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Posted by Janet on October 31, 2010

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  1. By strom
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Janet must be mucho cheapo on paying her webmasters because the site has constantly had these problems!

  2. By Reta
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Janet, are you FINALLY installing a complaint button for these racist assholes?

  3. By strom
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Reta will be quick to hit the button when anyone has an opinion she doesnt agree with. Janet C. seems to have a lot more problems in just trying to keep this site up and becoming ad dominant.

  4. By Reta
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Not at all strom. But people like you who cannot make a comment with bringing race into the situation are boring, inflaming,and offensive to any person with an ounce of decency. We’ve fought long enough for equality and don’t need morons like you trying to take us back a couple hundred years. Grow the hell up asshole!

  5. By Indy
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Janet, the word..asshole..has appeared twice above. Is this allowed?

  6. By Denise
    On November 1, 2010 at

    If anyone here ever posts on the E! online site, you’ll note that they have a filter that automatically removes profanity although sometimes it also removes perfectly innocent words. It’s that sensitive.

  7. By Indy
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Denise: I try not to use profanity, but sometimes I am dissed by Janet’s other comments, by just giving my opinion.

    See my comment under the Mel Gibson subject. I’m waiting to see what name I will be called. (probably Bible Thumper). There’s an old saying: If you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything, mainly satan’s lies.

  8. By Indy
    On November 1, 2010 at

    ^^^^^meant to say..Janet’s other commentERS.

  9. By Reta
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Indy, you really need help buddy. That’s some mighty paranoia you’ve got going on there…scary!

  10. By Reta
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Indy, let me get this straight: you object to the perfectly descriptive word “asshole” when referring to RACISTS, but take no offence whatsoever with racists THEMSELVES?!

    Kindly let me introduce you to strom and Captain America…formerly known by his given name Gerard Vandenburg: Right now you can find them lurking in the bushes, hoods on… nooses in hand… Disguss…

  11. By SebastianCanada
    On November 1, 2010 at

    Indy, Bible Thumper is not a slur, but rather a very descriptive phrase. As far as I know, I am the only one in recent memory who used that term, and I used it is quotes, when we were discussing the over-use of a term (however inoffensive) as a way of mentally abusing someone. Anyway…

    I find you quite an enigma, and often interesting and amusing, but if you take offense at being called a Bible Thumper – and compare it to a racial slur – but think the rest of us have to accept your constantly saying other legitimate and formal faiths are Satanic, and anyone who does not hold your exact beliefs is going to hell, then you really need to re-examine your faith, and possibly your sanity.

  12. By strom
    On November 2, 2010 at

    Reta seems off the meds again. No racial comments by me for certain…also no enabling, unlike others.

  13. By Indy
    On November 2, 2010 at

    First of all, I am not a racist. Racism has to do with dislike of Afro-Americans, Chinese, Mexican, etc. I AIN’T that. Regarding religion, I’ve got a right to say what I believe and Reta has a right to her atheistic belief. I must admit I do think Scientologists are doomed (mucho evidence****) but I know I am not THE Judge. ****(some of the evidence being tiny Tom’s rantings, Travolta a known gay, fat Kirstie, and the giving of their Million$ to SCI.) I don’t mind being called a B.T. I think you all would miss me if I quit, NO?

  14. By Indy
    On November 2, 2010 at

    Reta, calm down…I have at times used the word a**hole. This was just a joke asking Janet this, sheeeesh.

  15. By Indy
    On November 2, 2010 at

    One mo time (sorry)….Poisonally I like to read ALL the comments, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope Janet leaves them all on. jmho

  16. By reader lurker
    On November 2, 2010 at

    ==But people like you who cannot make a comment with bringing race into the situation are boring, inflaming,and offensive to any person with an ounce of decency.==

    doesn’t this include Sebastin Canada who loves to bring up race in almost every post? i, along with others, find you boring and offensive!

