Dancing With The Stars finalist William Levy might really NEED to win that Mirror Ball trophy because it comes with a bundle of money. While the Cuban hunk was dancing on the show, his condo in Florida went up for foreclosure and is set to be auctioned off next month. His home is located in Doral, Fla, around 30 minutes outside Miami. It seems Levy has not been paying his homeowner’s dues so they are taking action.


Posted by Janet on May 22, 2012

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  2. By Muffie
    On May 22, 2012 at

    What handsome fella!

    Just a slight snafu, I’m sure!

  3. By Mrs. Walter Cliff
    On May 22, 2012 at

    When they are tall and handsome and built good then there’s no real need for a brain. ha ha



    Funny Quote:

    Is there a cure for a broken heart? Only time can heal your broken heart, just as time can heal his broken arms and legs. ——Miss Piggy

  4. By palermo
    On May 22, 2012 at

    I’m sure he’ll be getting lots of offers now that Americans know him

  5. By Christeen Cavalario
    On May 22, 2012 at

    I hope he remians celebate before his wedding night. This is very important to honor the sanctity of marriage.

    Marriage and virtue is under attack and this fine looking man could be an inspiration to young adults everywhere.. Just like Mr. Tebow who realizes the importance of purity.

    This would be a fine home to raise a righteous family and for a wife and children, plenty children, to live. I hope he is able to become current on his obligations.

  6. By gg
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Holy cow that man is beautiful. If I had the cash I’d pay his homeowner dues for him in exchange for a few of those smiles thrown my way. *drool*

  7. By Denise
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Oh well, he came in third so no big payday. Although he certainly landed on many a radar screen.

    Just a thought, how do you foreclose because of condo fees? Isn’t it just a lien? Anyway good luck to him.

  8. By Strom
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Smart people say you never want to be a creditor to an entertainor and never want to rent hotel rooms to BLACK rap groups! All cash up front, all the time.

  9. By Christine India
    On May 23, 2012 at

    No one knows for sure if William is single, divorced, or separated.

  10. By palermo
    On May 23, 2012 at

    His baby mama sat in the audience with their kids at every show, so it’s not that hard to figure out

  11. By Kitty
    On May 23, 2012 at

    If it’s just homeowner’s dues, no big deal. Many people have gotten behind on those. Just pay them and no harm no foul. On another note, he’s very attractive. He reminds me of the late Jon-Erik Hexum, who died way too young, just as he was about to be a really big star.

  12. By Walt Cliff
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Hi Kitty, I haven’t heard that name in many years. He was suppose to be the next big heart throb. He accidentally killed himself with a prop gun that shot blanks. Sad situation.

  13. By Kitty
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Hi Walt. Yes it was very sad. I loved that show “Cover Up” when it first came out and watched every episode. He really was awesome. His mother donated his organs after his death and they helped several people. I’ve often wondered how far he could have gone. He was only 26 from what I read…RIP.

  14. By Walt Cliff
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Kitty, He seemed to have it all before tragedy struck. Hard to believe the kid would be 55 this year had he lived!

    His former girlfriend,Elizabeth Dailey was married to creepy Rick Salomon (remember him? He produced the Paris Hilton sex video.) They had two kids together.

    Elizabeth Dailey is a very successful voice actress and has done not just a bunch of cartoon voices but also voices on the cartoon games. She has done well for herself.

  15. By Noblecascade
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Damn Homeowner Associations-I’m in one that is like living in Russia!

  16. By Christine India
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Per Wiki:

    It states he and Eliz called it quits one year ago. No one knows if that means they were legally hitched, lived together, or dated or divorced or what. All is known for sure is there are 2 kids and that she and the boy were in the audience of DWTS.

    A recnet talk show could not find out his status whether married, separated, divorced .

  17. By Walt Cliff
    On May 23, 2012 at

    Good Work Indy aka our own little Gossip sleuth!!!

  18. By forrest gump
    On May 23, 2012 at

    mark these words:


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