If Barbra Streisand is wondering why tickets for her upcoming tour are stagnating at the boxoffice, she might be advised to take a look at her ticket prices. At last count at venues across the country, only a third of the presale tickets have been sold. Usually there’s a mad scramble! Seats cost more than TWICE what Madonna charged on her recent tour – and we thought SHE was shockingly expensive! Streisand’s $800 up to $3500 tickets are not selling like hotcakes. Informed sources explain they HAVE to charge that much because Barbra insists that she be guaranteed four million dollars for each night she performs. “That’s incredibly greedy” shared our source “Bono only got 1.5 million.”
Ticket brokers speculate that Barbra’s politics may have turned off some of her wealthy fans – the ones likely to fill the costly seats. Plus, this is her third or fourth farewell tour. Insiders are amused to note that American Idol’s ticket sales are outselling Streisand by a mile.


Posted by Janet on June 19, 2006

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  1. By HughE2030
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Greedy is Madonna’s prices. At least Barbra is donating part of the ticket sales to charity. I will be going to Barbra’s concert, and skip greedy Madge’s this time.

  2. By michael f
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Without question her tickets
    are way overpriced, that
    is known. What you revealed
    was the 4 million guarantee.
    Is that before or after her
    quote unquote donations to
    charity?. Babs, you are past the point of no return so I kindly ask when your tour begins you limit your set list to your GREATEST HITS and not fillers, for these prices we deserve nothing less.

  3. By DEE
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Noone cares! She needs to get over herself already.
    those people paying to see her would fair better giving their money to a charity!

  4. By Neighbor
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I like Streisand as an actress, don’t need to see her in concert. Does this woman realize most Americans have trouble paying for doctor bills and everyday stuff? She’s so far out of touch, it’s kind of ironic.
    People don’t need hefty ticket prices so she can decide what to donate. Let it come out of her pocket. She has a cliffside estate and gobs of cash. Get real, Barbra. Do something for the troops. Don’t gouge us every time you step into the public eye.

  5. By jano
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I am not going to donate to the DNC…every election year they wind up Babs and send her out to garner money for the Liberal causes. How about going over and singing for the GI’s that are fighting and dying to keep those numnuts from Hollywood and Vine!

  6. By Mrs Patrick Campbell
    On June 22, 2006 at

    We are afraid that Babs’ star has set. Overexposure and lack of any good new material is what did it. Also, that bomb(Prince of Tides) from 10 years ago did it for her film career. But still Babs is worth about a hundred times what Madonna is worth…without any doubt.

  7. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Why doesn’t she just go away now? Her farewell tours are just so lame…again and again and again…

  8. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I wouldn’t pay a DIME to see this pompous, self-absorbed, superstar wannabe in concert. Who in their right mind would pay $800 or more just to see her? That is insane! And how many times is the public going to fall for this “swan song” propoganda? She bills it as her “farewell” in order to make socialites think they are getting in on something historical. Give me a break. And don’t even TRY to throw that tired, Hollywood “charity” label on it. How in the hell does someone who demands $4MILLION per NIGHT just to SING, have the GALL to ask her AUDIENCE to donate their money to charity? How about if Babs plays her concerts for a regular ticket price and donates some of HER money to charity? What a tool. Contrary to popular opinion, she is NOT an extraordinary talent. Big voices are a dime a dozen. She is nothing more than an industry-generated faux icon. This woman is a legend in her own mind.The fact that anyone would consider spending so much money to see this big-nosed egomaniac is proof of the fact that money is wasted on the rich. I loathe her because of her ego and I hope that her performance anxiety chases her right off the concert trail before she collects has a chance to rob the first audience of millions that she will use to further pamper herself, sue the paparazzi, and fund the liberal agenda. By the way, the only reason she is so passionately involved in the democratic ticket is because she knows that as long as there is a democrat in the White House, she will have at least one place to perform every four years. God, I hate this woman.

  9. By Debbie
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I would love to go here in Chicago, but to get a good seat where I can actually see her…costs at least $400.00 I don’t have that, but I love Barbra!

  10. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I love what Jano said in his comment.This concert isn’t for charity unless you are saying DNC is charity???
    Stay in hiding please!

  11. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I love Barbara but I can’t afford her. I don’t hate her for her high prices because she brings the goods. No one does it like Barbara. As a former stage producer I know how much things costs to bring the level of quality she brings to the stage.
    It’s a full stage show and I appreciate her commitment to bring her fans the best…but I’m unable to pay to see her.
    I wish her the very best.
    p.s.Barbara please do some adult comtempary songs…I beg you, you have a beautiful voice but you’re singing in a rut.

