Sorry, Courteney, we think you missed the boat when it comes to your new series Dirt. You have a lot to learn about tabloid journalism and celebrity weeklies. Your fatal error was making the show a dreadful melodrama / soap opera. Take it from an expert, there is nothing more FUN than celebrity gossip! The crazy, nervy things that hapless reporters have to do to get a scoop are fascinating. (For your information, editors are NOT seen at premiers or nightclubs trolling for news.) And celebrities’ outrageous behavior is ALWAYS hugely entertaining. Yes, the photographers are a bunch of eccentric characters who delight in outsmarting each other. Tipsters are often actors who want to make their competition look bad. And don’t forget those power hungry publicists. It’s a crazy exciting world that changes every day, but it’s always good for a LAUGH. And THAT’S what Dirt lacks.


Posted by Janet on January 3, 2007

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  1. By N.C.
    On January 3, 2007 at

    Courtney takes herself way too seriously.

  2. By Nelson
    On January 3, 2007 at

    It should have been a sitcom like a reworked version of Tea Leoni’s THE NAKED TRUTH. Dramatizing the gossip world never works…even Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Alexander couldn’t pull it off when they played Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper in “Malice in Wonderland” (1985).

  3. By Anonymous
    On January 3, 2007 at

    Courtney’s new show is horrible. They should have called it “Filth” instead of “Dirt”.

  4. By Belissa
    On January 3, 2007 at

    I loved it! I thought it was fabulously silly! They used locations in Silver Lake (I can hear my real estate values rising as I type) and it was great that they name-dropped and place-dropped. Of course the Arquettes take themselves way too seriously, but watching them do it is good for a laugh.

  5. By Anonymous
    On January 3, 2007 at

    Thanks for making the comment! It doesn’t seem like anyone has had the balls to make any comments on the show (at least where I have been looking.) I certainly felt that it must be a more exciting life than the one portrayed on the show…who would want to do that job and have so many people hate them? And what they hell was up with starting your season with an a f**k with Rick Fox??? that was a pretty risky move for him…considering he did cheat on Vanessa..Didn’t he?

  6. By Anonymous
    On January 3, 2007 at

    Is Courtenay a writer on the show or just an actress? Why are you blaming her for the story?

  7. By Anonymous
    On January 3, 2007 at

    Dirt is being produced by Courtney’s production company and her husband David is exec-producers…so she hires the writers.
    ITA with u Janet, Gossip is fun and yes there is no gotcha moments and no fun.
    This show is just boring like you BFF “the third wheel” Aniston.

  8. By maxx
    On January 3, 2007 at

    I really enjoyed it. I can’t understand why no one else did?

  9. By Anonymous
    On January 3, 2007 at

    She is incredibly gorgeous. Even prettier than she was as a young woman (remember her in Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” video?)

  10. By Patrick
    On January 3, 2007 at

    I was getting very ascared by some of those.
    I love you Hedda.

  11. By Patrick
    On January 3, 2007 at

    I’m never getting that drunk again Hedda!
    And yes, very cool the riff raff are gone.
    Who wants hate in their lives!

  12. By Anonymous
    On January 3, 2007 at

    That was just a Dark show. We found it interesting and ugly, but it is supposed to be scandalous and the title itself is DIRT – Hello! I don’t think it is a “realistic” portrayal. But it is not supposed to be. I thought is was good.

  13. By Anonymous
    On January 3, 2007 at

    I thought the show sucked and was very disappointed in the writing.

  14. By eau so fresh
    On January 3, 2007 at

    I didn’t see the show but I don’t really care for her.

  15. By Patrick
    On January 3, 2007 at


  16. By Anonymous
    On January 4, 2007 at

    Courtney has too much Botox and collagen lips. Easy girl.

  17. By Anonymous
    On January 4, 2007 at

    yes, hedda, thanks to janet or whomever that we can read these posts without having a sick feeling in the end and having to take a shower….life IS good again.

  18. By nyc chica
    On January 4, 2007 at

    i enjoyed the show. especially the schizophrenic photographer.
    i love all celebrity gossip stuff.

