Wait a minute, the whole Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher divorce story just took a U-turn. TMZ reports that Demi was inhaling nitrous oxide with a friend before she had a seizure and was hospitalized. Nitrous Oxide! This is something bored young teenagers do after graduating from glue-sniffing. For a woman of Demi’s age and accomplishment, it’s mind boggling. What ELSE does she do? Obviously Demi is not the innocent victim of her husband’s infidelity that she appeared to be. Maybe she’s been abusing drugs for a long time and DROVE Ashton to seek companionship elsewhere. He’s probably happy this information surfaced because the press has branded him the villain who caused the split. There’s WAY more to this than meets the eye.


Posted by Janet on January 26, 2012

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  1. By Strom
    On January 26, 2012 at

    She has always had a strange look and no doubt Demi, Jen Anniston, and Sandra Bullock were never the innocents they were made to be. She had a neck and build like a man.

  2. By Kitty
    On January 26, 2012 at

    If she is partly to blame, that doesn’t excuse all the womanizing. Ashton is a huge a hole and I’ve never liked that girly man!

  3. By chris
    On January 26, 2012 at

    She acts like a dumb teenager .
    No excuse for a middle aged woman.
    How embarassing for them.

  4. By Anon1
    On January 26, 2012 at

    She has tortured herself for so long I hope she gives her body the rest that it needs, I wish her well

  5. By georgie
    On January 26, 2012 at

    There’s been a lot of talk about Demi and Ashton the past few years around the industry and its generally believed that they had an open marriage, only Ashton wasn’t as discreet as she was and Ashton apparently tired of the whole setup. Ashton is a typical spoiled egomaniac celeb, to be sure, but he is pleasant and friendly to crews and his fans, or just people on the street. I have known Demi since the 80s, we sort of ran in the same circles, and she is conceited, arrogant, and completely self obsessed with herself, especially her looks. If she had a shred of common sense, and not done things like smoking, drinking, drugs, starving herself, and constantly trying to stay in the spotlight, she would undoubtedly be in a much better place now. I don’t particularly like her but I wish her a speedy recovery. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons between Demi and Heather, btw, and its true there are similarities between whats happened to them in life lately, but Heather is a much nicer person, and I think she is broken up becuz she hasn’t been able to find a happy stable marriage. She has achieved a lot in her life, but not that.

  6. By Muffie
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Yes, I guess it is true, all is definately not what it seems. Demi is not only an OLD Cougar, she’s an OLD, HORNY Cougar!

    There are now stories about their swinging ways. The one that I feel sent Demi over the edge, was Brandy Glanville revealing to The Enquirer about her and Demi’s sex session. Glanville said that Demi was very sexually aggressive with her and that Brandy’s husband(Eddie Cibrian) was in the next room while they had sex. Who would have guessed? Not me. I thought those Kabbalist had morals, not so much I guess.

  7. By Walt Cliff
    On January 26, 2012 at

    I can’t help but wonder if she gets hammered and then makes prank phone calls too. lol

  8. By hello
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Good lord!! What a rich bitch, has to do all day?

  9. By Denise
    On January 26, 2012 at

    I actually heard on the radio this morning that she was huffing whipped cream. This woman doesn’t look like she’s been near a can of whipped cream in years.

  10. By Patrick
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Nitrous Oxide…that’s hilarious…I can’t…I can’t stop laughing, oh…oh…too funny!
    Now I’ve got a headache.

  11. By Palermo
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Going clubbing with her daughters and grinding on young guys, there is something mentally ill with this woman. How embarassing for her girls. I thank God every day for my sensible Mother.

  12. By Indy
    On January 26, 2012 at

    With all her vast fortune, she is a sick and miserable woman. To spend all those millions on re-doing her entire bod, yet she didn’t bother with her thin lips, especialy the top one.

    She needs to talk to someone who cares and can get her to spill everything and then she should be carefully watched over for a long time. No dating of men or women while her mind is re-programmed.

  13. By Indy
    On January 26, 2012 at

    And she needs to get out of the horrible cult, Kabbalah. It can screw you up big time. Does Kabbalah remind you of another cult called Scientology?

    Sooner or later after the devil tricks you big time, the major problems start. But celebs are too dumb to realize the root of their trouble.

  14. By Indy
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Red Kabbalah string on her left wrist = Kabbalah brain-washing and more money from her pocket into theirs.

