Looks like Charlie O’Connell is a bachelor again. At least he’s acting like one. When Bachelor Charlie selected Texas nurse Sarah Brice on the show last season he told her ” “I love everything about you and to me you’re perfect. ” Right. Sarah moved to LA and they were supposedly living together. They were last seen as a couple in March, walking on Robertson Blvd. Recently he’s been seen out and about with his buddies. Thursday night he and his friends made the scene at Bella Cucina on Hollywood Blvd and later at Le Deux. Charlie and a pal table-hopped, flirting and chatting up pretty girls, indicating that to nobody’s surprise, The Bachelor is on the prowl again.


Posted by Janet on August 4, 2006

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  1. By anonymous
    On August 5, 2006 at

    aw, man. Cute couple. Can’t guys commit?? At first I thought this was about Rebecca and his bro.

  2. By one who knows...
    On August 5, 2006 at

    So far, only one couple has made it on these shows (Bachelor/Bachelorette)…
    that’s Trista Rhein & Ryan Sutter!!

  3. By Anonymous
    On August 5, 2006 at

    Gotta love Trista for keeping it real.

  4. By Anonymous
    On August 5, 2006 at


  5. By Anonymous
    On August 6, 2006 at

    Next it will be Rebecca & Jerry for sure. That is another pair that will not stay together forever. What Rebecca really sees in Jerry I do not understand!

  6. By Gibs
    On August 7, 2006 at

    Janet GOOD JOB! This is the kind of stuff that no one else reports on..We are always just left hanging on these relationships.

  7. By Anonymous
    On August 7, 2006 at

    Bummer! I really thought they made a great couple. I wonder if she moved back to Texas? I wish them both the best.

  8. By JT
    On August 7, 2006 at

    There has been one other couple to make it on the Bachelor. Mary and the fisherman.

  9. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2006 at

    Mary and Byron. He moved to Florida and they are supposed to be getting married, but I haven’t heard anything recently. Janet, how about tracking some information down on that cute couple?

  10. By CH
    On August 8, 2006 at

    Maybe Charlie was just out having some fun. He does a lot of publicity work where he takes photos with women. The April 10 photo on wireimage looks like a happy couple after many months and his fan club says nothing of a split, so I think he and Sarah are still together.

  11. By Anonymous
    On August 10, 2006 at

    Why can’t we get a true story about their relationship? On? Off? Engaged? Not engaged?

  12. By Anonymous
    On August 17, 2006 at

    I heard that Travis and Sarah are still together is this true? I hope it is I just loved them together.

  13. By Anonymous
    On August 25, 2006 at

    You are all wrong. Just saw them together looking very happy leaving a yoga studio together!

  14. By Anonymous
    On September 4, 2006 at

    Aren’t Mary and the blonde fisherman guy still together?

  15. By Anonymous
    On September 4, 2006 at

    Travis and Sara didn’t even make it to the final airing date of their show. That’s why there was no “After the Rose” special. I for one felt robbed. She was a bit too pushy thought, always telling him how good she was for him.

  16. By Anonymous
    On October 5, 2006 at

    Actually Brian and Mary are still together so Trista and Ryan aren’t the only ones…but yeah, not a very good track record.

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