“Dancing With The Stars” is negotiating with disgraced politician Anthony Weiner to join the dancing celebrities next season. Yes, the same U.S. Representative who resigned after twittering nude photos of himself to numerous women, and lying about it. Unbelievable? Think it over. The show had great ratings when Bristol Palin danced, and Celebrity Apprentice ratings soared when former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich participated on that show. Politicial figures- especially those involved in scandals, pull in lots of viewers.


Posted by Janet on July 27, 2011

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  1. By Bluejay
    On July 27, 2011 at

    Which body part will he be shaking?

  2. By yoyo
    On July 27, 2011 at

    Nobody cares to see Anthony’s wiener.

  3. By Muffin
    On July 27, 2011 at

    Good luck with that Weiner Boy!!

    Wiener is just another skid mark on the American political system. He is so DONE, he might as well move to Idaho and become a potato rancher because nobody gives a shit about him.

  4. By Hilary
    On July 27, 2011 at

    I remember that Heather Mills went on to help her damaged reputation — at the time, she was going through an ugly divorce on DWTS.

  5. By Denise
    On July 27, 2011 at

    Imagine the costume opportunities. Cod pieces making a comeback!

  6. By the captain
    On July 27, 2011 at

    it’s not the question IF he will die.
    it’s more of the question: WHEN HE WILL BE LEAVING US, folks!!

  7. By Really upset
    On July 27, 2011 at

    I would like to ask a question….. is it appropriate for a married man to get gifts from a female coworker? A female co-worker he considers a “friend” went on a trip recently and brought him back a gift. That seems odd to me. I don’t think to buy gifts for male coworkers when I am away with my significant other. What’s really troubling is that he didn’t tell me about it and hid it in the trunk of his car. What do you think?

  8. By HollywoodWhoreClub
    On July 28, 2011 at

    Wiener will fit right in with the philandering whores in hollywood. I wonder if he’ll wear tight fitting pants to show off his junk if he does decide to dance.

  9. By Bluejay
    On July 28, 2011 at

    Really upset: It depends on the gift. If it’s a tie he’s hiding it’s because he hates it. If, however, she went to Asia and came back with a statue of a couple copulating, then that’s a problem. I have a friend who always bought gifts for everyone, male and female, when she traveled. We need more info to advise you. For now, remain calm.

  10. By Indy
    On July 28, 2011 at

    I hope Anthony goes for it. On Monday nights, just gather a bunch of friends and have a buffet of hot dogs, kielbasa, wienerschnitzel. Use lotsa condiments: mustard, pickle, onion, relish, cheese, slaw…..lotsa fun.

  11. By Casonia Sade Logenberry
    On July 28, 2011 at

    I think it is a good idea to have him on the show and matter of fact…There are so many men doing what he has already done a million times over and it seems like no one gives a Dam but this man is treated like a freak for wanting to show the world what he has? Know he has to be made to feel ashamed and every one is making jokes and I really think that it brings him down to so many crazy, weird and strange mens level and I think he should let the world see him even more.. But it is up to him and life is what he makes it and…He has to do what feels right to him…

  12. By Reta
    On July 28, 2011 at

    I’ve HAD IT with this show! Dancing with the “stars” is a big joke because NONE of them are STARS! They are dipping lower and lower each time. Has beens and never weres. Polititians are NOT stars anyway you look at it. The word “star” has been diluted and lessened to such a degree, mainly due to this show, that it’s just rediculous. I think I’m OVER IT and don’t give a shit at all who gets the damn mirror ball.
    By the way, last time I had to record it so I could fast forward thru Kirstie Alley who makes me want to puke. Fat hog had no business on that show to begin with. And she’s crazy to boot!

  13. By Denise
    On July 28, 2011 at

    Reta, I just read that they signed Rob Kardashian to the show. As far as I can tell, he’s just a leech on the butt of his family. More reason for you to tune out.

  14. By Really Upset
    On July 29, 2011 at

    Thanks Bluejay. My idiot hubby has cheated on me before so I am nervous. Maybe I am paranoid, maybe not. She went to India and brought him back some elephant statue and a bunch of incense. For a while now he has been texting/calling her even after work hours and he deletes the log so I can’t see what’s said. He says he doesn’t want me “spying” on him. Now this gift hidden in the trunk. 2 days before I found it she texted him on his day off to announce she was back from her trip. It’s odd, couldn’t she just talk to him the next day? They work together. What I find really galling is that when I was working I couldn’t have the most innocent chat with a male co-worker without him going bezerk and accusing me of having an affair. He used to tell me that I was “stupid” for talking to male coworkers because he claimed, that any man who dared to talk to me was only after “one thing”. Suddenly he has this “friendship” with this other woman and acts like I’m being ridiculous for questioning it. He says I’m being an “asshole” for questioning his behavior. My gut instinct is screaming, what say you ladies???

  15. By Bluejay
    On July 29, 2011 at

    Really upset: Those were pretty cheesy gifts. He’s either cheating, or getting ready to do so.
    Accusing you of infidelity is a projection of what he’s doing.

  16. By Hello
    On July 29, 2011 at

    What I don’t understand is, why is everyone is in his pants? If he was looking at females on websites or even “cheating”, he could have an understanding with his wife. If his skelator looking wife is v-rubbing and carpet munching on ugly ass Hilary Clinton bush to get to top why does anyone care how he gets off?!?!

