Even chef Wolfgang Puck can’t resist putting in his two cents when it comes to Michelle Obama’s fashion. He told our clever colleague CJ, at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, that his designer wife, Gelila Assefa Puck, has made him very aware of fashion. Puck critiqued the blue one-shoulder gown that Michelle wore to the state dinner for Mexico’s president: “The dress doesn’t fit right- too tight on top (the bodice).” Wolfgang suggested his wife might be a good fashion consultant for the First Lady. (Actually, he’s RIGHT about the dress.)


Posted by Janet on May 25, 2010

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  1. By MamaSan
    On May 25, 2010 at

    I don’t like this ill-fitting dress either. I also didn’t like that flimsy looking white gown she wore at the inauguration. BTW, I think the Muslim president made an a** out of himself while dancing with her, it was like him saying “I’m wanna jump your bones”. Many in the media picked up the vibes too. Now it is coming out that he has an ongoing affair (which is another story)….JANET, I know you’ve heard about this, it’s in 3 or more magazines now.

  2. By MamaSan
    On May 25, 2010 at


    Janet, lately you have been on fire, and you are the best. Good subjects. Keep it up, and now anything on the trashy nutcase world travelers, Angie and Brad?

  3. By Palermo
    On May 25, 2010 at

    He’s totally right about that dress, it is cutting into her and must be painful

  4. By Reta
    On May 25, 2010 at

    I agree the dress seems too snug against her at the top, causing her flesh to be squeezed upward in an unnatural and uncomfortable looking way. I also don’t think the material it’self looks good, it has a plastic looking sheen to it. Other than that, I think it’s a pretty dress, the color and shape are nice, if the top fit better and the texture were different.
    I think her hair looks beautiful and much prettier than her usual style.

    By the way OUR President is a Christian.

  5. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Reta, B.H.O. is a Muslim.

    Just go to YouTube and enter this exactly:

    Barack Hussein Obama Muslim.

    The first 4 or 5 videos out of his own mouth he admits/slips up and says he is a Muslim.

    The rant starts soon……

  6. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 25, 2010 at

    PS: Reta, If he were a Christian, which the liar is not, then you would surely hate him.

  7. By Reta
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Jasper’s Goat:
    He goes to a CHRISTIAN church with his family and has all his life. And by the way, I don’t HATE anyone for their religion. I don’t CARE what his religion is, Christion, Muslin, Atheist, Scientologist, Baptist, etc, whatever…I don’t CARE. I voted for him for PRESIDENT, not as a religious leader. Our country has separation of church and state, remember? Also, try to remember we have freedom of religion and it is a principal our country was built on. Just because I happen to be an Atheist, doesn’t mean I would hate any other person because THEY choose to believe and indeed, as I have said before here, my boyfriend is very religiously Christion and we get along fine. We accept each other, differences and all, and don’t push each other’s beliefs (or lack thereof) of on each other, but respect each other’s right to live and be an American. Try it.

  8. By Village
    On May 25, 2010 at

    The dress is ill fitting. Women don’t seem to understand that the dress needs to fit the breasts. She has breast meat hanging out, and it is unattractive. She has very wide breasts. Actually, halter tops would look best on her because they reach all the way to the arms and capture all of the width of the breast. Michelle needs help in that regard. I have seen Hollywood A listers with the same problem, who finally got a stylist and starting wearing clothes that flattered their figures.

  9. By Village
    On May 25, 2010 at

    PS Obama is not a Muslim. You don’t have to like him, and still tell the truth. He was born in Hawaii after it became a state, and he’s a Christian.

    PPS McCain, on the other hand, was not born in the United States. He was born on a military base in Panama. One year after he was born, a law was passed declaring children born on foreign military bases as citizens, but it was not made retroactive. McCain does not qualify as a natural born citizen, and can’t legally serve as president. Maybe that is why the right wing nut cases try to make the case that Obama is not natural born, when in fact, he is.