  15. By Chicagoland
    On January 26, 2012 at

    LOL @ Walt: “I can’t help but wonder if she gets hammered and then makes prank phone calls too…”

    Yes—and reports suggest that DEMI may also be responsible for a rash of toilet-papering incidents in her neighborhood. 🙂

  16. By Colin
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Did anyone ever read Christopher Ciccone’s book on Madonna? Demi features in that and it’s clear she is a very eccentric and strange woman. He talks about her living on Red Bull and dried fruit. I’ve never looked at her the same way since.

  17. By Hillary's Duff
    On January 26, 2012 at

    The cure for this Woman is to eat a Double Double from In-N-Out.

  18. By anonTWO
    On January 26, 2012 at

    shit happens in any relationship but I am surprised her marriage to Kutcher lasted as long as it did.
    You know perfectly well women have a shorter shelf life in Hollywood. Kutcher may not be as an accomplished actor as his ex-wife but he is an exceptionally handsome young man who has women ( and men) throwing themselves at him.
    All I can say is Demi Moore has herself and 3 daughters to think of, I hope she can pull herself together.

  19. By Kitty
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Red Bull and dried fruit?! That’s disgusting.

  20. By Bluejay
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Huffing gas from whipped cream cans? Really? Doesn’t Demi have more money than that? JHC!

  21. By cal
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Nitrous Oxide….. Good times!!!

  22. By forrest gump
    On January 26, 2012 at

    how many times we must keep saying this: AMERICANS CAN’T DEAL WITH THE TRUTH!!

  23. By Chicagoland
    On January 26, 2012 at

    “Red Bull and dried fruit?!”

    And look at the photo: talk about an illustration for “You are what you eat…”

  24. By Mel Zipskin
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Nother cranky skinny dieting chick!

    Notice a pattern here?

    By the way I think this was a failed suicide attempt! Yes I sure do, and the wippets, etc. are a cover for the truth.

  25. By XYZ
    On January 27, 2012 at

    Indeed, both Demi&Ashton are Kabbalists, thats no secret at all.

    “How embarassing for her girls”

    I dont think so, dude. Ashton also banged either Tallulah or Scout. This is one fucked up family. Literally. Since their marriage was open why the hell did they marry in the first place.

  26. By Christine India
    On January 27, 2012 at

    XYZ: Was Rumer (the oldest) too fugly for him? 🙂

  27. By Willow
    On January 27, 2012 at

    So sad to see her in this situation; I guess this is what happens when the image that you have spent years cultivating finally crumbles. Demi worked hard to put herself out there as the ultimate cougar. Every interview that I heard or read about her always highligted how fit and young she looked, and how her amazing sex life with Ashton kept her young. Too bad that it didn’t come from within herself, too bad she hasn’t evolved yet at almost 50 years of age. I wish her well and hope that Bruce is looking afer and supporting their daughters.

  28. By Christine India
    On January 27, 2012 at

    Too bad that celebs like Demi and Ashton have very little common sense.

    For this is a faithful saying and true:

    Play now
    Pay later.

  29. By Natalie
    On January 27, 2012 at

    I always got the impression she was very full of herself.

  30. By bdg
    On January 27, 2012 at

    For shame Janet. Cheaters cheat. If you have a problem with a marriage, go to counseling, get a divorce, but cheating? People who cheat on their spouses are selfish and childish.

  31. By carrie
    On January 28, 2012 at

    she started to lose many weight at the begining of the last year so i guess she uses creative drugs since a good time .
    Her trouble is that she refuses to get old

  32. By Hello
    On January 28, 2012 at

    I love the debauchery. Getting high with her kid, open marriage, ohh all this money. Not coke but something dumb hill billy kids do. I love the fact that bruce is with his wife and not giving a fart about demi.

    Maybe she’s regressing to her hoe days in las vegas.

  33. By Patrick
    On January 28, 2012 at

    It’s always coke! Everything else purported is just smoke.
    It’s always COKE!
    Laughing gas does NOT put you on the floor convulsing. Big hits off a crack pipe sure can. She’s lucky she didn’t stroke.

  34. By Mel Zipskin
    On January 28, 2012 at

    @Patrick you are damn right. At first I thought she was trying to off herself but upon further review of leaking info it appears as though she was hitting the crack pipe. She needs to check into a loony bit…a 50 year old crackhead? But, old Ike Turner died at 76 a crackhead, Sly Stone is a crackhead…older but not wiser!


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