  17. By Reta
    On July 29, 2011 at

    Really Upset: your husband is a control freak, wife abuser. get the hell OUT before he turns violent! Let the other chick HAVE the asshole! Do you really NEED this kind of treatment? Are there kids involved? If so they don’t need to be brought up in this type of poisonus environment. The LEAST of your worries is whether he is screwing someone else…he is fucked up crazy and is making you that way also…RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can and don’t look back, cut him off, don’t keep talking to him, letting him back in, yo-yoing with you because it will go on forever and you will be ready for the rubber room by the time he finises with you. He is a classictype of control, paranoia, and thrives and making you feel like YOU are the crazy one. If you don’t get far away from him, you WILL be the crazy one. get a restraining order as well. I know what I’m talking about, and I’m not playing.
    There are safe places you can go if you need to, women’s shelters that will protect you and not let him know where you are. You need to feel safe and not have someone fucking with your head!

  18. By Reta
    On July 29, 2011 at

    Denise: you are 100% correct! That dude doesn’t even work! Fat too. Not good looking. I don’t know why he would even enter their minds. I absolutely will NOT watch this show again. These are NOT “Stars”. False advertising, no?

  19. By Seriously?
    On July 30, 2011 at

    @Really Upset: You know the truth in your heart. He is cheating. Worse than that, he is demeaning you. Do what you must to protect yourself.

  20. By Denise
    On July 30, 2011 at

    @Really upset, good advice given above. But before you leave, why don’t take that elephant statue she gave him and shove it up his (insert orifice of choice here).

  21. By Thea
    On July 30, 2011 at

    I would call the biotch and tell her you do not appreciate her calls to your husband or her gift giving and to back off. I would tell your husband to start looking for a new job…

  22. By Leo
    On July 30, 2011 at

    @really upset:

    By all indications, this female co-worker wants more than a “professional” relationship with your husband. To go away on a trip and return with a gift just for him, and Not a thought of her other coworkers is showing you a hint that she is interested in more than being a coworker. Since your doubts appear to be real in regards to the agenda of “this female coworker” trust your instincts and know that in your heart of hearts a “person” knows when their relationship is being challenged by outside influences. Even though you have asked your “friendly pen pals” what we think, what is more important is what you already know. The old adage is when the stock in your love market goes down, you don’t Need Mary Jones, Dow Jones or Indiana Jones to let you know that “the love you save may be your own”. If your husband still have the gift that he “hid in the trunk” have him to gift wrap it up and return it to his coworker and tell her that as a “happily married man” who loves his wife he is Not allowed to accept gifts from female coworkers. Take charge Now of your love life before someone else start enjoying the love of your life. PEACE!!

  23. By Really Upset
    On August 1, 2011 at

    Thanks for all the support guys. I am sure that this slut is after him even if he hasn’t done anything YET. I had male co-workers I was friendly with when I was working and it would never occur to me to buy them a gift unless it was their birthday or something and even then I probably wouldn’t if they were married. I would feel weird and predatory giving a gift to a married man. The fact that he is hiding this gift in his car really disturbs me.

  24. […] Full story… […]

  25. By Really Upset
    On August 7, 2011 at

    I confronted him about his behavior and sex sites I found on his phone and his reaction was RAGE. He attacked me both verbally and physically. I have bruises all over me from his attack. In the event that I end up dead I want all of you to know who did it. He is psychotic.

  26. By Strom
    On August 7, 2011 at

    The story behind this is did Hillary Clinton have a long going affair with Weiner’s Pakistani wife that was hushed up and this is why she has said little about his antics with other women?

    As Bill said “Hillary has eaten more Pussy than even I have.”

  27. By Strom
    On August 9, 2011 at

    This has been hushed up and the media is playing along.

  28. By Casonia Sade Logenberry... When People get Drunk on Hells kitchen! It is the same as putting your job on the line and it would had been better if that tired looking person going to Bed and getting some sleep and returning back to the Kick ass that started
    On August 9, 2011 at

    Some men are just Freaks and Weird when there is no one around watching them and millions of men…Show there stuff to the world and feel proud about it and yes he likes to show his whole body..He feels good about his body and yes there is some shame when your caught in the act of being a nasty and freaky. But he would had went on doing it if he was not caught and I Think it would be a good way of making money for his family and show him in a new light. So many men out there think they have it going on and some do and some don’t and some won’t? But it made him happy and it turned him on and know he can’t do it any more. How frustrating and know he has to hide.

  29. By Strom
    On August 9, 2011 at

    Nope that is not all there is…what is hushed is that wifey was the long standing target of her boss’s (Hillary) munching. Weiner knew this but was not about to bring it up so long as the Pakistani wife stood by him!

    This could actually be the blockbuster story of 2011. Headlines: Muslim Regularly Munched on by Sec of State!

  30. By Strom
    On August 9, 2011 at


    Muslim Assistant Given Regular Tongue Lashings by Sec of State!

  31. By Strom
    On November 5, 2011 at

    The Paki has become huge. Hillary C. must be distraught that she hasnt been able to get between Huma’s legs lately but that will change soon after the birth:



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