Keanu Reeves has more dates than Kate Hudson, yet he never seems to have a girlfriend. Just when you think he might be seeing someone steadily, he’s photographed with someone else. One date with no expectations was Claire Forlani. We can’t figure out how they know each other (did they ever do a movie together?) but Keanu took her out to dinner in London. They were seen smoking outside the back door and dodged the cameras. Claire is married to actor Dougray Scott, so it looks like just another platonic date for Keanu.


Posted by hoodlum on October 23, 2008

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  1. By Anonymous
    On October 24, 2008 at

    Janet did you not know this man is a homosexual? It’s well known in Hollywood.

  2. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 24, 2008 at


  3. By Lola
    On October 24, 2008 at

    Was she Gary Sinise love interest in NY-CSI?

  4. By Hoopy Silverberg
    On October 24, 2008 at

    And his real love interest…..well, he is waiting in the public park restroom for him.

  5. By clmco
    On October 25, 2008 at

    You do not know that they dated a couple of years ago??? There were rumors they were engaged but that was not true. They are just friends now.

  6. By parrishgrady
    On October 27, 2008 at

    Yes they were in a movie together. She slits her wrists in the movie. Keanu did not have the main roll and Claire played the girlfriend of the main character of the film. The movie: “The last time I committed suicide” I think they dated way back then but they are just friends. She just got married at her fathers place In Italy not that long ago Like you say to Dougrey Scott.
    But love the title. I was thinking the same thing about all the dates with the man. But in all fairness. Keanu is looking real hard to hook up with a woman to marry and have a child or two with. I know he wants a son for sure. He would love a girl too but he does want a son. I also think that it may not even matter to him if he is married or not to the mother. Of course he would perfer it but not really sure if it matters at this point. I am kinda feeling like he is feeling the age thing. Not that he looks anywhere his 44years but I think he must be feeling like he is getting up in years. I feel this because he said he was feeling old at turning 40. So he must be feeling quite a bit older now. He doesn’t have to worry about his age. I mean he could, if he wanted to marry one of his big and young 17 year old hot for him sexy Italian babe K***a. Or any of the young and fertile hunnies. But he also could hook up with one of his 40 year old “Hot for him babes” that could also still give him a child or two..If everything is okay in that department. Surely he could pay for any selective Egg and Sperm unions to preserve for later use if desired.
    So I got a chuckle of all the head spinning business going on in the Keanu Reeves London schedule for his different woman each night itinerary. So like moths to flame the wanabe’s are hot on the trail to nab some Prime Keanu meat! Sorry Sweetheart You know I love you dearly so please forgive me. Trinny my dear…Your divorce is final and you are ready for your next rich hunny. Let someone else have a chance to a husband. Though if I am right, from what I see, You are not going to leave the guy alone until he has security haul you away. So you gotta had it to the chickie. I have seen it work on men before. The relationship never last, though. But I don’t think she cares. I think she just want his money if it doesn’t work out.
    Then as far as the others will just having a little fun with friends.
    These people that say that he is gay well are you talking of personal experience. Well if not shut up about it. Only Keanu knows for sure. And so far he has not said it. So enough already. Relationships are difficult under normal circumstances much less for someone like him. He is a very smart man who wants to be loved like everyone else. But how does someone like Keanu find out who loves him for him and not what they can get out of him. Now really. It is most likely, not that easy to do. I don’t think he want someone who is “Hollywood” and I don’ think that the paparazzi or the tabloids will leave his next wife or children alone if he ever does marry. OMG! what normal woman could take that kind of abuse.
    Keanu If you ever have a family. Buy and island and build your own school for your kids and close friends and relatives and shut all the crazies away from them. Which brings me to think what woman would do all of this if she loved him. Would it drive her nuts. What if just having Keanu provide all you ever could want and dream of but you needed to live in a big city or go to the malls to be happy. So she could not be a superficial person or a Party Girl per say. Plus I am betting that she could not be the jealous type. Keanu is not one to stop making movies for a while either. He loves it. So She will see him fly out all the time. Unless he shocks us all and retires for a while. Which wouldn’t surprise me. Keanu is not and will never be a follower. He does as he wants to do. And when he doesn’t it is not usually pretty. Don’t mess with KeKe.
    So Unless he starts to figure out who he wants to be in his life and who will be the mother or mothers of his children fairly soon here he will not make his goal of achieving the under 50 year old dad thing. That only gives him 4 more years. So if he already knows her…then FINE. But if not he better meet her soon. I think it will take at least 5 years to get some unknown to deal with such a life. Unless of course she is a very strong, sensitive, beautiful, soulful, tough, self reliant, funny, exciting person such as myself. Then he has to hurry up and find her soon.
    Or he can just give me a call.
    1 (532)685-5846
    1 Keanu lovin Just kidding around now
    Happy Hunting ladies. Here is your chance but there are lots of bitches out there in the pack of wolves. I am lickin my wounds right now over it

  7. By ava
    On November 8, 2012 at

    Keanu is a player, he wants to be free to f*ck whoever he wants, when he wants…

    He isn’t the faithful loyal type and won’t get married to stop gay rumours, he’ll just keep on playing till he drops…

    He has a girl at every port and they all know it, but they would rather be a sometime f*ck buddy, then no f*ck buddy…

    quote “If I don’t feel free, I rebel, I just go”.


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