We’ve pretty much got the main characters in the Dominique Strauss – Kahn accused rape case figured out – he’s a sleazy philanderer, but maybe not a rapist, and the maid doing the accusing isn’t above turning a few tricks. (We heard he refused to pay her and while she was cleaning the next room she decided to press charges) The REAL mystery in the sordid tale is Kahn’s wife Anne Sinclair, who was once described as “the most famous, brilliant and beautiful “ TV star in France. The wealthy heiress put up her husband’s 6 million dollar bail and hired the most expensive lawyers she could find. She loves him. Those lawyers dug up the dirt on the maid that all but ended the case. Kahn’s freshly documented history of extramarital sex to the point of addiction doesn’t seem to bother his wife at all. Nor does the fact that Kahn had unprotected sex with that maid! French women like to think they are “more sophisticated and worldly” than American wives and they tolerate cheating in their smug politician husbands. In fact, they can be compared to women who wear burqas and say they don’t mind being forced to cover themselves with black cloth. Brainwashed.


Posted by Janet on July 7, 2011

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  1. By Walt Cliff
    On July 7, 2011 at

    Perhaps their relationship is based on money and social status and not love or sex. I suspect that she probably has extramarital sex as well.

  2. By yoyo
    On July 7, 2011 at

    With 6 million she can create her own Steve Austin. Janet, it’s not fair to paint people with the same brush as being brainwashed just cause they wear burqas, crucifixes or pentagrams, for all it matters. If a person is willing to put up with trolling, it’s their choice. Who cares what religion, if any, so long as people are not hurting anyone. At the end of the day, we all bleed red.

  3. By crtb
    On July 7, 2011 at

    He had unprotected sex with the maid because he raped her.

  4. By Shirley M.
    On July 7, 2011 at

    He should be in jail. I wonder if the maid was really a turning tricks or did they just say that to ruin her reputation?

  5. By Elizabeth T
    On July 7, 2011 at

    Janet – the maid was a victim of rape until proven otherwise. the allegations against her have nothing to do with the crime committed by DSK. Unfortunately in the US if you are raped you better hope you are a saint or the charge will never stand up in court. and at this point, Janet, i am ending our online relationship. you are deleted from my “favourites”

  6. By The American
    On July 7, 2011 at

    americans forgot the song “Stand By Your Man”?

  7. By cara
    On July 8, 2011 at

    I feel like his $$$ (or hers) can create any sort of defense. And how easy it is to slander the vic.

    She may of not be 100% clean herself, but even prostitutes can be raped. (besides, he’s not a prostitute too?? Or at the very least an opportunist if he’s with the wife for her $$$$)

  8. By Denise
    On July 8, 2011 at

    She’s probably now turning her attention and millions to digging up dirt on that French journalist Tristane Manon who claims he tried to jump her as well.

    I agree with Walt that she’s likely not faithful in the marriage either, but you know those French. C’est la vie!

  9. By Patrick
    On July 8, 2011 at

    If you refuse to pay a whore it’s rape? More like theft. Maybe he should be charged with shoplifting. Judging from this maids credentials and lineage he might want to have his pecker disinfected.
    Stupid, stupid, arrogant, head up their ass French surrender specialists.

  10. By Indy
    On July 8, 2011 at

    This cheating thing is common of course throughout Europe. Wait until Prince William takes a mistress after he gets tired of the bony skeletal Kate. He’s already had 8 or 9 years of it (living together) and she has been warned that the Royals have this kind of perks; it just comes with the job. Methinks if she catches him, it won’t be pretty. Course he might stay on the straight and narrow….one never knows.

  11. By dee cee
    On July 8, 2011 at

    She has the Democratic or Kennedy beat down, suppressed but thinking they are liberatl women syndrome, until he does something that makes her absolutely cringe with shame, loses a fortune and takes some of hers.. which means she shares his mistakes, misfortune.. taking some blame.. he can kill or maim anyone with her entire blessings. Where Arnold went wrong.. he remained a Republican, but RINO, that is Republician In Name Only.. so almost a democrat, not conservative.. unable to live with the cold fish wife.. and Maria knew he’d never hold another high office.. for shame!

