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Christina Aguilera must have been a little irritated when she saw the “chubby” photos of her performing at the Michael Jackson concert. So today she’s using ALL the “tricks” to make herself look thinner: She’s wearing black, her jacket covers her thighs, she’s wearing sky high heels, her hair is BIG, and she has a long red scarf to distract the eye.


Posted by Janet on October 20, 2011

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  1. By hedda lettuce
    On October 20, 2011 at

    gee, a famous woman belittled and demeaned constantly by the press and blogs for the way she looks trying to look better by using tromp l’oeil ( kinda sorta).
    none of these celebs will EVER catch a break no how no way from no one… i can’t imagine being as mega rich as these people and yet living such a shit filled public life. if it were me, i’d be so gone with all my dough my own head would be spinning….

  2. By Denise
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Pants might be a good distraction.

  3. By Indy aka Christine India
    On October 21, 2011 at

    The combination of parties, munchies, drinkies will put on the pounds, albeit slowly at first. Not to mention the fact that the secret is out that she is a lesbo, thus she needs all the comfort food she can get.

  4. By Strom
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Yep….Joan Jett and Sam Ronson didnt have any problem in pulling her large thighs apart.

  5. By Hello
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Joan jet!? Was it was for money? Sam ronson, yeah ok. I wonder if cristina sat on sam’s face to make sam look that. And did c. pay sam to eat it.l

    LadDy gaga walks around like that so why not christina

  6. By Trina
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Kelly Osborne is having a field day taunting Aguilera for her excess pounds.

  7. By palermo
    On October 21, 2011 at

    I agree, a pair of pants would have worked even better

  8. By diva
    On October 21, 2011 at

    So today she’s using ALL the “tricks” to make herself look thinner.

  9. By chris
    On October 21, 2011 at

    What a sad pathetic figure she has become.

  10. By Alpha Femme
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Ugliest set of legs in showbiz.

  11. By Hello
    On October 21, 2011 at

    I wonder why ms.osborne teasing c. Miss.o has a fat booble head herself. Miss O. also has pigs legs and she looks funnier when she has heels. Side by side comparison of full length of miss o and miss piggy, she looks like miss piggy.

  12. By Strom
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Nope Joan Jett munched on her for several months….may still be munching even now.

  13. By Muffin
    On October 21, 2011 at

    She needs to strike a deal with Jenny Craig, ASAP!!

  14. By Strom
    On October 21, 2011 at

    So many of the heavy duty lesbo dykes couldnt care if she weighed 100 lbs or 300….they only care about how fast they can get her legs apart and go to work. Send them all to Gay Island!

  15. By dee cee
    On October 21, 2011 at

    She needs to lay off the booze and see a doctor for depression

  16. By Trina
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Strangely, she is much much happier than I have ever seen her. Maybe it is the booze but maybe it’s the boyfriend too. Maybe she is just happy that she was able to eat a carb again.

  17. By Kitty
    On October 21, 2011 at

    She forgot her pants, dirty girl.

  18. By mistechal
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Such nasty comments. I dunno, but I kinda think that this woman is not a kid anymore, she is a mature woman, who has had a child, and there comes a time when genetics take over. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, or what your sexual proclivities are, but if your mom and dad are heavy, then you can only fight time for so long. Her face is thin, but her hips and thighs look like she is just maturing into the figure that is her family’s genetic code. Kelly Osborne, well, she claims that she went the healthy route to her new slim self, but remember, Sharon had a gastric band, and I would be shocked to learn that Kelly didn’t do the same thing. ( Just because she claims, ‘diet and exercise’, I don’t believe it for a second) You know, we all get old, and there are some things that money can’t fix.

  19. By Tagg
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Her BOWED legs are so FUGLY not to mention they have ZERO definition. She has major CANKELS too. She must think she’s hot b/c no self-respecting woman would show off those STUMPS…

  20. By Strom
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Its all a turn on to the dykes

  21. By pippa martins-st. onge
    On October 21, 2011 at

    Is she Jewish?

  22. By CoCo
    On October 22, 2011 at

    Many women have to struggle through weight gain to figure out either how to lose or how to dress to their best advantage. This generally happens in our 20s. So poor Christina is not alone, but either she is a slow learner or she has some bad advisors.

  23. By Strom
    On October 22, 2011 at

    She is no jew by birth…..anyway she is total munch fodder for a large crew of LA area lesbo dykes…they like her chunky so others will pass her by!

  24. By Bluejay
    On October 22, 2011 at

    Size 4 or 6 is fat? Give her a break.

  25. By Strom
    On October 22, 2011 at

    So many of the lesbo’s want to show a lot of skin….knowing it will be a major turn on to the dykes,,,,no doubt this is her game plan.

  26. By forrest gump
    On October 22, 2011 at


  27. By Shelia
    On October 22, 2011 at

    I think the most shocking thing about celebrities is they are rarely like you think they are in person (height and weight wise).

    Have you ever seen the 3 Kardashian women? I’m looking around thinking that if I spy the big tall one that the other two will be around somewhere close by. My mouth hung open from the moment I saw Khloe Kardashian and her two dwarf sisters until sometime later that day.

