For years criminals profited from their crimes by selling interviews, writing books etc. Now that that’s against the law, we’re DELIGHTED to see Jaycee Dugard profiting from being a VICTIM! Jaycee, of course, is the California woman who was kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for 18 years by a sexual predator who fathered her two children. Instead of hiding away for the remainder of her life, Jaycee, now 31, has written a book about her horrifying experience, which will become available July 12. She hired a high-powered Hollywood publicist, Nancy Seltzer, to broker her deals for interviews and appearances publicizing the book. Jaycee’s first prime time interview is likely to have huge ratings so the networks are fighting over her and big money is involved. Can a movie be far behind? It’s gratifying to see this gruesome experience turned into a windfall for Jaycee and her kids.


Posted by Janet on May 10, 2011

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  1. By Walt Cliff
    On May 10, 2011 at

    When I think about what this incredible young lady had to endure with that those two monsters, I just want to beat the holy shit out those Garridos. What a friggin nightmare to endure for 18 years. God bless her and her family.

    Child rapists don’t have a picnic in jail. I’d say he has his own nightmare now.

  2. By frank
    On May 10, 2011 at

    Strom is gay.

  3. By Strom
    On May 10, 2011 at

    True and there is an obvious mental case posting on this board as well.

    I would like to see her be able to have a normal life and somehow be compensated for the ordeal without going the fame whore route.

    You have the mother of Natalee Holloway turn herself into an after dinner speaker and cashing in…..doesnt seem right.

  4. By palermo
    On May 10, 2011 at

    One of the hairdressers at the salon I go to lives right next to the house where the Garridos did. Hope they never get out of jail.

  5. By Rick
    On May 10, 2011 at

    The California Legislature settled $20 million on Jaycee and her daughters due to her kidnapper barely being supervised for several years after the state began monitoring him.

    In a rare twist of fate, I find myself agreeing with Strom that it’s unfortunate the ordeal Jaycee endured is now deliberately being commercialized for profit on top of that.

  6. By Denise
    On May 10, 2011 at

    Strom, when you say “true”, are you replying to Walt or to frank (who for whatever reason has you on his radar screen).

  7. By Walt Cliff
    On May 10, 2011 at

    Hey Denise,
    Frank seems more than a little obsessed with Strom. lol

  8. By Strom
    On May 10, 2011 at

    Certainly not to the nut case Frank….not gay, no way. He or she is mad because some of the black apologists were called out.

    I was replying to the thread title, which is what the site is about.

  9. By pippa martins-st. onge
    On May 10, 2011 at

    Americans will spend their money on the most dreadful of things. Is it any wonder her “high-powered Hollywood publicist” may be one of the ‘chosen’ people?

  10. By Jerry Dale
    On May 10, 2011 at

    This young woman deserves every penny she earns from telling her story. Think how many scumbags in Hollywood make ten times as much and have no backbone whatsoever. Her story will at least educate a few people…hopefully govt. employees entrusted with monitoring sex offenders.

  11. By The American
    On May 10, 2011 at

    ……..even the united states in general?

  12. By Muffin top!!
    On May 10, 2011 at

    Miss Dugard deserves every happiness in the world for what she endured at the hands of these MONSTER’S!!

    If people are going to pay her for her honesty, then all the power and $$$ to her. She will need the money to make up and pay for all her lost years.

  13. By Patrick
    On May 10, 2011 at

    When life deals ya lemons, make lemonade I guess. But good for her, the force is strong in that one.
    But yah Walt, wouldn’t it be nice to find yourself in a position to be able to take out the trash! Away from the prying eyes of liberal do gooders.
    One can only fantasize. Dexter’s just make believe for wishful thinkers.
    Monsters do exist. Watch your valuables closely.

  14. By Hilary
    On May 10, 2011 at

    I agree w/ Muffin Top — let Jaycee make as much money as she can possibly make… after all, it will take a literal lifetime of continuing therapy for her, and her two daughters, to live a normal, day-to-day existence. Also, the therapy they were doing involved horseback riding (also used for autism, and very successful), and that’s an expensive therapy. 🙂

  15. By Mel Zipskin
    On May 10, 2011 at

    Poor Jaycee and kids! The state of California mucked up bigtime. Only way she got rescued was when those lady cops at the Universary of Berkeley put 2 & 2 together. I’m SURE he was also molesting the two young ones.

    He may end up like Jeffery Dalmer. I’d like to put my hands around his damn throat for a long time dogs like that need to be put out their misery.

  16. By Anon1
    On May 11, 2011 at

    I totally agree with you Strom.. she does need money after her ordeal but the book should be the end of it.. by going this route she is allowing this situation to define the rest of her life and IT DOESNT seem right ..she has a responsibility to protect these children because it is the children who will have to deal with the humiliation and carry the burden of the horrible fact that their father did this, for their sake she should move on with her life

  17. By Walt Cliff
    On May 11, 2011 at

    “But yah Walt, wouldn’t it be nice to find yourself in a position to be able to take out the trash!”

    Yes, I certainly would. Just me, the beady eyed molestor and a big splintery wooden club.

  18. By Reta
    On May 12, 2011 at

    Hey, Walt & Patrick, I get first dibs on this freak, okay? I want to “play” with him awhile, him and strom that is. The two of the little buggers (oh, and that “wife” and enabler can come along too, I’m sure she’d be just as much fun to “play” with. Throw in that colossal moron Gerard Vandenburg/Captain American/wim/The American (who isn’t even IN “America” by the way.
    I could easily take on the four of them at once and play with them in turn and down the line, letting them watch each other get it and wonder what I was going to bring to them when their turn comes. Oh, the suspence is so tasty, isn’t it strom? Is your tiny pee-pee trying to respond as your feeble mind envisions the others getting theirs…?

    But I think I’ll start by tying all four of you together face to face standing up…faces tightly touching…you cannot move your heads away…I’ll be back…


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