  12. By Casonia logenberry
    On July 8, 2011 at

    She is standing by her husband? Because she loves him and they do have a child together and many woman foregive and love there life partner and most woman would just leave the relationship and say the Hell with it and she stuck with this man throw thick and thin and has his back in so many ways and she is not willing to run away and just walk out the door and of course they have a life together and they have joy and happyness in there life that we will never understand and they have gone throw emotions and feelings that we as a public will never feel!!!! But what ever a woman wants to do with there man is there thing and it should be made by the person who loves that other person and that is the wife and if she wants to forgive her husband for having sex…Because sex did happen but this lady was a gold digging…Blood sucking leach…Who had sex with a married man and knew he had some one and how does that make her look? But he was at the Hotel and did have sex with this woman and the wife foregives her husband and that is her life and it is her feelings and she can do what ever the Hell she wants and no one has the right to tell this grown ass woman how to live her life.

  13. By carlita
    On July 8, 2011 at

    What a shocking item built on mis-information, ignorance of the facts of the situation, and reckless character assassination. But go ahead, pile on, with your imaginative, though addled interpretations. It’s the American way. Maybe you’ll get some notoriety that way. Certainly, I never heard of “Janet Charlton” before.

  14. By Kd
    On July 8, 2011 at

    The maid is suing the New York Post for defamation, and her attorney has asked for a special prosecutor. This is not over despite wealth and privilege.

  15. By Women get the short end of the stick
    On July 8, 2011 at

    All men cheat. If you get married thinking he will be faithful you are delusional. Every woman I know thinks her husband is being faithful and I know otherwise. You can’t tell these women because they simply refuse to believe it. Society has let men get away with this crap for thousands of years and it’s unlikely to change in our lifetimes. Just marry someone with money so you at least get something out of it otherwise don’t even bother.

  16. By Ryan Martin
    On July 9, 2011 at

    What’s sacred is the AGREEMENT that two people have. If DSK’s wife is ok with the situation, so be it.

    If she’s not ok with it, she can get rid of him.

    The legitimacy and rules of a marriage are determined and understood by the couple, not arbitrarily by gossip columnists.

  17. By Leo
    On July 10, 2011 at

    To my Pen Pals, please consider this story of the cheating wife, it is the story of Tony and Frances Toto of Allentown Pa. I went back into my archives of yesteryear to pass on this little story. With the intentions of sharing this News article I will let you know that the movie “I Love you to death” which starred Kevin Kline and Tracy Ullman is loosely based on this story:
    By 1984, Allentown,Pa. pizza parlor owner Tony Toto had survived numerous attempts on his life,most of them committed with the full cooperation of his wife Frances. Among other things, Frances had hired assailants to hit Tony over the head with a baseball bat,place a trip wire at the top of the stairs, and shot him-on two occasions-while he slept. (Before the first shooting, Frances drugged Tony’s chicken soup so he would doze soundly. He was shot in the head but lived, On the second occasion, he was shot through the chest but, miraculously,suffered little damage.) More remarkable than Tony’s survival was his reaction when discovered that Frances, together with her lover was behind the attacks. A self confessed ladies’ man, Tony held his wife blameless,paid her attorney fees and with the couple’s four children in tow, visited her regularly in prison after she was convicted of soliciting for murder (May 7,1984).
    UPDATE: “I’m in one piece and still laughing” says Tony, now 43 and working in a printing shop. Last February, after serving four years, Frances 44 was released from prison and returned to their redbrick ranch house. The Totos say they are more in love than ever. “I think if you find the right person, you have to stick with it” says Tony. Director Lawrence Kasdan is planning a movie based on their lives, starring Tracy Ullman and Kevin Kline and tentatively titled I Love You To Death. Says Tony hugging Frances;”I don’t understand why people break up over silly things.”
    At the bottom of this Newspaper article is a picture of Tony and Frances smiling, and Tony is wearing a shirt that says in bold capitalized letters,
    Now I do Not know about any of my Pen Pals on these pages, but I am Not dying for anybody to love me like that. PEACE!!

  18. By strom
    On July 10, 2011 at

    No, what we know is that the BLACK maid is in the country illegally and may well be a whore or drug seller. The Frenchie maybe wanted some head but most likely the maid made some advances as well.

    Not a open and shut case and the maid should be deported in a heartbeat back to BLACK Africa.


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