Charlie Sheen is NOT engaged. Rumors circulated that he gave his girlfriend Brooke Mueller an engagement ring on Valentines Day, but according to a friend, it’s not true. The Two and a Half Men star has been living happily with Brooke for months, but he’s not ready to jump into marriage again. “Charlie’s relieved that he and his exwife Denise Richards are now getting along for the children’s sake.” But the sting of the divorce is still fresh. “Charlie no longer enjoys playing the field and he’s content in a relationship so eventually he probably will marry again.”


Posted by Janet on March 5, 2007

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  1. By Art Chic
    On March 5, 2007 at

    Who, except an attention whore or plain ho would want such used whore hopping coke snoring goods as CS??

  2. By Paris Gave me Herpes
    On March 5, 2007 at

    Ditto that Art Chic. Just goes to show you that there are some women in L.A. that are stupid and just want to be with a celeb.
    Eventually he’ll fuck her over in one way or another.

  3. By sunseeds777
    On March 5, 2007 at

    He does kind of look like Alfred E. Newman the cartoon character from MAD magazine at a distance.
    “What me worry”!
    Charlie wake up she’s smokes, if she really cared about her health she wouldn’t. How does a woman go about quitting smoking?
    Take up a hobby like running.

  4. By delete delete
    On March 5, 2007 at

    huh?? charlie is a chain smoker and drinks and gambles and loves the prostitutes, too.
    charlie looks just like his father, martin.

  5. By Bev
    On March 5, 2007 at

    Good lord why would anyone want to date that woman beater has been with his short fat penis? yuck

  6. By Uola Gabor
    On March 5, 2007 at

    My Dears.Why has someone taken this dreadful unwashed couples picture?Are there now famous homeless people?They are a filthy vermon sour looking couple.I guess when one dines at the soup kitchen looking like this is ok.Awful and really shamefull.

  7. By Hedi Fume
    On March 6, 2007 at

    I wish I could beat them both over the head with Heather Mills fake leg.

  8. By rosie
    On March 6, 2007 at

    ha he looks happy since he divorced the wacko. now denise is richie’s problem. i hope richie watches out for those flying laptops. i just know that woman is nuts.
    i’m convinced that most celebs shouldn’t marry.most don’t seem to take marriage seriously, so why bother?

  9. By Anonymous
    On March 6, 2007 at

    Dearie me Rosie, there is no comparison between Charlie and Denise; Charlie treated her terribly and she has been left to deal with the consequences including the public intrusion.
    You just ”know” that Denise is ”nuts”, well good for you. I am CATEGORICALLY, DEFINITELY AND TOTALLY sure, in my defence, that Charlie has been convicted and admitted to dreadful things. that alone is enough to make me CERTAIN that Denise gave him his chance at a normal life and HE BLEW IT. She DESERVES to be happy and I applaud her for having the bottle to move forward and stand by Richie the way she has whilst he has been going through terrible times of his own. I hopw they have a happy life together because it is their karma after what they have dealt with.
    Good luck Denise and Richie!

  10. By Anonymous
    On March 6, 2007 at

    Denise deserves what ever shit she gets. Filing false charges against the father of her kids. Wrong in everyway.
    Charlie is no saint but neither is the HO he was married to. Richie does not need her or anyone else to stand by him. Richie needs to focus on his daughter and less on Hollywood HO Romance

  11. By Anonymous
    On March 6, 2007 at

    He looks like a fat middle aged man right out of WILD HOGS. And what’s with those Jack O’Lantern teeth!?! Don’t they have dentists in Malibu!?

  12. By Art Chic
    On March 6, 2007 at

    Ahahahah damn! Only one CS fan on this thread.
    Then why, if this is a litmus test of popularity, is he on a hit TV show?
    Who supports his shit? The same people who like OJ Simpson, Mickey Rourke and Tommy Lee???

  13. By Patrick
    On March 7, 2007 at

    My Hero!!
    Gush….Can I have your autograph Mr. Sheen?

  14. By rosie
    On March 11, 2007 at

    oh please. anyone that believes anything that comes out of denise’s mouth must be crazy. why is it that eveyrone assumes that denise didn’t know what charlie was like when she married him? birds of a feather…besides, who’s to say that she didn’t make half of it up. we all know how much she loves attention. her looks are fading now and she won’t be able to rely on them much longer. she needs richie for attention. i thought he was smarter. how disappointing.


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