It’s funny that no matter how much information comes out about the backgrounds of Michael Jackson’s children, we still don’t know anything for SURE. Debbie Rowe is the surrogate mother of Michael’s two oldest kids, Prince and Paris, but we still don’t know who the father is or whether there was also an egg donor. Now it’s been revealed that Michael’s youngest son Prince Michael II (Blanket) was born to a surrogate mother who was a Mexican born nurse in San Diego named Helena. Michael paid her $20,000. But exactly whose sperm and egg were used is still unknown. The genetic parentage is still a mystery. It all sounds so unethical.


Posted by Janet on August 13, 2009

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  1. By Reta
    On August 13, 2009 at

    DUH-UH!!! Since WHEN has buying children been ethical? Or sleeping with pre-teens? Or really even snatching a handful of your own crotch in front of an audience of all ages? No, I’d say a LOT of what this face mutilating, race hating person who was continually drugged out did was unethical!!

  2. By E
    On August 13, 2009 at

    Yeah; when I heard he died, my first thought was that there were a lot of children and former-children who were going to rest easier now

  3. By biscuit
    On August 13, 2009 at

    I hate to speak of the departed (sort of), but when he was on stage wearing a diaper looking thing over his pants, grabbed his crotch, and made lewd movements, surely that would show he was a child molester and possibly a homosexual. Is this in keeping with Jehovah’s Witnesses? It doesn’t matter, because they are a false cult anyway.

    Why did they dye the kid’s hair black and growing it long. The whole family is sick in one way or another. Pitiful.

  4. By Reta
    On August 13, 2009 at

    I don’t think his hair is dyed. Look at his eyebrows, just as black. I have mexican children near me who look very much like this, pale complexion, jet black hair and black eyes. I’ve always thought he was Mexican. It was the older boy who they dyed the hair on, when he was younger they bleached it white-blonde for some reason and he had a center dark coloring like Madona and Pamela Anderson always have. (Why can’t the rich KEEP their hair nicely dyed if they’re going to color it?)

  5. By captain america
    On August 14, 2009 at

    one thing’s for sure:
    but this really makes any difference at all?

    OK, the name sounds pretty weird, EVEN TODAY.
    but the most important part: THIS IS A WELL RAISED & FRIENDLY KID, folks!!

  6. By Miriam
    On August 14, 2009 at

    Why does this all sound so unethical? This is how surrogacy works, people!!

  7. By Sperm Donor
    On August 14, 2009 at

    Janet collects sperm samples and donates them

  8. By PoopieStryker
    On August 14, 2009 at

    There is never a smile on this child’s face. His life may be full of profound sadness thanks to the selfishness of Michael Jackson and the breeder he hired. It will take a while to see the manifestation of a disfunctional family in these children and the their development or lack thereof. Pray for these kids.

  9. By Sandra
    On April 7, 2010 at

    Let the family in peace, don’t start bullying the family too.

  10. By Sandra - from Brazil
    On April 7, 2010 at

    The children are normal, but some people don’t. His father had died few days ago and the children was in his funeral. Do you want that the child were smiling?
    You are bad. You are not human.

  11. By Sandra
    On April 7, 2010 at

    To me is enough!I think that there is here people that don’t have family. I think that these people come from another planet. God save me!

  12. By Sandra
    On April 7, 2010 at



  13. By nmamd
    On June 7, 2010 at

    You guys are dumb, how do you know the children aren’t his tabloid junkie and I bet some of you watch porn and love Adam Lambert and yet MJ is pedophile because he wore something that looked like a diaper and grabbed his crotch? How dumba are you people? They are his kids, the first one has vitiligo and the last one looks like him. BTW poopie stryker the first time you saw this child’s face was when his father died and he was crying so how could you possibly know there is never a smile on his face? Silly tabloid junkie. And Sandra from Brazil forget these fool I bet they are all American, the only countries that believe that MJ was a people are the people in North America and parts of Europe, the rest are smart enough not to buy that junk because all the evidence is pointing to his innocence, but don;t tell this know it alls that, after all they think they are so smart.

    And E you are a fool, listen to yourself. Only 2 children accused him and there was no evidence found and nothing to prove he did it. Even the father of one of the accusers committed suicide 4 moths after MJ’s death. A lot of children may have lost their lived because he was not around to pay their hospital bills and his kids just lost their only parent you are have the guts to spew such garbage? Tell me how you know he did any of those things tabloid junkie?


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