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Britney Spears is going cold turkey while she’s in the psych ward “under observation ” at Cedars Sinai, and withdrawal from Starbucks and Taco Bell is just about killing her. She’s come to the brutal realization that she can’t have whatever she wants while she’s locked up there. Patients can have no personal possessions and absolutely no food or drinks can be brought in. And of course there are no vending machines because they can’t have money. Patients have 3 choices for sustenance: They can eat regular hospital food (mystery meat and jello) or they can arrange to pay $175 a day for gourmet hospital food (a full menu,) or they can arrange to have the nurse order from nearby Jerry’s Deli. Jerry’s is the ONLY place allowed to deliver to the psych ward – they have a contract with the hospital. And plenty of cold turkey.


Posted by hoodlum on January 4, 2008

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  1. By wouldn't you like to know
    On January 4, 2008 at

    can someone explain to me WHY she was taken in for observation?

  2. By Anonymous
    On January 4, 2008 at

    I am trying to wrap my head around everything that Miss B has become… is this some strange cry for help? Why can no one help this woman? Why can’t she help herself? And what about those poor babies? Does she not realize the damage she is inflicting and irreparable nature of that damage? Her children are learning fear and chaos at a very impressionable age. I fear for them. I fear for her. I don’t care for her work, she has no talent and hardly deserves her fame (not to mention her fortune), but I do not like to see someone suffer this badly. God help her and her children. Soon.

  3. By Red Rooster
    On January 4, 2008 at

    It has been obvious for some time that this woman is mentally/emotionally disturbed and not just a drug addict or alcoholic. However, it’s been highly profitable for the media to exploit this illness by calling her a train wreck and playing with her illness, by encouraging her to call them daily for photo ops. I am not a fan and have never understood her popularity other than as a programmed sex object for the masses. Shame on everyone.

  4. By Year of Discontent
    On January 4, 2008 at

    The right person has not come along that can get into her mixed up head. I don’t know who that person is, but he/she is out there. Correct medication and maybe Bible teaching over a looong period of non-stop time may be the only way she can be saved from herself and get rid of her demons. This incident is truly zero hour. Much prayer is needed for her and her family.

  5. By gerard Vandenberg
    On January 4, 2008 at

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, please wake up!! This girl is just a attention-grabber extraordinary. This all because of her jealous and sickmaking behaviour because of another dumb ass, little sister: jamie lynn

  6. By Art Chic
    On January 4, 2008 at

    7:56 she’s mentall ill.
    I’m assuming she’s Disney childhood sexual abuse survior I mean REALLy who are working with those young stars behind closed doors? MIDDLE AGED MEN -they created her schoolgirl slut persona.
    Same with the Olsen Tweeks they most likely were abused as well!!
    Add Linsely Lohan to the list! Paris Hilto too! Too many nannies and grown men around girls equals TROUBLE.
    Ask Jamie Lynn which middle aged Zoe brass got her pregnant!

  7. By Art Chic
    On January 4, 2008 at

    = mentally ill.

  8. By sunseeds777
    On January 4, 2008 at

    She needs to get on the treadmill and run her ass off and sweat out her problems, not consume them.
    Probably suffering from a caffine overdose of mega proportions.

  9. By sunseeds777
    On January 4, 2008 at

    I’d recommend she start walking and stretching and then do a little running/walking for the first week in the length of about 2 miles, working up to 3 miles a day (5k).

  10. By Anonymous
    On January 4, 2008 at

    She’s manic. No one can make her do anything because she’s over 21, so the only course is to hold her for mental evaluation. Can you imagine the four letter words flying out of her enraged mouth for the next 72 hrs. She’s a disaster that needs to be under medical hospitalization the same as any other mentally ill person till she’s back on her meds. Bet her mother will get custodial responsibility for the bimbo, so she can have both stupid daughters with her. Preggers and Banana-brains were meant to support their exploitative mother, now, they’re a huge monkey on her back.

  11. By Anonymous
    On January 4, 2008 at

    what is the object that is circled in this photo???
    miss charlton, i love ya but i could not understand this item.

  12. By Anonymous
    On January 5, 2008 at

    I only hope before she kills herself, she runs over perez (in her car). Then maybe her vagina swallows TMZ.

  13. By Anonymous
    On January 5, 2008 at

    Better nutrition can only help her..

  14. By Anonymous
    On January 5, 2008 at

    Is that supposed to be funny. She is a sick girl and there is nothing funny about her being tied down to a gurney.

  15. By vera
    On January 5, 2008 at

    Hopefully, she will finally get the help she desperately needs. Will the public be happy if she commits suicide? Get real…put yourself in her shoes.

  16. By Neena
    On January 5, 2008 at

    This is sad. It’s obvious that she hasn’t fully recovered from her earlier breakdown last year when she shaved her head.
    I think she has serious mental problems; that explains her weird and erratic behaviour over the past year.
    I do hope she gets the help she so desperately needs. She is a good case for not putting your children into showbiz and if you do – not managing their careers.

  17. By Anonymous
    On January 5, 2008 at

    This is the end for her. She’s out of the psych ward after a little over 24 hours. I was finding myself feeling a little sorry for her, but now that she’s thrown a temper tantrum and gotten out – I could care less what happens to her.
    The medical community should be ashamed of themselves. This just proves to the flake known as Britney that she can do whatever she wants.
    God – keep those kids away from this nightmare.
    I’m sure her family has picked out a cemetary plot for her. She’s freakin’ nuts!

  18. By wouldn't you like to know
    On January 5, 2008 at

    As I intimated yesterday. She has been released! BEFORE the 72 hours expired. I wanted to know WHY legally she was 5150’d. Obviously, there was NO reason. Not a fan of Britney, but a fan of the law!

  19. By Anonymous
    On January 5, 2008 at

    What is wrong with her family that they don’t get a commitment order to keep her inside and get her some treatment. She is not fit to be out amongst normal people

  20. By cybergurl
    On January 5, 2008 at

    Janet, I am a patient here at Cedars Sinai. Believe me we can get any kind of food we want. Shame on you for cashing in on a serious illness. This world is what makes me sick.

  21. By gerard Vandenberg
    On January 5, 2008 at


  22. By Janets Wig
    On January 6, 2008 at


  23. By Anonymous
    On January 8, 2008 at



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