Beyonce’s formidable performance on The Grammys started us wondering about her hair. She shook her head and spun her locks around in circles like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” and it stayed intact, like it always does. It’s no secret that Beyonce wears wigs, but HOW do they stay anchored to her head through a performance like THAT?


Posted by Janet on February 2, 2010

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  1. By captain america
    On February 3, 2010 at

    but in the bedroom there’s another story going on………..

  2. By biscuit
    On February 3, 2010 at

    She looks like a street prostitute. Oh how I wish that wig had flopped off when she was doing that ridiculous head whirling.

  3. By lulu
    On February 3, 2010 at

    there lacefront wigs janet…. there glued on

  4. By dee cee
    On February 3, 2010 at

    Staples.. poor dear can only get fierce and sexy and have fun on the stage.. Jz stays in non-committed snooze zone, daydreaming about his next dental appointment or a mani and pedicure.

  5. By Reta
    On February 3, 2010 at

    HATED her outfit, and HATED her “performance” which was nothing more than grand mal epileptic seisures. She stomped like a clydsdale horse. Yeah, reaaal sexy!! And what was she wearing? a plastic bed sheet cut up, or bits of tires sewn together? Not pretty at all!! Worst act of the night!!

  6. By Barkley
    On February 3, 2010 at

    She sucks and was not singing live, it was lipsynched. She’s all hype, not a good singer or performer. Doesn’t deserve all the hoopla, she’s no Tina Turner.

  7. By Al Kay Duh
    On February 3, 2010 at

    hello, its been reported she spends $500k on hair per year, those frigging wigs better stay put for that much, she probably has them crazy glued on. I just wish she would have her short skirts crazy glued on so I wouldnt have to look at her hairy bush all the time.

  8. By PoopieStryker
    On February 3, 2010 at

    Her natural hair is thick and curly past shoulder length but the different hairdoes are enhance with wigs. It’s one way to avoid loosing hair due to chemicals and constant manipulation of hair follicles. Even white girls do it with extensions etc.

    Some people of all races don’t have full head of hair, so they do this. It can be glued on, or sawn on. Ask Britney and Paris. Some need to loose the racist crap. Not every one was blessed with smooth silky hair.

    I’m not a Bey fan but she is doing like Madonna and many others while building an empire. THEY ALL LIPSYNC. Her 15 minutes are ticking and another chick will soon take her place.

  9. By Barkley
    On February 3, 2010 at

    She has crappy songs, not one of them has a decent melody or lyrics. And of course they’re all written for her, because she’s a talentless idiot. Her interviews are all embarrassing, bitch needs to go back and get an education. “I got my education, I got my education!”

  10. By CoCo
    On February 3, 2010 at

    You guys are cruel.

    I don’t like Beyonce’s fake innocent/classy dame persona, but respect her singing and songwriting. Unfortunately, her terrible taste ruins her look and her singing (too much showing off and not enough deference to the song). I also don’t like that she spends so much of her performances dancing, as if she were a good dancer! Everyone is telling her she is fantastic and she believes it all. Remember when she listed her timelines for winning a Tony, an Oscar and more Grammies, as if they were just apples on a tree waiting to be plucked? The hubris!

  11. By Lisa
    On February 3, 2010 at

    Respect her SONGWRITING???? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a good one. She is so well known for stealing songs from other artists, it’s just crazy. I still hurt for that lady named Charlie who WROTE and ORIGINALLY SANG “If I were a boy”. She was good, that song was excellent when she sang it, and it’s unfortunate that she didn’t make it as an artist. She had real talent. Beyonce is RICH at the expense of others’ hard work, and they have nothing to show for it. To hell with her.

  12. By L'il Off Broadway
    On February 4, 2010 at

    Respect her whorish looking ass? I don’t think so. Money can’t buy class, grace, and honesty. And speaking of money, there’s not enough of it to make Jay-Z (imho) appealing. Yuck.

  13. By TxGal
    On February 7, 2010 at

    I believe I read that Beyonce pays to have her name as a songwriter. So songwriter she is not. From what I have read about her seems like she is not that smart when it comes to being interview.

  14. By Jeannette
    On February 10, 2010 at

    I just recently saw a high school photo of Beyonce and her hair was very similar in style, although darker. I was surprised to see her long straightened hair, but it looked great. Maybe she does wear wigs at times, but maybe she also uses her own hair as well. That high school photo showed it would be possible.

  15. By Cynthia
    On February 19, 2010 at

    ‘Beyonce never ceases to amaze us’, didn’t this crazy, clown bitch said in a couple of interviews that she was taking a break? Her performance like most of her performances sucked ass as usual! She’s definitely no Tina Turner, she doesn’t posess the class Miss Turner has. She doesn’t amaze me, she’s an idiot. Why don’t she and her birthing hips go away and have some kids already?

  16. By Iris
    On July 15, 2010 at

    Beyonce wears extensions, wigs and her real hair. She alternates between the three. I’ve seen plenty of pics of Beyonce’s real hair. I seriously want to know what celebrity wears their own hair 100% of the time. Beyonce wasn’t lipsyching. That was all live. Is she that good that people can’t tell the difference? Please plenty of producers/songwriters have said how much Beyonce contributes to her work as a songwriter.

  17. By Heather
    On July 20, 2010 at

    You can copy and paste the links because they all should work.

  18. By Heather
    On July 20, 2010 at

    Beyonce wears extensions and her real hair is gorgeous also.

  19. By Heather
    On July 20, 2010 at

    I tried to post links, but I don’t know if they’ll work. But Beyonce is not different from any other woman in Hollywood practically. They’ll normally alternate between extensions and wigs to protect their hair and give it versatality. I actually think I see Beyonce’s real hair more than a lot of other people that wear fake hair. Beyonce’s real hair was really gorgeous in her Tnanskgiving special when she had the ponytail. Long, bouncy and thick.

  20. By Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen..Is only for the few? Year after year people from all over the world want to prove themselves to Chef Gordon Ramsay..Why? He is very hard to please and that what makes him attractive!
    On August 20, 2011 at

    This woman life is on Fire and massive work is what she is going to do and she seems to never slow down and really put her Heart and Soul into her work and…She is a really good actress and she is a soulful singer and can really move and she is so very Beautiful and…Her Beauty is timeless and she has the most amazing body and her husband must really be proud of her.


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