Sometimes we forget how striking and handsome – and consistently well dressed – David Beckham is. He is not the ordinary soccer player. David showed up looking like this at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show and was given the Lifetime Achievement Award. His wife Victoria and their three sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 4, were in the audience when David made an emotional speech. He praised his wife, saying “Not only has she given me three amazing boys, but support and inspiration every day.” He thanked her, and Victoria struggled to hold back the tears. Sweet.


Posted by Janet on December 20, 2010

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  1. By Monah Garrett
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Have you heard the sound of his voice?

    Yep. You’d be crying, too.

  2. By SebastianCanada
    On December 20, 2010 at

    If you had to listen to Beckham speak for more than ten second, you’d be in tears as well. Mickey Mouse… on helium… impersonating Dick Van Dyke’s chimney sweep from Marry Poppins.

  3. By Monah Garrett
    On December 20, 2010 at

    More like MINNIE Mouse.

    Before her balls dropped.

  4. By Monah Garrett
    On December 20, 2010 at

    And by the way, regarding Victoria:

    Is her background Cro Magnon or Neanderthal? Anyone?

  5. By SebastianCanada
    On December 20, 2010 at

    HaHaHa! Monah, I vote for Neanderthal.

    What did anyone see in the Spice Girls? They were all talentless stage-school fuglies.

  6. By Patrick
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Neanderthals. Interesting to note the evidence now points to them being assimilated by homo sapiens as opposed to extinction. They are also all over the red headed gene. So, not Posh. Does explain why red heads can be such an animilastic fuck, though.
    Google “neanderthal/animalistic:redheadedchicks.com if you’re “wondering,” Sebsation.

  7. By SebastianCanada
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Uhm…no thanks Patrick.

  8. By Irony
    On December 20, 2010 at

    I hear ya, Patrick. And concur.

    RED SNAPPER will leave you grinning and exhausted.

  9. By Indy
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Another case of a well-known personality cheating, and cheating while they were engaged. He even admitted it, and after forgiving him, she looked the other way. The question is–will she ever really trust him again; groupies are always always around. Oh never mind tho, now she lives in uber-luxury, and keep in mind, no matter what kind of hideous clothes she designs, the hoity-toity rich will ooo and ahhh over it. Such a shallow life.

  10. By cal
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Give it a little bit more time (couple of years) and Vicky would have completely f**ked up her face with no going back.

  11. By Patrick
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Oh. Sorry Sebastion.
    Don’t want to offend anyones sensibilities.
    Then,try neanderthal/animalistic:redheadeddudes,com.
    Should be more appropriate.

  12. By Bettye Bluejay
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Beckham’s well dressed? It’s okay for the evening, but even then it still has the look of clown suit all over it. Did Victoria select that for him?

  13. By Muffin top!!
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Victoria is crying because she has recently found out that the rumors are true. David did cheat on her AGAIN!! This is why she has been gone overseas the last little while and DB has been Mr Mom at home.

    DB claimed he was going to sue the “Tabloids” for spreading lies, but nothing has been metioned lately about it.

  14. By Lenny
    On December 20, 2010 at

    She’s crying because of the food they serve in Britain. His balls dropped, but bounced backup. By the way, is that blond chick and I’m using that word very loosely, Rod Stewart’s mom?

  15. By SebastianCanada
    On December 20, 2010 at

    Patrick LOL!!!

    Notice folks that he has all of this at his finger tips.

  16. By Jerry D
    On December 20, 2010 at

    I will assume all of you who took the time to either diss Beckham’s voice or his wife’s looks are ravishing-looking, have perfect manners, and an incredible sense of fashion. Of course, tonight is your one night off from a whirlwind of holiday parties, giving you time to put down two people who are paid millions BECAUSE they have the looks that sell products.

  17. By wim
    On December 20, 2010 at

    she too was very ashamed to fool americans.

  18. By Denise
    On December 21, 2010 at

    I don’t care what his voice sounds like. He is one gorgeous man. And however you feel about either of them, they do have 3 beautiful sons.

  19. By cal
    On December 21, 2010 at

    Jerry D – oh hell no on the wife’s ‘ravishing-looking’, she is well into the process of making her face look plastic, almost to the point of no return… are you so blind/part of the hollyweird crowd that you think this is normal/unnoticable!?

    I didn’t intend my comment as a put down, merely an observation. If I had wanted to put Vicky down, I would have said what a weak pathetic person she is for putting up with past and on-going husbands discretions and getting upset and being in denial about it.

    And for the record, no tonight is not a night off from having had a ‘holiday party’ and now sitting here with hair and make up still looking good whilst wearing designer bed wear.

    Oh and as for David, he is hot and I have heard him talk, he is one smart guy.

    Good night everybody xx

  20. By Elin
    On December 21, 2010 at

    I like her and she really is beautiful. Beautiful family.

  21. By The Dudette
    On December 21, 2010 at

    The little mouse roars IMHO!!

  22. By Indy
    On December 21, 2010 at

    Indeed Becks is a smart dude. He racks up about $5000 per hour or more even while on the injured list…good insurance coverage.

  23. By SebastianCanada
    On December 21, 2010 at

    King and Queen of the Chavs. Even Britain — with its demented celebutard culture — is sick of them, and now Americans gush over them.

    He is gorgeous! She is gorgeous! They are style icons! Sooo talented! Soooo intelligent! Sure. Whatever.

  24. By Naomi
    On December 22, 2010 at

    I read on another site that they are both (allegedly) GAY. Makes sense, they hang out with Cruise/Holmes.

  25. By Casonia logenberry
    On June 29, 2011 at

    That is a good man who really love his family and has a very strong woman on his side..Who has created a warm and loving family to come home to and has three wonderful sons calling him father and giving him a family and creating a life and having such a Beautiful woman and family to love and watch grow and create a family for there future and that is wonderful and sweet and it makes me want to cry as well.


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