  10. By Reta
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Jasper’s Goat:
    I DID go to the YouTube and look at the video’s and I must say I can see how you’ve become confused. There is a lot of choppy editing as well as things taken out of context. What I heard him saying was that there are Mosques in each of our states and that there are more Muslims in America (overall) than in any other place on the planet. He also said he came from a father that was a Muslim, but he is Christian. He said that they have contributed much to the world in the way of art and literature. I think there is a witch hunt of sorts going on over this topic and perhaps it began with his middle name, which he had no part in choosing. It’s just as far fetched and rediculous as the issue about his birth certificate and the claims that he is not American because he was born in Hawaii. That issue has legally been put to rest and this one should be as well.

  11. By Reta
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Thank you Village, a little sanity in an insane world. By the way I LOVED your comment about Michelle’s dress not fitting right as you put it “breast meat hanging out” WHAT a visual! hahahahahahahahahahahaha I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  12. By Lenny
    On May 26, 2010 at

    I for one didn’t vote for Obama and it’s the lie he told about Rev Wright. No one sits in a church for 20 years and not know his pastor a racist, anti-America and hates jews. Also, I knew he was a socialist.

  13. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 26, 2010 at

    There are several lawsuits now because BHO refuses to produce his birth certificate.

    This letter on the above site explains he was born in Kenya and he is a Muslim.

    This weekend he is not going to D.C. for the Memorial to fallen soldiers. He is going to Chicago and while there he is going to a Paul McCartney concert.

    On May 26, 2010 at

    mama san and jasper’s gost are the same poster. it’s easy to tell because whenever, the board goes off topic about NONSENSE, these two are peas in a pod.

    some of you have no life

  15. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 26, 2010 at

    I have no connection with mamasan.

  16. By Noblecascade
    On May 26, 2010 at

    I think there is something fishy about his birth. If he was a true born American he wouldn’t mind producing his real birth certificate not that copy that Hawaii has.

  17. By Reta
    On May 26, 2010 at

    The birth certificate issue has been legally closed. He was born in Hawaii. Get used to it and get over it. Start obscessing over some other imaginary thing. The birth certificate HAS been shown and I’ve even seen it on the news myself so I don’t know why all you conspiracy theorists say he wasn’t born there, or what would the government gain by supporting him if it were not true, or he were born somewhere else? It has been throughly looked into and you nutjobs are wrong, plain and simple, move on, take a chill pill, walk around the block, or go pet the dog. It’s OVER!

  18. By Li'l Off Broadway
    On May 26, 2010 at

    Just got off YouTube after 3 1/2 hours of viewing tons of info on Obama. Apparently he is also bi-sexual…Larry Sinclair has passed the lie detector test. National Enquirer, Star, Globe have pics of him sneaking into a hotel with Vera (?) and the cheauffer is a witness. We shall see. At this point, it is useless to care what happens in this matter, as the world is sinking into total despair (Oil spill, $$trillions of dollars debt, 2 useless costly wars, extreme weather, rampant crime, corrupt world governments, etc). No use to worry any more. Truths will come out if and when they are supposed to. As for me, case is closed.

  19. By mama san jasper's goat and lil off (crazy) broadway are the same person
    On May 26, 2010 at

    ^^^shut up crazy and stop hijacking this thread for political purposes. got that.

  20. By Li'l Off Broadway
    On May 26, 2010 at

    I am not associated with these persons, what in the name of #*$@)*( are you talking about? I went to YouTube as Jasper’ Goat stated (above). Is this reality? Who are you?

  21. By Reta
    On May 26, 2010 at

    Hey, people; various and sundry conspiracy theoists: I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHO OR WHAT OBAMA IS SCREWING, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! He wasn’t hired to screw, he was hired to be President, which has nothing to do with how he satisfies his sexual lusts. That is PERSONAL and PRIVATE.

    Just as it didn’t matter that Clinton got a blow job under his desk from a tacky girl in a blue dress. The only person that’s business THAT was was HILARY and I’m sure she did him some major damage to his playground.

    Get out of other people’s bedrooms and sex lives, won’t you PLEASE? The only person that you should be concerned with having sex is YOU! Have fun, and be safe!

  22. By Anon1
    On May 27, 2010 at

    Actually he better stick to what he knows best, poisoning celebrities…Shut the f#ck up!!

  23. By JohnJacobJingleheimerSchmidt
    On May 29, 2010 at

    Michelle has horrible taste in clothes.


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