So sad to hear about Valerie Harper’s brain cancer. Back in the 1970’s she and Mary Tyler More were the independent young career women on TV that single girls looked up to. Valerie was such a hit on the Mary Tyler Moore show playing her outspoken best friend Rhoda, that she got a spin-off show of her own. Valerie’s Rhoda lived in New York where her sister played by Julie Kavner lived, and her parents also. Rhoda was a window decorator looking for love and many young women identified with her. Eventually she met the right guy and married him and the TV wedding was a huge deal – the biggest event of the year. We happened to be in New York that night and the streets were literally empty – the women were all home tearfully watching Rhoda. Valerie herself is just as down to earth and fun as Rhoda was.


Posted by Janet on March 6, 2013

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