As we left the theater, after laughing ourselves senseless watching the movie Borat, my companion raised the question of how much of the movie was staged and how much was spontaneous. It never occurred to me that ANY of the situations were staged – the victims seem so real. After investigating, we have decided that almost all the embarrassing encounters with innocent Americans were real. In fact, people victimized and humiliated in the film have started coming forward, calling themselves “Victims of Borat. ” The Veteran Feminists of America are particularly talkative about their “interview.” Borat’s “secret” is to have an apparently normal young woman make arrangements to pay victims and have them sign releases in advance. The feminists endured many hilarious jabs – Borat referred to one as “he” and at the end of the interview asked the women to lift their skirts. Pat Haggerty, the Washington DC public speaking coach who reeled when Borat mentioned having sex with his mother-in-law, simply said “They paid me money and deserved an hour of my time.” And he admits he’s enjoying his newfound fame. But, according to Fox’s Roger Friedman, TV news anchor Dharma Arthur claims Borat ruined her life. She was producer of the Jackson, Miss noon news show where Borat wreaked havoc and she ended up fired for booking him. It looks like Borats victims are very real and destined for notoriety themselves.


Posted by Janet on November 2, 2006

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  1. By samiam
    On November 2, 2006 at

    Totally love this man. He actually makes me nervous just watching him. Cohen is a refreshingly different.

  2. By Belissa
    On November 2, 2006 at

    It’s a shame she got fired, but . . . What can I say? This is both the funniest movie and the most offensive movie ever! Some parts of it were staged, but apparently most of it was not. I can’t wait to see what he does next. He’s got a good homepage, too.

  3. By Anonymous
    On November 3, 2006 at

    He personally gets on my very last nerve. Everyone loves him now, but I forsee a “David Blaine” quality in him that will have people tired of his schtick and him being made fun of on SouthPark in just a few months. I’m just saying – – and going on record.

  4. By Anonymous
    On November 3, 2006 at

    Sad about the woman who got fired.
    But other than that Borat is hilarious.

  5. By Anonymous
    On November 3, 2006 at

    Am I the only one getting really tired of Borat? Sure, it was hilarious when his TV show had cult status but they’re been heavily promoting the film since September. No comment on the so-called victims. They’re just trying to cash in on their own stupidity.

  6. By Anonymous
    On November 3, 2006 at

    I never heard of him.

  7. By Jeannified
    On November 3, 2006 at

    He is hilarious! He is ingenuous enough that when the Borat thing dies down, as did Ali G, he will have some other character. he has a gay character who is into fashion, or doing hair or something. I have seen him do that character on his tv show, and that’s supposed to Sacha’s supposed to be focusing on that character next.

  8. By fhm
    On November 5, 2006 at

    I am so sick of the kike zionist jew.
    borat is just another example that jews are over represented in the media.

  9. By Anonymous
    On November 5, 2006 at

    It’s sad that she lost her…but she should have done her research as any good journalist does. It shows that she was probably incompetent. My guess is that there were other situations and this was the icing on the cake (the reason they could let her go). It seems to be the way to blame someone else for your own incompetence.

  10. By Rori and Angie LOVE Constantine
    On November 5, 2006 at

    Borat wants you to check out Constantine Maroulis in THE WEDDING SINGER on Broadway until Dec. 3. Then he starts Jacques Brel in January.
    Check it out!

  11. By Glamour
    On November 6, 2006 at

    Borat is clearly aimed at the keg beer, pretzel crowd.He reminds me of andy kauffmans latka on taxi.I”m bored with borat.

  12. By macaca's_revenge
    On November 10, 2006 at

    “I am so sick of the kike zionist jew.”
    Wow. FHM is exactly the sort of a-holes who were lampooned in the movie. FHM is probably one of the tools from the speaking-in-tongues segment of the film.

  13. By Mike
    On November 12, 2006 at

    I went to see Borat today, because I belong to a sister city group with a sister city in Kazakhstan. Some parts of the movie are funny, but otherwise, it is poor taste. I agree with the other comment about the reporter from the Jackson, MS TV station. This is someone who should have known to do her research.
    Allow me to pass on some websites.
    Our sister city group
    The Wikipedia Articles. These give a lot of background into Sacha Cohen and the movie itself.
    From that link, you can get into more detail about the movie and how it was made.
    No Kazakh I know is like that. I probably would not have gone to see it if not for the fact that I am a member of this group. This is not because I lack a sense of humor.
    I just know the damage control my group will have to do.
    The Kazakhs who come here are studying and if I might add some of the girls are gorgeous and look nothing like the people in the movie.
    BTW Fhm. Sorry to burst your bubble. I am an American of Jewish descent and proud right down to my cowboy hat and boots, just like Kinky Friedman!:-)
    (The blog is for my upcoming novel. Click on my name).

  14. By Jaapie
    On November 14, 2006 at

    Probably the attention Kazakhstan gets from his movie and earlier series (which are already running for ages here in Europe) do only good. And, he takes the mickey out of the Americans, not out of the Kazakhs. I cannot imagine the woman who got fired cannot find another job though. It must help, it sounds like a bogus story.

  15. By Anonymous
    On November 14, 2006 at

    I agree that the reporter was incompetent. All she had to do was type BORAT in google andshe would have been out of the fire!


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