  12. By jane
    On June 22, 2006 at

    can you say has, has, has been? even if Barbra’s tickets were cheap..she couldn’t sell them! news alert honey, nobody gives a shit about you anymore!

  13. By jane
    On June 22, 2006 at

    can you say has, has, has been? even if Barbra’s tickets were cheap..she couldn’t sell them! news alert honey, nobody gives a shit about you anymore!

  14. By Neighbor
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Hey, Anonymous 12:16… great post.
    You aren’t James Brolin, are you?!

  15. By anonymous 12:16
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Neighbor: LOL Thanks. And no, I’m not James but I’ll bet he wishes he had the guts to say the same things I did. LOL Don’t you know that he is one long-suffering husband? Somebody ought to pay HIM $4 million a night for sleeping with that thing. LOL

  16. By Mad at Barb for her High ticket Prices
    On June 22, 2006 at

    That is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Not fair, when they are so rich as it is, they should charge reasonable prices just like DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!! DAVE MATTHEW ROCKS!!!!
    I want to know what percentage Barb is giving away to charity, it better be more then half with those PRICES!!!!!

  17. By jano
    On June 23, 2006 at

    Charity? What charity?
    Katrina? Nambia? Sunami?
    Red Cross? or….. George Soros? Hillary Clintons war chest??? Be real you dopes…she is just using your wallets to support her interests…

  18. By Babs, Schmabs
    On June 23, 2006 at

    I don’t know about you fools, but I’m in line right now to get my ticket. $3,500 to hear the Great BS warble “The Way We Were”? Best $ I’ll ever spend!
    This may be the very last time I have to see this legend perform live and in concert!
    But then again, I was tricked last time she told us this was her last hurrah.
    And the time before that.
    Aaand the time before that.
    But I heard she was serious this time.

  19. By Sandy
    On June 24, 2006 at

    I am a single mom, I don’t own a home, I don’t own a car and she wants 4 million a night? And then she claims to support the Democratic Party who supposedly help people like me better? Yea right. I lost respect for her the minute she opened her mouth and words came out, not songs. I pay good hard earned money to watch a movie or buy a cd…I don’t want it to ramble on about the political processes in our country…like her In Concert cd which I’d love to return as I listened to it once and it was ruined by all the opinionated talking on it…I thought I bought a cd from a singer not a politician, my bad. She’s got a wonderful singing voice, and I have enjoyed some of her movies…now if we could just get her and others like her to not push their opinions on us that would be wonderful, and yes I appreciate free speech….key word FREE, I don’t want to PAY to hear her or any other entertainer GIVE/FORCE their opinion. She could care less about MY opinion so why should I care about hers?

  20. By Anonymous
    On June 24, 2006 at

    Sandy, you beat me to it!
    Ditto on everything you said.

  21. By Neighbor
    On June 24, 2006 at

    Sandy and Anonymous 12:16, with you guys posting, I can rest at my keyboard. You said it all, and quite well.
    Why can’t she face her own hypocrisy? It’s not like we aren’t all hypocrites in some way. But her lifestyle and rambling on about people in need is so ridiculous. The stories of her nickle and diming vendors to death may or not be true. But the writings at her own Web site show a woman who is totally out of touch with basic realities. My personal budget to spend on Babs is about $9.00. Not that she needs the money…

  22. By mariam f donerian
    On June 25, 2006 at

    BA-BA is about 60 now.
    Compared to the young and fresh American Idol singers, who are in their teens and twenties.
    Also I would think Idol tickets are affordable because so many young kids go to see them.
    Barbra may not be a bad person, but she’s got bills to pay, that 4 mil a night just doesn’t go to all her.
    She has musicians to pay and all the rest..

  23. By Philip.
    On June 28, 2006 at

    Barbra better rethink those ticket prices or else she’ll be singing “Evergreen” to her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

  24. By BooBoo
    On June 30, 2006 at

    Babs, Schmabs–the political processes in this country are what is keeping you broke. I loathe Streisand and will have no respect for her until she posts her earnings and proves exactly how much she gives and to what charities–but don’t blame her for being a “liberal”–it’s liberals, “left-wingers” and Democrats who care about your paycheck, health care and future, so give them a chance!

