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Queen Latifah looks like a fish out of water in this photo? We love Latifah for what she is, and although she showed up at the Kennedy Honors looking glamorous in a standard way, we can’t get over this “high society matron” look, dripping with diamonds. A little more edge, please, Latifah!


Posted by hoodlum on December 8, 2008

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  1. By Anonymous
    On December 8, 2008 at

    She looks beautiful! It’s nice to see an actress not looking like a streetwalker on crack, for a change.

  2. By Reta
    On December 8, 2008 at

    The only thing WRONG with this pic is her enormous bust being stuffed into a dress that obviously doesn’t fit correctly. Since when is having your tit jacked up to your eyeballs glamorous?
    She also looks like she’s been hitting the bleaching jar that so many “black” entertainers do, she is sure whiter than she used to be. I don’t know why they do this, they look just fine they way they were born. I’m sick of everyone trying to look the same color. BLAH!!!

  3. By As If
    On December 8, 2008 at

    And, she looks thinner; her live-in lesbian lover must be working those calories off her.

  4. By Anonymous
    On December 8, 2008 at

    she looks Beautiful,Janet!

  5. By Anonymous
    On December 8, 2008 at

    She looks gorgeous

  6. By Anonymous
    On December 8, 2008 at

    What happened to her BREAST REDUCTION operation? must have grown back triple size!!

  7. By Anonymous
    On December 8, 2008 at

    Uhhhhh the fur is nice…

  8. By Anonymous
    On December 9, 2008 at

    Janet. you owe it to the readers to explain how the disingenuous Latifah became famous and who is really covering her butt. She sure lost a lot of weight on that diet huh?

  9. By gerard Vandenberg
    On December 9, 2008 at

    After the obama-election, EVEYTHING IS POSSIBLE, folks!!

  10. By Anon1
    On December 9, 2008 at

    She looks effin amazing, I dont think I’ve ever seen her look this good. Damn Janet youve been sippin’on your hatorade this week big time

  11. By ANGIE
    On December 9, 2008 at

    She still looks so GHETTO, even with all those diamonds. And NOONE wants to see those nasty 50 pound puppies of hers either.

  12. By J-9
    On December 9, 2008 at

    With the exception of an ill fitting, ill advised gown, the girl looks better than she has in a long time!
    I don’t know why women think they can wear strapless when it is just not a look one can pull off when one is voluptuous,or has larger arms….there just isn’t enough room for it all to fit.
    She would’ve been better served by a cap sleeve of sorts.
    Hey Queen, call me & I’ll help you out !

  13. By Anonymous
    On December 9, 2008 at

    Yes Janet, we only wear flannel shirts and nothing more… Sheeesh…. Is that what you’re getting at?

  14. By Strom
    On December 9, 2008 at

    Nope the photo is cropped because the rest of it shows her “trainer” eagerly munching on her not so red carpet.

  15. By Kris
    On December 9, 2008 at

    Why don’t women realize that you buy clothes to fit the largest part of you (ie. breasts & hips) then tailor inwards to achieve the proper fit? She should have gone one size up then tailor in as needed. It would have provided a more flattering silhouette and a slimming fit.

  16. By B Bobby
    On December 10, 2008 at

    Her largest part is still that caboose!

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