  19. By Patrick
    On January 4, 2007 at

    The original Dirt Grrrl!

  20. By sudsy
    On January 5, 2007 at

    editors don’t go to parties! you haven’t been in the hamptons in the summer then. true, Cox’s character has no soul and her performance is hard and wooden but remember she is not playing “nice” like Liz Smith or gossipy like “Suzy” or bitchy like Cindy. If you don’t think these things happen then turn the tube to TVland..I can hardly wait for the next episode.

  21. By Anonymous
    On January 5, 2007 at

    She has had more plastic surgery than many stars- even though she says she is “afraid” of it- Look at old pictures- anyone can see the differences!

  22. By David Hasslehoff
    On January 5, 2007 at

    The show looks like it sucks big.
    I predict it will be cancelled shortly.
    Personally I am fascinated for better or worse with Star, Us, Page6, Best Week Ever, etc..etc..
    But this looks contrived, over-serious and stupid.
    Not Interested.
    In addition I do not like the advertising billboard that is around Los Angeles for the show.
    Fucking Glamour shot of Botox Head. Stupid.
    Kind of good idea for a show but horrible execution. She should be executed pronto.
    But seriously this will get cancelled quickly. maybe 2-3 episodes

  23. By Mark Zuckerberg
    On January 7, 2007 at

    the office had a rough start as well, give her some constructive feedback.

  24. By dimes
    On January 7, 2007 at

    I think they made a big mistake with the “look” of the show. It’s way too dark and dreary for the subject matter.
    She may think that being written about in gossip mags equates to doom and gloom and is lighting her show accordingly, but that’s not how the public perceives the weeklies. We read them for a little light entertainment and don’t relate to her angst.
    Courtney should lose the ’24’-style drama look and go for a brighter style used on shows like Entourage and her former castmate’s series, The Comeback – both of which deal with similar themes of celebrity.

  25. By Patsy
    On January 10, 2007 at

    I reserved my judgement until I had seen the first two shows. I think it’s a good show with great potential. Lighten up people.

  26. By GEORGIA
    On January 15, 2007 at


  27. By Anonymous
    On January 15, 2007 at

    I watched only the first episode…I thought it was alright, but I was a little disappointed

  28. By v
    On January 15, 2007 at

    i love DIRT!!!!! it was very good! and COURTENEY is soo beautiful!!!!

  29. By Anonymous
    On January 15, 2007 at

    I think this show is just plain annoying… It’s not a case of like it or hate it – it’s just out of water. It seems to be going in all directions, there’s no great development of characters, the characters don’t reach me (or anyone I know who’s seen the show). Shows like Nip/Tuck have great character development and I haven’t missed an episode since it started.
    For whatever reason, this show doesn’t highlight Courtney Cox’s talents and more importantly, it’s not fun to watch. I’ve tried to give it the benefit of the doubt since it first aired, but I won’t be tuning in to Dirt anymore. About 20 friends tuned in but all have lost interest.
    If anything, Dirt gets worse and worse and seems terribly unprofessional in an unexpected way. People need to attach themselves emotionally in some way to some character, and it’s difficult to do with the charachers on Dirt because nobody is particularly likeable. In some ways, it reminds me of shows kids produce that they run on free Cable TV… Very rough… And what I’ve heard from people almost borders on pitying everyone involved in the show.
    The show is too annoying. It’s not fun. There’s no character to latch onto. Bringing Jennifer Aniston to the show is going to be an even bigger mistake and will probably end up damaging her repuation, no matter what role she plays

  30. By Cory Ziebarth
    On January 17, 2007 at

    I think she’s had plastic surgery. Something about her cheeks or mouth or eyes….i can’t place it.

  31. By Jennie
    On January 21, 2007 at

    Thank you for this observation; I simply cannot sit through or stay awake for this much-anticipated show. I have said before that if this show were done right, celebrities would be BEGGING to get cameos on a show like this.

  32. By its.a.secret
    On January 26, 2007 at

    some of u guys are mean.. hAHha but seriosuly u are
    Courteney rox shes so pretty


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