It’s highly profitable to claim Brad and Angelina are splitting up because millions of magazines and newspapers have been sold on this premise. And the gullible buyers of the papers never seem to figure out that they are being fed the same dubious story over and over. Publishers agree that Brad and Angelina boost circulation and never sue – so why not go all the way! Keep in mind this same sensational split story has been used successfully for YEARS, without any evidence. Therefore we advise readers to be skeptical and don’t hold your breath waiting for THE BIG SPLIT. It hasn’t happened yet, but when and if it does, we predict it will be Angelina’s idea.


Posted by Janet on January 24, 2010

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  1. By palermo
    On January 24, 2010 at

    She looks like a crackhead and he looks like a homeless person now. Wish they would break up.

  2. By i am smart
    On January 24, 2010 at

    To braid that scraggly beard such as a kid would braid their hair is beyond funny.

    This ‘gossip’ made the national news this morning on ABC TV. Given time, the National Enquirer will find out the truth.

    I have heard Angie in her own words say she is a free spirit and that she could still fall in love with a woman. Brad got a tiger by the tail when he hooked up with her. I think he is inherently stupid.

    In the meantime, Chinnifer is holding her breath.

  3. By sari
    On January 24, 2010 at

    I think they are over .. we might not know it for a while. There have been too many rumors lately; I never believed the Brad and Jen split rumors and looked what happened.
    Janet, I think you might be wrong on this one.

  4. By sari
    On January 24, 2010 at

    P.S. Jennifer is dancing on air she is so happy.

  5. By Leslie
    On January 24, 2010 at

    They are so over. The National Enquirer has been saying this for a year, and confirmed it again yesterday. It’s proven to have a pretty great track record lately (see “John Edwards” & “Tiger” stories). R.I.P. Brangie.

  6. By cal
    On January 24, 2010 at

    ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’.

    Blind items and rumours have been abound about these two a lot recently.

    Look how skinny she is, looks unhealthy –
    Angie needs to eat some pies, burgers and chips.

  7. By Jasper's Goat
    On January 24, 2010 at

    I don’t think Jennifer ever really got over him. Even if she has, a woman scorned still wants vengeance. I am wondering about the year-long gossip that Jenn and Brad are still phoning, texting, meeting for talks, etc.

    I also think Brad will leave Angie but continue to see the kids, since 3 of them are biologically his.

    If anyone thinks Jennifer has completely moved on, I think they are wrong. She despises this woman who has no morals or conscience. She may even despise Brad now, but will still be glad if they split.

  8. By chi chi
    On January 24, 2010 at

    he wanted kids, he has them now, talk about being stuck. Brad would never leave those kids.

  9. By Reta
    On January 24, 2010 at

    I refuse to go to either of their movies since they cheated on his marraige together and broke up his marraige to screw each other. And I don’t agree with her wildly buying children everywhere she goes either. She’s like a lesser version of the octomom with all the crazy kids.

    She’s way too skinny and unhealthy looking. What kind of good mother can she possibly be when she obviously can’t even take good care of herself? And the both of them are always running all over the country in different states and buying houses. I can’t see how THAT could be too healthy or normal for bringing up children either who need stability more than anything.

  10. By L'il Off Broadway
    On January 24, 2010 at

    No one can ever fully get into Angelina’s head; she is too complex. In fact, she is so complex in her thinking that she may not even know what she really wants out of life. Her Papa Jon knew she had mental problems. I think Brad regrets getting mixed up with this nut-case.

    Meanwhile, Jenn is waiting and watching. And who knows if she still carries a torch for him. I do believe she hates Angie’s guts and has never fully moved on, regardless of what is written.

  11. By ReriI
    On January 24, 2010 at

    Brad worships the ground Angelina walks on. Angelina is happy with Brad and their kids. They have been togehter longer than he was married. So I would say that they are successful.

    Chi chi is right, Brad will never leave his SIX kids, that’s right he is Daddy to SIX kids and loves them dearly.

