Drew Barrymore, currently filming “Going The Distance” in New York, is looking exceptionally pretty in this photo – getting back together with Justin Long seems to agree with her. They’ve been seen all over the city looking deliriously happy.


Posted by Janet on July 13, 2009

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  1. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    Seriously, what the fuck do you want?
    Spit it out. No Da Vinci code, just fucking say it.

    I’m not interested in false declarations of love and bullshit, so don’t even bother. If all you’ve got left is silly songs that don’t mean anything, don’t bother.

  2. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    Just get lost.
    Not interested anymore in whatever you’ve got.

    And like you, now I’ll tell the truth as it suits me. I don’t love you. Don’t think I ever did. No go away.

  3. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    That should have been NOW GO AWAY.

  4. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    Now you’re going to threaten me are you? That’s not surprising. If there was something crappy, I’d believe it of you.

  5. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    You ‘Haven’t Got Time For The Pain’?
    Oh thank god. You are going away finally.


  6. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    I’m doin’ this tonight,
    You’re probably gonna start a fight.
    I know this can’t be right.
    Hey baby come on,
    I loved you endlessly,
    When you weren’t there for me.
    So now it’s time to leave and make it alone
    I know that I can’t take no more
    It ain’t no lie
    I wanna see you out that door
    Baby, bye, bye, bye…

    Bye Bye
    Don’t wanna be a fool for you
    Just another player in your game for two
    You may hate me but it ain’t no lie,
    Baby, bye, bye, bye…
    Bye Bye
    Don’t really wanna make it tough,
    I just wanna tell you that I had enough.
    It might sound crazy,
    But it ain’t no lie,
    Baby, bye, bye, bye

    (Oh, Oh)
    Just hit me with the truth,
    Now, girl you’re more than welcome to.
    So give me one good reason,
    Baby come on
    I live for you and me,
    And now I really come to see,
    That life would be much better once you’re gone.

  7. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    You’re just a dick.

  8. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    You really are.

  9. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    You may have a man trailing after you, but unfortunately, you run into the same problem you did before honey. Too bad you didn’t have the sense to take my hand when I offered it.

  10. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    And I certainly don’t mean my hand in any other way, than for help.

  11. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    Screw you. I don’t want your help.
    Go get stuffed.

  12. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    It was MY help I was offering, but since you obviously don’t need or want it, you can fuck off now.

  13. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    You’re not sucking me back into your crazy circus.

  14. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    This last year when it comes to you and me never needed to happen. You could have stayed with the fuck and it would have kept everything a lot simpler. Wisewoman my ass.

    Too late now fuckface.

  15. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    ‘Give You One Reason’? Stay for what?
    I don’t have any…and quit lying. You revel when I’m lonely b/c you rub your hands together and go “look who’s alone now..it’s not me.” It gives you the opportunity to thumb your nose at me and go “I’m queen of the castle…You’re the dirty rascal.” You do what I want in the way I want and then you’ll get every good thing. You don’t and I’ll cast you down with the sodomite in a river of fire. Playing God like you do.

  16. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    Birmingham my arsehole. You’re so the abused imaginary wife. Who’s imaginary wife? Certainly not mine b/c we got an imaginary divorce. 🙂


  17. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at


    What, as in Ike Turner now? Ehh…Christ. Leave me alone and you won’t have to worry about it.

  18. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    Look…I get it…CHERISH…is how he feels and makes you feel.

    I don’t feel that way. Never will. I told you a way I might feel like that. The only way. That with you trying to control my every movement that it would never come. But you wouldn’t accept that, so you’re off with fuckface there and that’s fine. But the offer isn’t there anymore. The offer was genuine and a good one. I offered you my friendship which was a lot to me and the only way I knew how to love you in a positive way, but you threw it in my face and went off with him anyway.

    And then I realized the more I thought about it, that it wasn’t something I was willing to do anymore. Make a pretty big sacrifice for a woman who obviously wouldn’t appreciate. So now it’s gone.

  19. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    On that CHERISH stuff…
    How did you overlook the very obvious point that we’ve never spent any time together?

    I knew enough of you that I wanted to actually know you and thought for a hell of a long time that I was in love with you…but I never really knew you or spent any time. And I don’t necessarily mean time spent in bed, but affection was certainly missing, with all that love talk that brought with it so much responsibility.

    You were busy the entire time giving your affections elsewhere. Of course over time with all time we spent hurting each other and not loving or being affectionate with each other and on top of it that you were doing that with someone else…it just fades away.

    CHERISH is a feeling that comes from the time you spend.

  20. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    And he’s had plenty of it with you.

  21. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    But…all of that is now the past as far as I’m concerned, b/c really Drew…my career and my life are mine again.

    And what I want is not anywhere near showbiz. That’s an end on it.

    I don’t want to discuss. It’s just done and over with.

  22. By J
    On July 14, 2009 at

    I’ll be an artist. I can feel the creative juices coming back into me.

    I don’t need some cunts out in the world I don’t care about anyway to validate me with their praise or even money. I’ll do it so I can express myself and get out whatever wild things are inside me and maybe to get a few chicks(that bit was a joke). I’d proably end up with some broad who was completely overbearing and trying to tell me what to do all the live-long day at the same time as she was hopping into the sac with someone else. Wait…that can’t happen more than once in one lifetime, can it? 🙂

    Come on, you know you’ve found something better with him. I want to be happy for you. You just make it hard. Nothing needs to be this hard.

  23. By E
    On July 14, 2009 at


  24. By As If
    On July 14, 2009 at

    The little bitch…uh, I mean witch, has a chin almost as gruesome as Debbie Rowe’s….but not quite as bad.

  25. By Red Rooster
    On July 16, 2009 at

    It’s time for websites to remove their comments section — as the above daily rants prove.

  26. By The dudette
    On July 18, 2009 at

    ‘Red Rooster’? Is that you Lindsay? As in “You’re rooster’s showing”?

  27. By Mira
    On December 13, 2011 at

    That hits the target pecrftely. Thanks!

  28. By uvtakf
    On December 14, 2011 at

    NgsDGj fjqlftciityj


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