  25. By Babs Fan
    On July 6, 2006 at

    Streisand will do just fine on this tour, so all you complainers, victims, and blamers can shut it. LOL.
    Most posters here have not even read the stupid press release. Your ticket money is *not* going to the DNC.
    Like most lazy, fat Americans, you’re spouting off regurgitated “talking points”. Please read the whole story before making your prejudiced comments.
    As for complaining about her charity work … her Foundation gives millions to causes like BREAST CANCER, THE ENVIRONMENT, THE HRC, and the CENTER FOR BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES. These are all good things.
    How much have you donated to a good cause lately?
    As for being out of touch …. She’s a 64 year old woman who blazed trails in Hollywood and the Entertainment industry. She made it on talent — did not dress like a whore or make sexualized music videos like many of our young “talents” have today. So she lives in a mansion …. big deal.
    She has consistently used her singing voice to raise money for causes she feels are important …. wouldn’t you do the same?
    She doesn’t waste her talent or do cameo appearances on murder mystery shows.

  26. By Jay
    On July 17, 2006 at

    Hopefully Barbra will NOT sing her usual greatest hits on this tour. We have heard them many times before. She needs to do material that she hasn’t performed live before.
    This is Barbras first tour since she said she would retire.
    I got the $100 seats and am glad she has some cheap seats for us not so rich folks.This is my second time seeing her. I will go again if she decides to tour once again.
    I don’t understand why people compare her ticket prices to Madoona or Bono..she is one of the last great performers of our time. Comparable to no one in todays so called “music”.
    And these people who comlain about her tickets and her…why are they posting their views or opinions. People I don’t care for I would never read nor post a reply. How would you if you find any article on them if you didn’t look for one. Closeted fans or just more negative people?

  27. By Anonymous
    On July 20, 2006 at

    Janet – – you’re saying the low price is $800? There must be cheaper seats. I heard she opens with “The Main Event”, goes into “Enough is Enough” and then “Last Dance” as a tribute to Paul Jabara. Then Kim Carnes comes onstage and they duet on “Make No Mistake He’s Mine” and “Bette Davis Eyes”.

  28. By Tommy
    On July 26, 2006 at

    Tickets are very pricy and Babs is truely a legand of our time, but I wish Barbra would have reflected more on her fans,her fans who have supported her over the years and have infulenced much of her success. I would have hoped she would have wanted us to come see her by offering us all an afforable entry. Babs if you are reading this,Please reflect!!! “WE HAVE PUT YOU ON A PEDESTAL and Adorned you over the years. You are one talented lady! I only wish you would have shown us your APPRECIATION SO MANY OF US COULD HAVE ENJOIED YOU THIS ONE LAST TIME !” Your songs have always centered around sensitivity,love,and a caring soul. It would have been nice to share your last concert and the ‘Memories’you have shared in a lifetime. Not to many of us,are capable of that. You did it! Charity giving is great,but give back to us for what we have given to YOU- You are the greatest Babs! Best of Luck to you on your tour :o)

  29. By A Fan
    On September 2, 2006 at

    The thing with Babs and other artists who speak their minds is that they make steadfast friends and fierce enemies. Babs has been famous since she was in her early 20’s so it wouldn’t be a difficult stretch to imagine that her life is somewhat far removed from the norm – her artistic contribution has been a constant in the culture for 40 years – whether it is greed, a need to be acknowledged or egotism, it hardly matters: her music has given millions of people pleasure. I have always thought that topflight performers charge exorbitant amounts and their large concerts rarely satisfy. I prefer to buy the DVD for the best front-row seat and superior sound. Streisand’s “The Concert” and “Timeless” were well-produced, showcasing her amazing career in music. I doubt Streisand, and her management team, will allow the content of her upcoming concert to be anything less than the consistently superb musicianship we are fortunate to be able to expect from her. Hate the woman, her politics, maybe, but to negate her talent is absurd in the extreme.

  30. By Anonymous
    On October 2, 2006 at

    Lord! This is just a concert! Buy a ticket or don’t buy a ticket. Who cares? Is a Rolls Royce unconscionably priced? Is a Prada suit too expensive? Jimmy Choos just a pair of shoes for $700? If it appeals and you can afford it, go ahead. Streisand is unique and a legend. My guess is that most shows will be sold out by show time.

  31. By Anonymous
    On November 17, 2006 at

    Well, who’s got the last laugh now??? Oh, Janet…you’ve been in Hollywood long enough to know NEVER UNDERESTIMATE Streisand….the tour has broken box-office records across the country, the shows have sold-out, the reviews have been love letters…and most importantly, she looks and SOUNDS absolutely incredible.
    I’m surprised at you, Janet…you really should have known better.


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