We have yet to see a photo of Anna Nicole Smith’s little girl Dannielynn Birkhead in which she seemed like an average little girl. The five year old appearss to become more spectacular to look at every year. Above, she’s at the Kentucky Derby with dad. It’s apparent that Anna Nicole selected the right guy to father her child – if you recall, Anna’s lawyer Howard K Stern and Prince Frederic von Anhalt both claimed paternity. Larry Birkhead has assumed the role of single father quite comfortably.
Photo via: The WOW Report


Posted by Janet on May 7, 2012

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  1. By phyllis weiss
    On May 7, 2012 at

    Gorgeous child…

  2. By sad story
    On May 7, 2012 at

    yes, anna nicole chose homosexual W.A.S.P to be the father, and then she discarded him like a cleenex. birkhead never had a relationship with a woman before or after anna nicole. anna told her friends he was just a “donor” who wanted hollywood fame and money. when she refused to give him money he blackmailed her with dirty pictures and alcohol/drug addiction. the rest of the story is well known. money was the root of the problem in anna’s tragic saga. anna’s kid will not be happy when she finds out about her mother’s life.

  3. By forrest gump
    On May 7, 2012 at

    ………just pray he will be a HETERO SEXUAL, folks!!
    this will be a crucial part in raising!!

  4. By Kitty
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Such a pretty child. I hope she has a better, happier life and is well adjusted.

  5. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Anna Nicole was special and lovely and she went throw so much and….As far as the father goes it was meant to be? Yes other people claimed this Beautiful little girl 5 years ago and it was only because they loved the mother and was willing to take the responsibity as father.

  6. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr
    On May 8, 2012 at

    This child is a blessing and very positive person on this earth…Left here after her brother and mother passed away and for all the fans that loved her mother…The Blessing is her daughter on this earth to make the world right.

  7. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Her father is thoughtful and kind and warm and was ready to step up to the plate from day one and inside his heart and mind felt this child was his from the start…He is a very strong man to fight for his rights as a father! He is doing a great job and being very wonderful toward his daughter who reminds him of the love of his life.

  8. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Every was fighting and claiming they where the father but the proof is in the pudding and D.N.A. Wins out every time…And this father felt it in his Heart and in his Soul that child looked like him and act like him…I am happy that he is happy!

  9. By Dawn
    On May 8, 2012 at

    She sure is a pretty little thing. I was glad that he won that awful custody suit and still don’t like that Howard dude and I hope he is forced to stay as far away as possible from this little girl. I still think it weird that Daniel died like that. I don’t know if the truth will ever be completely known.

  10. By mistechal
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Aww, little heartbreaker….

  11. By mistechal
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Forrest Gump,
    Terrible comment.
    Eat a bug, you nasty person!

  12. By Christine India
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Does anyone know what Larry Birkhead does for a living? Wiki did not reveal anything about a job. Dannielynn is so beautiful, she may be in movies soon, but I hope he will wait awhile, and of course never please put her in Toddlers and Tiaras. Also, there have been rumors he is gay?

  13. By Muffie
    On May 8, 2012 at

    Aww, what a pretty princess!

    Indy, I thought the same thing a jout her becoming a movie star. Maybe she can succeed at what her mother failed at? Anna would be so proud of her little Lady. Isn’t Birkhead a piotographer?

  14. By mish mash
    On May 8, 2012 at

    What a beautiful child. Larry seems to be doing a decent job of raising of her. How does he support them as I thought there wasn’t any money from the old guy’s estate.

  15. By child exploitation
    On May 9, 2012 at

    Larry Birkhead was a paparazzo who has no job since April 2007. He exploits motherless child in tabloids. Dannielynn is his only source of income. Dannielynn’s pictures are all over tabloids; People, OK, ET, etc. He said under oath he raked in more than $2M from tabloids ($1,7M from OK).

  16. By Denise
    On May 9, 2012 at

    She is a pretty little girl, but her daddy is an opportunistic d-bag who makes his living exploiting her.

  17. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr.
    On May 9, 2012 at

    I Think that the father of Dannielynn realy loved Anna deeply and knew from the start that was his daughter and wants to spend his life raiseing his child….It was meant to be but lets face the facts the world is going to want to see this little girl grow up and will always wonder what she is doing and what she looks like…When you date and have children with a star in there own right everyone is always going to want to know what your doing and it seems like he is doing the right thing…Taking care of his daughters needs and putting money away for collage and other things she may need in the future…To fight for some one you love is great.

  18. By alex
    On May 9, 2012 at

    Anna didn’t want a father for her child. She wanted to raise her daughter on her own. It’s pretty shallow but Anna only wanted Larry as the father for his blond hair and blue eyes

  19. By Sharla
    On May 9, 2012 at

    This little girl is so beautiful and is a little angel. The same person is posting this same nasty comment about her father on every story on every site. To me that is someone with a grudge and not a realistic opinion. Nobody knows what happened between this girls mother and father. How easy is it to post that a dead person told someone, etc.,etc.,

    Bottom line, a beautiful girl being raised quite properly. A picture of perfect Health and beauty.

  20. By greed and debauchery
    On May 10, 2012 at

    People who were close to Anna knew about Birkhead’s gay lovers and ambition to become famous. That’s why he had a nose job and other operations. He wanted to become a movie star, but failed and became a paparazzo in order to be close to celebrities. Birkhead said Daniel experimented with drugs, stole mother’s methadone, but didn’t do anything to stop that. Why$$$$$

  21. By Intheknow
    On May 10, 2012 at

    Larry is a man who loved Anna. He is raising his daughter out of the limelight and protecting her as Anna wouldve wanted him to do. BTW Larry was a licensed contractor before becoming a paparazzi. Being a paparazzi pays a whole lot more…He built the house he and Dannielynn are living in now himself w/ help. Be careful what you say about others and their situations. Life will make you take inventory of your own situations eventually. Treat others how you would want to be treated. WTG Larry! Your doing a great job. Anna WOULD be proud!

  22. By sandy
    On May 12, 2012 at

    I remember when Larry Birkhead pimped out Anna to a rich old guy Ben Thompson. His sister Angela worked for Thompson. How much did they get for that transaction? Ah, they were all pimps and prostitutes; very sick group of people.

  23. By jailed in Seattle C.S.L.
    On August 31, 2012 at

    I am sure there is massive love for Anna and this is his gift left on this earth from the love of his life and that is alittle piece of heaven and that is her blood line and throw love of a father longing to be around his little girl and be there for her throw thick and thin and it looks like they are having an incredible day and feeling on top of the world and my prayers go out to his family and love ones and bless both of you!


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