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And so it begins. We warned Karina Smirnoff awhile back to keep a close eye on her fiancee Maxsim Chmerkovskiy since he was paired up to dance with Denise Richards on Dancing With The Stars. Denise is not known for having a highly developed conscience when it comes to dealing with other women’s men. First they were seen innocently having coffee, now they’ve been spotted chatting after rehearsal at the 3rd Street Dance Studio and kissing goodbye before departing.


Posted by hoodlum on February 24, 2009

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  1. By Anonymous
    On February 24, 2009 at

    She’s no one I’d want to be friends with.
    I caught a couple episodes of her “reality show”, HOW DULL. She should move to the ‘burbs and spare us all.

  2. By kiss a frog
    On February 24, 2009 at

    If she catches him cheating with this slut skank, she will call out the Ukranian mafia and have his weenie and grapes cut out. She won’t be pleased with the idea of losing another hunk, the first of course being the AC/DC Mario Lopez.

  3. By Anonymous
    On February 24, 2009 at

    OMG – he kissed her bye on the cheek!!!! If you follow dwts, you will probably see him kiss her on the cheek again after she finishes her dance – not uncommon.
    Karina has nothing to worry about.

  4. By Stef
    On February 24, 2009 at

    She’s an amazing beauty. I’m glad she’s way over her time with that idiot Sheen. More power to her, Maks and DWTS.

  5. By choppy waters
    On February 24, 2009 at

    An innocent kiss, per Brangelina. In other words, it always has some sort of beginning. Start slow, with just a spark, progress fast, like a fire. Be sure, Karina will be watching very close.

  6. By Verly
    On February 24, 2009 at

    Gold Digger/Stinky Slut! Leave that, guy alone!

  7. By Anonymous
    On February 24, 2009 at

    Confucius wrote old Chinese saying: The more beautiful a female is the less morals she has.

  8. By kait
    On February 24, 2009 at

    The more beautiful a female is, the fewer morals HE has.”
    Takes two to tango.

  9. By Bu
    On February 24, 2009 at

    If Denise goes after Max her career or what’s left of it will be over!

  10. By Anonymous
    On February 24, 2009 at

    Max is never going to marry Karina…that’s just a publicity thing and he’s just a women grabber and a conceited jerk and takes what he gets and Denise is in line to give him everything!

  11. By Anonymous
    On February 24, 2009 at

    All the touching during rehearsals, the coffees afterward, the friendly kisses, the sexy dancing, it’s a sure thing they’ll end up together.

  12. By Anonymous
    On February 24, 2009 at

    Janet can you shed some light on Denise’s career as a prostitute for Heidi Fleiss?

  13. By chewonthis
    On February 25, 2009 at

    DWTS wants to keep their ratings: Therefore, they paired up Denise and Maxsim to generate interest in the (maybe) love triangle. It’s also a possibility they told D and M to pretend to be too friendly so gossip will start. Or, maybe he was just stringing Karina along from the start and never intended to marry her. Bottom line: They will do anything for ratings.

  14. By wickedorchid
    On February 25, 2009 at

    Karina can really pick them too. She and Jennifer Aniston should publish a book with their dating tips and name it “Do the opposite”.

  15. By I am smart
    On February 25, 2009 at

    Denise has a perfect excuse for acting like an alley-cat ho. When she lived with the ho-monger, Charlie Sheen, some of his demons jumped off him on to her. She really can’t be blamed for going after any man she sets her sights on – married, engaged or whatever, it makes no difference to her.

  16. By gerard Vandenberg
    On February 26, 2009 at

    LISTEN: a guy who is dancing for a living or just for the money is: A FAGGOT, folks!!

  17. By doomsday soon
    On February 26, 2009 at

    There really are a lot of faggots (mostly closet) that are dancers and/or on Broadway. Look at Mario Lopez….DWTS and Broadway, nuff said. He is having a lot of BROmances. Ladies, chances are none of you can get him to walk that long aisle.

  18. By Anonymous
    On February 26, 2009 at

    Denise may not have any shame about going after a man, but Maxsim is the real ho here. He’s engaged and is acting like this?? Run, Karina, RUN!!!!!!

  19. By Anonymous
    On February 27, 2009 at

    Janet, I KNOW you didn’t delete my comment!!! I KNOW it must be a mistake, right? The comments where I said Denise would probably be the FIRST to be voted off DWTS because America knows her to:
    1. Be one of Heidi Fleiss’ WHORES?
    2. Have married Sheen, one of Heidi’s more popular customers?
    3. Be a homewrecking, best-friend backstabbing skank?
    I mean, which of those things isn’t true Janet?
    People actually have to make phone calls to keep people in the competition, and given her reputation, how long does anyone realistically think she will last??


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