seminolehotelSuite 607 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida where Anna Nicole Smith spent her last living moments, has been out of commission since she departed. The Seminole Indians have removed the furniture and are in the process of “purifying” the room. They don’t want any evil lurking on the premises, so an Indian Shaman is clarifying the area. They still haven’t decided what to do with the room’s furnishings – might we suggest eBay?


Posted by Janet on March 7, 2007

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  1. By Art Chic
    On March 7, 2007 at

    Please! Those Indians are down for the $$$ and will make much off of that room.
    Don’t trip, I’m 1/8 Indian from both of my parents side of the family.

  2. By Patrick
    On March 7, 2007 at

    The ghost of Janice Joplin got me when I stayed in room 106 in The Landmark.
    I’ll have to try that one too!
    It’s an exhausting sleep!!!

  3. By Anonymous
    On March 7, 2007 at

    The Seminole Indians of Hollywood, Fla are totally invovled in commercial exploitation. Their own tribal culture is pushed aside for the plains style feathers and beadwork tripe which is sold in tourist shops all over the area. The only spiritual interest they have is making the money gods happy. They’re a joke.

  4. By Bev
    On March 7, 2007 at

    The only thing people at that hotel should be afraid of is that money hungry killer Howard K Stern.People check in with him,But the dont check out.

  5. By mr. clean
    On March 8, 2007 at

    The man wearing the mc donalds happy meal feather headdress needs to blow a lot of febreeze and lysol into the room. They should hermetically seal the room and dare people to sleep there for as long as they can without going looney toons/

  6. By Anonymous
    On March 8, 2007 at

    In a year, nobody will remember Anna Nicole Smith or where she died. D-Listers disappear from people’s memories quickly.

  7. By me
    On March 8, 2007 at

    just let the poor girl rest in peace

  8. By missmdare
    On March 8, 2007 at

    Back in the summer of 1969 i was in Florida with my mother and father.
    We were right in front parked at the Seminole Indian property. Of course there wasn’t a huge Hard Rock Hotel like there is now.
    It was pretty laid-back in those times.
    We wanted to on the reservation but they charged money back then to go on their property. and there was a wood fence around it too. When we tried to ask the seminoles questions, they totally IGNORED US!!! My mother couldn’t believe it!! We talked about that for years, and no, we ended up not going on their reservation.

  9. By Who cares! You are stupid!
    On March 8, 2007 at

    so art chic is 1/8 indian? She can vouch for the money making tribe at the Seminole Hard Rock? Wow. I guess I am supposed to be impressed? STFU!!!!!

  10. By Anonymous
    On March 9, 2007 at

    The proper Native American way is to burn the furniture and purify the room. Let the spirit go to the next world in peace. Profitting from a sad situation will only lead to worse situation.

  11. By Konnie
    On March 9, 2007 at

    let’s not get big headed, all native american tribes have their own traditional ways and beliefs. non- indians listen up, should the Seminole Tribe wish to make money on this so be it. From what I know if the US Government did not lie and cheat the native american people we would actually be rich. One more thing to share with you the Native American People ARE a rich people at heart and a very proud people.

  12. By NDN Warrior
    On March 9, 2007 at

    Why is everybody down on the tribe? Shame on you all. Ms. Smith’s body came to rest on tribal land. Let her be. Better yet, let the Seminoles be. You have some nerve getting upset because you went to visit them when you were a kid and they ignored your questions. What are Indian people to you? Are we here for your entertainment? Maybe you should shut your mouth and listen twice as much as you speak — you might actually learn something. Remember, Ms. Smith was on Indian land; and you are too when you visit. You are a guest, not an entitlee, so act like one and show some respect and couth!

  13. By Seminole Princess
    On March 9, 2007 at


  14. By Leading Star Woman
    On March 9, 2007 at

    I visited the Seminoles in 1992 before they had their casino. They were concerned because urban sprawl was threatening what is left of their homeland. I found them to be very gracious and hospitable people. They shared their culture eagerly and I learned a lot. I wanted to buy jackets for my family that they make and they took me to the home of a woman who made them where I could make my purchase. I still have them along with the beautiful memories of my visit to their lands.

  15. By Lydell
    On March 10, 2007 at

    If Government wouldn’t have taken our land we wouldn’t have reservations we would just have Turtle Island. The goverenment always has to make a excuse for everything. As being part of the Red nation we accept what happens and ask creator to make things better. White and Blacks Dont have no background only slaves and slave owners we have a tradition thats been going on since creation. Only thing that you guys tradition is a fat man in the winter, thangsgiving (WHICH THEY GOT FROM THE NATIVE AMERICANS) Halloween and White bunny n valentimes day. We always taken care of mother earth now all the government talks about is gas and pollution and global warming When we ran this land everthing was clean and pure.

  16. By tonto says
    On March 11, 2007 at

    burn, rape, and pillage

  17. By Anonymous
    On April 13, 2007 at

    kenneth d. bright – is a retard

  18. By Anonymous
    On March 24, 2009 at

    they really changed the room ?? Wow, Tony Potts ( Hollywood access TV show ) said nothing was changed but the bedding.


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