    The Nat Enq and all the tabs screaming breakup have sold the same lie now for 5 years straight and still some here are stupid enough to buy, Janet is so right. Don’t hold your breathe for a breakup any time soon. And Brad will never go back to Jen who was his rebound from GP.

  12. By captain america
    On January 25, 2010 at

    the “GRIZZLY ADAMS”-look wasn’t and still isn’t her favourite!!

  13. By kait
    On January 25, 2010 at

    Angelina is not any more “complex” than the average person. She is just extremely self-indulgent and not bound by societal rules. Because of her beauty and wealth, the world applauds her philanthropic activities and looks the other way about her kookier indulgences. Brad, who is just a nice guy who’s also gorgeous, probably can’t look the other way anymore. And, by now, Angie’s grown bored with marriage. Hence, amicable split.

  14. By Kip
    On January 25, 2010 at

    I will boycott any publication that prints the lie that they have split. There are six little kids here. Show some respect. Jenn is a loser and Brad is well rid of her. Brangelina 4-ever!

  15. By MamaSan
    On January 25, 2010 at

    If they are together after seven (7) total years, I think they would be considered to have a common-law marriage.

    I do think he is crazier about her than vice versa. She gets bored easily and I predict if there is a break up, she will kick him out. The NOT gossip part is that he is drinking more and more and smoking weed, of which she disapproves because of the kids.

    He likes the kids, but likes to get away for a few days on his own or out with buddies, and she does not trust him. And by all rights, he should not trust her, as she has publicly said she is a free spirit and does what she wants to on a whim. I have heard her say she finds women attractive and still has affection in her heart for her first two husbands.

  16. By Karma
    On January 25, 2010 at

    Did Scranelina or one of her nonexistent PR people pay you to spread her spin? They are done as a couple. Finished. Only the die-hard Brangeloonies think otherwise. It’s undeniable. Look at the body language. He’s gone already, and she’s high as a kite to keep from facing the truth.

  17. By dee cee
    On January 25, 2010 at

    I think crazy Aniston is stuffing her face with a lot of ice-cream and cake so she doesn’t mumble and shout out what she thinks about this rumor bringing her sad tale back to the headlines!

  18. By katekate
    On January 25, 2010 at

    Brad, will you pulleeze trim that ridiculous beard? You look like a vagrant.

  19. By palermo
    On January 25, 2010 at

    Jen is a loser? Uh, only if you think somebody who has made millions is one I guess. How is her tale a sad one? Her husband broke his vows, she didn’t. She has remained classy through the entire situation if you ask me. Brad is no prize.

  20. By biscuit
    On January 25, 2010 at

    I think they are finished and are just waiting until something is hammered out regarding the $$$ and kids. She is very head-strong and he is very laid back. I think he wants to stay together but wants to take off by himself whenever he feels like it. And he does not want her to question him as to where he went. She will nag him and question him and this will drive them further apart. I foresee them splitting and getting joint custody of the 6 spoiled brats.

  21. By Zoey
    On January 27, 2010 at

    Chinifer is a loser! Even if they split, he will never take you back because she refuses to have his child. Chinifer wants her perfect body so she can keep on showing her nipples through her T-Shirt.

  22. By SusanSwadley
    On January 28, 2010 at

    1) I like the beard. Angelina hates it,that’s why she is having sex elsewhere. 2) All of you should know that the only men that NASH-B likes is married men. i.e. Forbidden Fruit. As soon as she starts filming that movie with Johnny Depp the crazy bee-Ahtch will pounce on him and away from Bradley faster than you can say “tomb-raider”. Maybe her name should have been “marriage-raider”?

  23. By SusanSwadley
    On January 28, 2010 at

    He will not go back to Jennifer. He has outgrown her. Dating Jennifer wasn’t even his idea. They were set up on a blind date by their publicists. All of Jennifer’s relationships have been scams for publicity. If only her acting skills were as clever as her publicist?


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