins-st. onge
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Jolie looks like Rebecca Black in that photo. Friday, it’s Friday!

  32. By Indy
    On August 29, 2011 at

    I can’t stand Jen Aniston. She comes across as sooo desperate for a man/baby daddy. She has had about 6 years to prove this point jumping from one man to another, and fugly Justin is just using her and will never marry her. If he does marry her, it will be to promote himself, fame, and her fortune.

    I can’t stand Angelina Jolie. She has lived the equivalent of 3 lifetimes….done everything under the sun, with Brad visited a new country every other week, stayed in unspeakably lavish mansions, juggles 6 kids, and never misses a red carpet bash. She is morally bankrupt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if both she and Brad are cheating..

    If you are just looking at the outside facial looks, Angelina’s face is way better than Miss Chin/Nose/Desperateforaman.

  33. By Denise
    On August 29, 2011 at

    Wow. The 3 mispelled half capitalized posts above are clearly by the same person. One who hates Jennifer Aniston. What’s the matter honey, did she run over your cat or something?

    Such venom. Or as you might say: VEnuM

  34. By Strom
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Much hate it seems….not worth it. She may be shallow but not in any way a total fame whore like many mentioned here.

  35. By Strom
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Could it be Angelina or Jenny S. in disguise….quite a plot for a book = Angelina’s Asian lesbian lover was pushed to the curb and now seeks to regain her affection and stripes from her lash by a public humiliation campaign, starting with JC’s gossip web site and under guise of a duo of looney posters!

  36. By cal
    On August 30, 2011 at

    LOL, what a good read of all the posts – thanks guys xx

    Yes a definate wannabe by payment and inferred gossip association.

    I too think he is all the factors mentioned above, short, bald, creepy, etc.,…

    But you have to hand it to the PR guy Steven Huvane (sp), he is something else.

  37. By CoCo
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Unlikely story, but if so…pretty insensitive.

    I agree that Jolie has a stunning face, but Anniston has one of the best bods in the business. Anniston may not be perfect looking, but she’s pretty good at working with what she’s got. That’s all I ask of anyone, celebrity or not.

  38. By Strom
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Thats an old pic of Angelina and I dont think anyone who saw her unmade would call her stunningly beautiful….except perhaps Jenny S. while ‘gelina was doing what Bill Clinton said Hillary had done to many more women than him!

  39. By pusssykatt
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Actually Nicky, I do know she plants stories…since the tabloids she planted them with have told me, as well as who she had plant them. Sorry, but it’s true. There’s lots more about her which is why I dislike her so much.

  40. By youguysareallobsessednutjobs
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Holy cow what a gathering of Brangeloonies! Yeesh!!! Don’t you have anything better to do???

  41. By Jonesy_Gal
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Doubt this is true. Seems like a stupid business move on everyone’s part and say what you want about Angelina Jolie, she does not make stupid business decisions.

    But, what really prompted me to comment is what is up with Strom and his homophobic and racist rants? Yes, Angelina Jolie has a relationship with an Asian-American woman name Jenny Shimizu back in 1996. Get over it. My god, it’s like you’ve made it your mission in life to use every nasty epithet you can think of against this 45 year old former model. Me thinks you have some anger issues to work out, my friend.

  42. By gmab
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Now all of a sudden Justin is appealing. It sounds like Justin publicist is really pushing this guy. I’m sorry but I think he’s shorter and smaller than Angelina.. why would she want that? I hate to be mean but he’s not hot.

  43. By jk44
    On August 30, 2011 at

    The brangeloonies are going insane they are in denial they can’t come to grips with the fact that their beloved angie HO IS THE DEVIL INCARNATE.

  44. By Indy
    On August 30, 2011 at

    jk44….yes !! There is just something about Angelina that screams evil, and I think Brad Pitt senses it and is somewhat afraid of her.

    And to this day, I believe Jennifer and Angelina hate each others guts, but Jen hates her more.

  45. By they're going insane
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Jk44, I went to some brangelina sites to see if they were going crazy over this “news” and some of them were laughing at it and the others were too busy talking about Angelina’s directorial debut and new photos to give half darn. LMAO! this definitely smells like a PR stunt but it’s not from Angelina’s camp and it didn’t work that well cause NOBODY except Jennifer fans are talking about it. lol I used to laugh at their silliness but lately it seems like jennifer fans are the loonies. funny how things flip like that.

  46. By they're going insane
    On August 30, 2011 at

    Btw, I went to deadline hollywood and some other movie sites and no news on Angelina working on salt2… some say Cleopatra or Malificient might be her next movies. Sometimes I think I would be better gossip sleuth than some of the people that are paid to do it.

  47. By Strom
    On August 31, 2011 at

    Calling Jenny Shimizu a model is like calling Sam Ronson a model…so very not unless it is for a freak show. Maybe she would have been an interest for Hillary but she has the Pakistani instead and probably likes a dressed up office worker type instead of the skank tattoo type. Send them all to Gay Island!

  48. By aflam4you
    On November 10, 2011 at

    Thank you for some other informative website. Where else may I get that type of info written in such a perfect approach? I have a venture that I’m simply now operating on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

  49. By Strom
    On November 10, 2011 at

    Paging Jenny Shimizu

  50. By MaryClaire
    On January 24, 2012 at

    STROM,,,, Your one note Racist comments are so old. You seem to be a one note wonder. Thats all you talk about. What a sad narrow little life you lead. What makes YOU so superior? You are a boring old disgusting and predictable narrow minded disgusting POS .EDUCATE YOURSELF AS TO THE INTEREST AND CONTRIBUTIONS THAT OTHERS THAN LILY WHITE SELF RIGHTEOUS BIGOTS HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE WORLD. Yes, I’m white, but not a fanatic about it!…..Why Janet has’nt kicked your old lilywhite a** off this forum is beyond me. Maybe she allows you to stay to stir the pot… I can see no other reason…Grow a brain and a heart before you meet your Maker. Don’t think for a minute that you will escape the consequences of your actions….See ya! Would’nt wanna be ya!


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