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Whenever we see Diana Ross lately she’s casually dressed in her favorite sweats. She’s a regular at the Bristol Farms market in Beverly Hills and today she was in a good mood. The only thing bigger than her smile is her hair. Diana will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys this year, maybe then she’ll haul out the sequins.


Posted by Janet on January 4, 2012

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  1. By Muffie!!
    On January 4, 2012 at

    Ms. Ross is looking more and more like Oprah Winfrey every time I see a picture of her!

    Back in the day, you would have NEVER seen her out in public dressed like this! Good to see she is “letting her down” a little!

  2. By Patrick
    On January 4, 2012 at

    I am developing a new reality show based on communication with the dead. If you are dead and reading this please respond.

    1. What is your name?
    2. How did you pass away?
    3. Why are you surfing Janet Charlton’s Hollywood?

  3. By Elvis Presley
    On January 4, 2012 at

    Hello Patrick, my name is Elvis Presley.

    I passed away from eating wy too many fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches while indulging in too many pharmaceutical concoctions and let’s not forget… All of the WILD SEX.

    I am surfing Janet Charlton’ s Hollywood gossip page because I just don’t have anything better to do with all of my free time. It’s sooo borrring on the other side. Virtual sex just ain’t cuttin it for me anymore.

    You seem like a rather clever fella, if you have any advice or words of encouragement please help.You can get back to me @ Elvisissoooohorny.otherside.cloud9

  4. By Patrick
    On January 4, 2012 at

    Dear Elvis. Thank you for responding so quickly.
    That chick who ran away to the nunnery. What a mess you made out of her, Sporto!
    Listen, can I have your stereo?

  5. By Reta
    On January 4, 2012 at

    That must be a grandson, her youngest boys are much older than that and full grown. The ones she had with that white business man Arne Naes or something like that. I know I’ve spelled his name wrong.
    But I’m glad she can be casual and comfortable but it’s also dissappointing in that she was such a glamorous diva in her gowns back in the day when she was hot and slim and making the occaisional movie. It’s hard to give up the idol illusion.

  6. By Reta
    On January 4, 2012 at

    Dear Mr. Patrick; this is Michael Jackson. I died sucking down lots of anesthesia while cuddled in my pajamas at home, but then, you know all about that, I’m sure.

    What am I doing HERE? Well, I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for my nose, which got bumped off in all the emergency hustle bustle, and thought I’d come here and see if maybe Janet had heard where it landed.


    Speak up if any of you have found where it rolled off to, it’s rather embarrassing here in the afterlife without what was left of it. I mean, the fire reflects right off the back of my sinuses and I just have this constant feeling of meeelllltttttiiinnnngggg!

  7. By Reta
    On January 4, 2012 at

    OOPS,BUSTED! Michael Jackson’s ghost got busted playing on my keyboard, but not to worry, I sent him back to where he belongs. And NO, I don’t know where his nose is and probably wouldn’t give it back to him if I did!

  8. By Patrick
    On January 4, 2012 at

    Hey Indy!
    I’ve got an autographed bible I’ve read three times and I still don’t understand it?
    I’ll offer it to you first.

  9. By Patrick
    On January 4, 2012 at

    That’s funny REta, I noticed your ghost on a Strom post a while back.
    Certain errors shine through….
    Care to splain that?!

  10. By Strom
    On January 5, 2012 at

    This is 2nd or third time a Diana Ross shopping thread has appeared and each time she looks older and larger.

    You wonder about her medical condition as Diana was known as the female entertainer who was bedded by and enjoyed far more cock than any other. Multiple abortions? Lingering std’s?

    She was also an extremely arrogant woman, it was reported. Looks like fate has repaid her.

  11. By Chicagoland
    On January 5, 2012 at

    She always looks somewhat disheveled these days—even when she’s dressed up. But she’s certainly had her time in the spotlight.

    Related: check out all the 60s YouTube footage of Dionne Warwick when she was battling it out with Diana and The Supremes for number one hits.

    Ross may have sucked up a lot of the press, but Dionne really had it all: the voice, the style and not to mention all those incomparable Bacharach/David songs…

    A House is Not a Home
    Walk On By
    Do You Know The Way To San Jose
    Anyone Who Had a Heart
    I Say A Little Prayer
    Promises, Promises

    Theme from Valley of the Dolls (written by Andre and Dory Previn).

  12. By Strom
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Dionne is nothing now and hasnt been for a long time…boring and arrogant, and living off the past. Her singing causes you to go to sleep or walk on off!

  13. By Chicagoland
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Bile for breakfast, too? Sad.

  14. By The Hammer
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Good to see Diana Ross with a smile on her face. The last time I saw her, she was getting arrested for DUI. Looks like she’s mellowed in her older age like the rest of us.

  15. By Abraham
    On January 5, 2012 at


    This is ABRAHAM!
    I passed away at the age of 600, looking for my BIBLE!
    So, you’re the skunk that has my autograph.
    It belongs to the Prophets.
    I’ve been cruising Janet Charleton’s Hollywood looking for clues.
    You have my permission to give it to Indy.

