Little did musician Isaiah Silva suspect when he married Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Cobain that his mother-in-law and her guard dog would turn on him if the relationship failed. Frances, 24, filed for divorce after two years together and she’s been struggling to get her father’s guitar back. Isaiah claims she gave him Kurt Cobain’s guitar as a wedding present and he wants to keep it. (it could be worth millions) Courtney is ENRAGED and she sicced her obnoxious friend Sam Lufti on Silva. You will recall Lufti is an expert at getting involved with problematic female celebrities like Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, and now his dear friend Courtney. In fact, he might be the king of restraining orders. He harassed and threatened Silva and his family, urging them to surrender the guitar. Several police reports and restraining orders later, the court will decide who owns the guitar. Hopefully, Frances will distance herself from sleazoid Lufti. As long as there’s a vulnerable female celebrity, the opportunistic Lufti will not go hungry.

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When Britney Spears’ father Jamie finally took a close look at her finances he was appalled first by a $225,000 American Express bill for one month! Brit’s parents are trying to track down how Britney spent 22 million dollars since she split with Kevin. They’re not sure exactly when Sam Lutfi declared himself her manager and took control of her finances, but the wild spending has been going on for awhile. According to the Enquirer, Jamie was outraged by the bills for rental cars- sometimes three at a time, besides the $250,000 Mercedes sports car Britney bought. Brit paid 7.2 million for a house with all it’s furnishings, and then totally redecorated. She spent $200,000 on chandeliers alone, much more on jewelry, cameras, and flat screen TV’s – just SOME of the things Jamie listed as missing from Britney’s house. Brit’s business manager says Lutfi sent outrageous invoices and contracts but he refused to give him any money. Sam Lutfi has a lot of explaining to do.



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