THIS is how Victoria Beckham dressed for Tom and Katie’s wedding festivities. Is Victoria sending out a message that she’s down with outer space aliens? We LOVE the way she looks, (and Italian fans gave her the biggest ovation we hear) but judging by this outfit, she’ll be the first wedding celebrity to sign up for Scientology courses.


Posted by Janet on November 19, 2006

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  1. By Patsy
    On November 19, 2006 at

    Boobs as ridiculous-looking as her hat.

  2. By Anonymous
    On November 19, 2006 at

    The Brits are all about wearing hats to formal events!
    I kinda sorta almost like it.

  3. By Anonymous
    On November 19, 2006 at

    What do you want? She looks like the rich bitch that she is. Different strokes.

  4. By Mimi
    On November 19, 2006 at

    The way that she was posing for the cameras drives home the fact the it must always be about her! What a selfish bitch. And she calls herself Katie’s friend?
    Get over yourself all ready. Go and get something to eat.

  5. By Pearlina
    On November 19, 2006 at

    Different strokes? She is the walking, breathing definition of fashion victim.

  6. By Anonymous
    On November 19, 2006 at

    victoria victoria victoria…poor women..she looks good and very all of the pictures i have seen of her she looks so serious and she hardly ever seems to smile..her hubby is hot..obviously he doesnt think the same off her if all the cheating rumours are true..

    On November 20, 2006 at

    Sorry folks, but if you’ve ever seen people at a British wedding, it’s all about the HATS. British women (if they are at all schooled in proper social ettiquette) wear a hat… nee, HAT to a wedding and to countless other numbers of important social events like the opening day of horse racing season and such. It’s all about HATS and the commentators on TV will go on and on and on about the HATS. HATS, folks– and the British think Americans are crude in comparison for NOT wearing a HAT or even just a hat.
    Oh, and as far as the HATS go- the bigger, the better– if you can do feathers, that much better. But big, gaudy, Over-The-Top- that’s the name of the game. That’s why you can’t simply say “hat”… no… it’s a HAT.
    HATS, HATS, HATS. You gotta have a HAT.
    But it still looks like a Space Ship!!

  8. By Vanessa
    On November 20, 2006 at

    Victoria looks just fine, in fact less ostentatious than she normally wears. Yes we Brits do like hats at weddings. The comment above about the predominance of hats at social events and in social commentary, is pretty spot on. Though he (or she) forgot to mention that hats are often worn with a bit of humour. We dont take ourselves nearly as serious as Americans think we do.
    Why do so many people think that Victoria Beckham is a snob? Is it because she doesn’t smile much in photos? Is it because she likes to dress up? I’ve seen her interviewed a few times (she is regularly on TV here) and she comes across more like a shopgirl than diva.

  9. By Anonymous
    On November 20, 2006 at

    I’ll agree that the HAT is a very Brit thing, but what I want to know is this:
    Am I wrong in thinking that it’s tacky to wear black to a wedding, or is that wrong?

  10. By Patsy
    On November 20, 2006 at

    I’ve never once seen my mom in a hat. Perhaps she left England because she didn’t like HATS and couldn”t bear the shame.

  11. By Jen from CA
    On November 20, 2006 at

    It was shocking! Her outfit is just way over-the-top! The paparazzi’s where shocked when they saw her. Why would you wear a hat? And it’s not just a hat, it’s a big hat! And Black, why would you wear black in a wedding! Her outfit is appropiate in fashion shows but not in weddings. And her boobs are hanging out, gosh, totally trying to get attention!

  12. By kristi
    On November 21, 2006 at

    Look at her amazing shoulders, skin, posture. We should all be so lucky. Look at the hilarious “headresses” worn by the so -called “royalty” (ie. Camilla Parker Bowles) get ups, worn at their own weddings! Posh looks far more appealing- at least her crowning glory lacked the ridiculous looking feathers sported by them. I couldn’t pull that look off, but I thought Posh looked fabulous.

  13. By Nicola
    On November 22, 2006 at

    It is etiquette to wear a hat to a wedding but I do not think it appropriate to wear black or all white. Also, one does not usually have their breasts on show!

  14. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    If the British wear hats to formal events, then I consider them rude! I would NOT want to be sitting behind her at the wedding (unless I was sitting on a ladder!)

  15. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    the breast implants are respulsive.

  16. By Anonymous
    On November 28, 2006 at

    Does that girl EVER smile?

  17. By Bubba
    On December 3, 2006 at

    Whoever sat behind her was lucky they didn’t have to watch that ten minute fake alien kiss.

  18. By Anonymous
    On December 10, 2006 at

    Forget The Hat– Lets Get It On With The Shoes


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