  16. By Christine India
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Really surprising to see MISS Ross out in a sweat/jogging suit. I hate those things in public. jmho

  17. By Nina
    On January 5, 2012 at

    She may do her own shopping, but still nobody is allowed to look at her and if they HAVE to communicate with her, they are to call her MISS Ross. Oh please, this bitch is no better than anybody else. More talented, most assuredly than a lot of us, but that’s no reason to treat other people like crap.

  18. By Diva
    On January 5, 2012 at

    @Nina I was just going to say the same thing. It’s about time Miss Ross had to do something for herself. Money must be getting tight.
    What a bitch.

  19. By Patrick
    On January 5, 2012 at

    REta For Your Careful Consideration.
    I am offering myself up for hire as a drunk girl wrangler for you and your friends.
    I am a tall, muscular Daniel Craig lookalike. My duties would include but are not limited to, drink orders, running to the store for cigs, bringing fix it kits for inflatables, breaking up girl fights, holding hair during puking, keeping dudes off the married chicks, telling the babes they look awesome in moo moo’s.
    I have C.P.R and a Psych degree.

  20. By Patrick
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Chick in the pic must look like a mudslide when she’s in the shower.

  21. By Denise
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Good grief. Due to laptop difficulties I’ve been gone for a couple of days, only to come back and find out . . . that all my favorite nuts are still here!

  22. By Walt Cliff
    On January 5, 2012 at

    You’ve been missed little Denise. 🙂 I’m worried about Patrick. He seems to be offering up his services as a “hair holder” for women pukers.

  23. By Strom
    On January 5, 2012 at

    It’s not about posters….it’s about Diana!

  24. By Patrick
    On January 5, 2012 at

    That’s right Strom.
    Your comments regarding her abortions, std’s, penis mileage, arrogant and boring, living off the past etc….
    On topic as usual.
    You get a star.

  25. By Evie
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Poor Strom is a anger person. (much like forrest g. and mel z) Maybe they are stuck in a jail some where and just angry at the whole world.

    You know they must not have any close family or friends because they don’t like interacting with other people. I feel sad for all of them and hope that they can find solice in other people and in God.

  26. By Evie
    On January 5, 2012 at

    I love listening to oldies like the Supremes, Jackie Ross and Dionne Warwick.

    Diana Ross looks great. Although, Mary and Florence were my favorites and the better singers.

  27. By Strom
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Thanks Evie for your thoughts but maybe a community center is the best social outlet.

  28. By Evie
    On January 5, 2012 at

    I agree Mr. Strom. I think you will find that it will do you a world of good. Best of luck.

  29. By Christine India
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Patrick: LOL in RE: autographed Bible.

    Patrick, you are a bad boy.
    But no, you are really a good boy.


    For when you are bad, you are good.
    And when you are good, you are bad.

    N’est-ce pas?

  30. By Patrick
    On January 5, 2012 at

    He was sending YOU to the community center Evie.
    Oh sure, I can see Strom playing cribbage in the community center now. Sitting across the table from Miss Gladys sporting her sideways blue wig and upper and lowers half out of her mouth, crossed eyes alas giving her much the impression of a Salvador Dali painting.
    “Kim Kardashian FUCKS GIANT BLACK MEN, fifteen for two,” says Strom. “Twenty two for nine,” says Miss Gladys meekly. “PARIS HILTON HAS HERPES, twenty nine for six,” rages Strom. “That’s a go,” Miss Gladys replies quietly.”Thirty one for two and MICHAEL JACKSON RAPED LITTLE BOYS,” Strom seethes.
    “THAT’S IT FUCKER,” Miss Gladys screams and flips the table aside, and nails Strom with a right cross between the eyes sending him onto his back, eyes rolling back in his head. Miss Gladys then does a high flying backflip over top of Strom and lands a perfect Russian split with her vagina inhaling his whole head. With the diminutive Strom struggling for air Miss Gladys reach back and with the deftness and strength of an enraged Chimp removes Strom’s penis and testicles in one quick grab, rip, tear.
    Screaming ayayayayayayay at the top her lungs Miss Gladys holds Strom’s package high offering the just rewarsd to Diana, Goddess of the hunt!
    Yeah, Strom at a community center. Pretty funny.

  31. By Evie
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Patrick I was well aware of Mr. Strom’s intent. Duh. Good grief.

  32. By Patrick
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Evie, sarcasm doesn’t play well over written word. I should have just read your mind. Good grief.

  33. By Mel Zipskin
    On January 5, 2012 at

    Miss Ross look perfectly fine for a woman over 60 .

  34. By Strom
    On January 6, 2012 at

    She is extremely hairy…..a fright in the night!

  35. By forrest gump
    On January 6, 2012 at


  36. By HwoodBabeNtheKnow
    On January 8, 2012 at

    there’s nothing tight about diana’s money. she was always conservative money wise.

  37. By Strom
    On January 8, 2012 at

    maybe tight with her money but very free with others……she is very hairy too!

  38. By Sir Justin Jonluke Jr
    On May 19, 2012 at

    Diana Ross can Rock anything she wear’s and still looks fantastic and sexy and…She is loved for so many reason..But she can pick out her own things and do it well..She is in great shape and looks incredible!

  39. By Sir Justin Jonluke Jr
    On May 19, 2012 at

    She is so Pretty..That you would have to Be Blind! Not to look at her.!


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