  17. By Reta
    On November 2, 2010 at

    Sebastian is NOT racist and I have NEVER read a comment by him of any racist type remark. I think you are confusing him with someone else, or maybe he was quoting someone who DID make a remark like that. He is probably the most sane and reasonable person on here and makes a great deal of sense. I would CERTAINLY have picked up on it if he had said anything of an offensive nature racially as I really find that to be one of the most disgusting prejudices, follwed extremely closely by homophobia.

  18. By Reta
    On November 2, 2010 at

    PS: I do use the term quite liberally “Bible Thumper”. It seems the best descriptive term for the overzealously religious know it all who is convinced that THEIR “religion” is the one true and right belief and only “GOD”, and all others have a speedpass to hell. It’s what good wars are made of, no? Indy has been spewing his indignation of others’ beliefs for ages, always adding that little footnote of warning about the depths to which the others will fall if not on the path HE adheres to…right Indy? You have all the religious answers and know YOUR way is THE way…right? Problem is, YOU are a human being, following the writings of OTHER human beings and they wrote those things without knowing a damn thing about the “afterlife”. Had THEY died and come back and wrote about it? No. But yet you swallow it lock stock and barrel. Go ahead and be a lemming, follow the others off the cliff, mindlessly wasting your precious time here on the ONLY thing we know for sure we have. What a colossal waste of time your doom and gloom theory is. Why would you even WANT to envision an afterlife that is created in fear?

  19. By Reta
    On November 2, 2010 at

    strom: surely you jest?! Are you truly convinced you are not a riproaring RACIST or are you playing with us? You must have stumbled and knocked the side of your head off if you really believe you’re no racist…get out your Webster’s Dictionary and look up the word “Dilusional”..your picture will be there…most likely smiling and holding up a noose!

  20. By Indy
    On November 2, 2010 at

    RETA…..DAHLING, I want to make ONE thing clear to you, and ONE THING ONLY…..

    Where you said…”Indy has been spewing his indignation…..”

    Here is the ONE thing: My belly button is NOT an OUTY….GET IT?….NOT an OUTY.

    (Bet you thought I was gonna talk about the forbidden subject of religion)…..ROTFLMAO

  21. By Reta
    On November 3, 2010 at

    Indy, don’t give a shit about your buttons or any other sections of your dubious anatomy…now put down the strap on and back away slowly…

  22. By Reta
    On November 3, 2010 at

    BTW Indy, while you’re still in the room, WTF would it MATTER if Travolta was gay or not? What’s THAT got to do with ANYTHING? Is he screwing YOU? Then mind your own business and get out of the dude’s bed…what he does or doesn’t do is NOT your business and NOT up to you to decide if his “religion” will get him to heaven or not or if being gay will get him there or not. None of YOUR business. Keep your religious nose and buttons on your OWN side of the fence sir.

  23. By Indy
    On November 3, 2010 at

    RETA, All I was trying to tell you was… referred to me as a “he and a sir”. I was just trying to tell you in a hopefully jovial way that I am not a he/sir. The belly button was about NOT BEING AN OUTY. duh

    BTW, my childhood was also unspeakably hellish. So, I guess we have two things and two things only in common….we are both female and (2) the childhood misery.

    As to the Travolta being gay….no I personally do not care that he is, however he is and it is hurting Kelly. So take your beef to many mags/gossip sites that have the proof.

  24. By Reta
    On November 4, 2010 at

    Indy, young lady, No Mag-rag has “proof” that Travolta is gay. Unless they have a moving video of him humping his ass off with a dude, or an eye-witness who has passed a polygraph, there is…HEAR THIS: NO PROOF!

    It’s all speculation and deduction and gossip (that’s not PROOF). There WAS a picture of him kissing a man on the stairs to a plane (both closed-lipped) and I have no idea what that was, but a sexual connection between those two men is NOT, I repeat, NOT the only possible explanation for the kiss. Use your friggin head woman. How many people have YOU kissed on the lips that YOU weren’t screwing??? We live in such a rediculous society where a man cannot kiss another man without everybody going wild over it. There are a lot of societies where it is common practice for people to greet eachother that way, men included, so it’s NOT always a sexual thing. America is just so friggin still back in the Pilgrims uptight age in thinking it amazes me. I’m surprised we don’t get strung up for showing our ankles!

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