    First of all Khole is tall but not the jolly green giant tall that you see on tv or magazines. Both times I have seen her she has a small waist. She looks like an amazon next to her two dwarf sisters. They are tiny and short on top of tiny and short and all hair and big eyes.

  28. By Denise
    On October 22, 2011 at

    Strom, you have an inordinate fascination with lesbian behavior. Anything you’d like to tell us hon?

  29. By Strom
    On October 22, 2011 at

  30. By Shelia
    On October 22, 2011 at


    I’ve always assumed that Strom was either Janet’s pen name or either Janet picked her (Strom) as a wildcard moderator of sorts.

    It makes sense because otherwise the racist and bigoted comments would be less graphic (on most other type websites). Plus, she is always cautioning everyone that “it isn’t about the posters” like she has some form of “authority”.

    I think the racist and bigot comments are simply to cultivate and piss off some so that it keeps the comments alive and interesting.

  31. By Muffin
    On October 22, 2011 at

    By Shelia, you may be just right in your assumptions. Who knows but Janet, right?

  32. By Denise
    On October 22, 2011 at

    Yeah, since we have to enter our email address, Janet knows how to find Strom . .. in other words, she knows which rock he’s under.

    On the other hand, she also has Walt Cliff’s email and I would love to know if he’s okay. I have this fantasy that perhaps he ran off with Ann-Margret…

  33. By Strom
    On October 22, 2011 at

    Strom is no she and please advise of any inaccurate comments.

    I would not know JC if she came to a book signing.

    Those who throw words like bigot or racist are simply enablers of a PC lifestyle.

  34. By Bluejay
    On October 22, 2011 at

    So, Sheila, in other words the trash sisters are more like troll dolls.

  35. By Shelia
    On October 22, 2011 at


    Right. 🙂

  36. By Shelia
    On October 22, 2011 at

    Exactly!! lol

  37. By Shelia
    On October 22, 2011 at


    Sorry Strom. No offense intended but I always think of you as a woman (I guess it is because you talk about Lesbians…dykes…etc.). I think of Indy as a man but I pretty sure that I read where he is actually a she. Again, no offense intended at all.

    I do stand by my comment (regarding racist or bigot comments from you). You may not see them that way but I do.

    Oh well, hope you guys are having a great night.

  38. By Joan
    On October 22, 2011 at

    dear Strom

    Racism is racism, rationalized or not, and I too have noticed the irony of your habitual fixation with gay issues. But, unlike others I don’t find it particularly funny as a rule, as it’s clearly just another expression of your pathology. I wouldn’t let you near my children Strom, and must admit to some comfort in knowing you’ll never have any of your own, nor will you ever be in a position to influence any. Stay in the basement with your hate and your sticky blow up dolls.

  39. By Strom
    On October 23, 2011 at

    Amazing and hateful comments and I have no interest in you or your children as IT’s Not About Posters, no matter how relevant you might think they are.

  40. By Patrick
    On October 23, 2011 at

    Joan makes a great point, Strom.
    “Racism is racism, rationalized or not.”
    We the posters, for the posters, by the posters.

  41. By Reg
    On October 23, 2011 at

    Strom, she is right. You are a hateful person and no one, poster, host or visitor gets a free ride on that.

  42. By Shelia
    On October 23, 2011 at

    “Racism is racism, rationalized or not.”
    We the posters, for the posters, by the posters.”

    LOVE IT!!!

  43. By Strom
    On October 23, 2011 at

    What a very small world these live in…the world of the posters.

    Start singing the enablers march and head off arm in arm……poor mistreated blacks, if they only were given equal rights what could they do!

    At least Herman Cain knows better than this gibberish.

  44. By Patrick
    On October 23, 2011 at

    Nobody is enabling and P.C. has gone the way of the DoDo. Merit is back in place and so it should be. Maybe you never heard, Affirmative Action is long gone.
    Catch up to this century will ya.
    You are irrelevant.
    You know you wanna do a black man. Just get it over with and stop wondering.

  45. By Jap Man
    On October 23, 2011 at

    You’re by far the most likely to march off Strom, arm in arm with your fascist brothers. It’s funny for someone so critical – that you’re lacking a critical human trait …. self awareness, or are you merely delusional ?

  46. By Strom
    On October 24, 2011 at

    Amazing comments and facism is certainly not in my DNA.

    Agree that Affirmative Action should be long gone but it is live and well within the Enablers wing of the Black race, and in the part of the white race that seems to be made to feel guilt for occurances that happened 150 years ago.

    The Japanese are probably the most racist of any group as is very well known by any who have visited there.

    Teach your children well.

    Fortunately that does not include Herman Cain and many other hard working Blacks.

  47. By Patrick
    On October 24, 2011 at

    Too bad America stopped the Japanese from slowing China down.

  48. By Strom
    On October 24, 2011 at

    The Japs certainly liked Cjinese and Koream women.

  49. By Strom
    On October 25, 2011 at

    CA doesnt deserve 49 comments


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