How about some really GOOD news! Kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart, now 24, is engaged and poised to live happily ever after. Elizabeth, who at the age of 14, spent nine torturous months held in captivity by mentally deranged drifter Brian David Mitchell, has fallen in love. He’s Matthew Gilmour, 21, a fellow Morman from Scotland and the two met while both were serving on a church mission to France last year. Matthew has been spending time in the US with Elizabeth and the two made their big announcement this weekend. They’re expected to marry this summer. Sweet.


Posted by Janet on January 22, 2012

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  1. By Muffie
    On January 22, 2012 at

    Judging from the above photo, she looks very happy. Good for her, she deserves all the happiness in the world!!

  2. By Hillary's Duff
    On January 22, 2012 at

    Mitt Romney will be thrilled…

  3. By Walt Cliff
    On January 22, 2012 at

    God bless her. She is a very smart and likable person. I loved it when she put Nancy Grace in her place.

  4. By Hilary
    On January 22, 2012 at

    Congrats to this very happy looking couple! 🙂

  5. By forrest gump
    On January 22, 2012 at

    her second name appears to have nothing to do with her brains………

  6. By selene
    On January 22, 2012 at

    very cute couple 🙂

  7. By E
    On January 23, 2012 at

    How did she put Nancy Grace in her place?

  8. By The Hammer
    On January 23, 2012 at

    She is a very smart young woman, she survived a crazy man who held her captivate for about 9 months. Good luck to her.

  9. By chris
    On January 23, 2012 at

    Her faith and her amazing parents have alot to do with her overcoming such an evil tragedy. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

  10. By Walt Cliff
    On January 23, 2012 at

    Elizabeth Smart putting Nancy Grace in her place.


  11. By Dragonfly
    On January 23, 2012 at

    This is the first picture I have seen of the boyfriend. What a great looking couple. I wish them nothing but happiness.

  12. By Nance
    On January 23, 2012 at

    Walt, thanks for posting! Nancy Grace is beyond creepy.

  13. By Kitty
    On January 23, 2012 at

    I don’t blame Nancy Grace for asking about her experience-I don’t think she did anything wrong. Nance Grace takes up for crime victims when few people in the media ever do-I don’t have a problem with that.

    On the other hand, Elizabeth Smart’s story is a cautionary tale on why somebody (her father) shouldn’t go around hiring random crazy looking people off the street and bring them home to their family to do odd jobs. I’ve always thought it was because of this that the whole horrible ordeal happened. Every time I’ve seen her father on TV he’s impressed me as being a little strange.

  14. By Natalie
    On January 23, 2012 at

    I agree with @kitty that Nancy Grace had every right to ask the question, just as Elizabeth had every right to decline answering. Also, I agree you have to be very careful about who you allow in your home.

  15. By Seriously?
    On January 23, 2012 at

    Kitty is right about Ed Smart. He is insufferably smug, especially when you consider that he brought the kidnapper into the house where his children slept. He has never taken proper responsibility for that, and instead runs around smirking his creepy smile and acting like he’s the perfect father.

  16. By Christine India
    On January 23, 2012 at

    For a long time, I thought Ed Smart had killed her and done away with her. He always looked like he was acting when he went on TV begging for her safe return. And to hire a bum off the street to work for them to save a few dollars is really stupid for a wealthy father to do.

  17. By Dragonfly
    On January 23, 2012 at

    I’m going to take up for Ed Smart here and give him the benefit of the doubt. He may have met this man and been conned by a sad story. He probably felt that he was truly helping someone by giving them a job. I am sure he won’t do it again and it was an eye opener on how you can’t trust people. They are religious and probably felt that helping someone was the right thing to do.

  18. By Kitty
    On January 23, 2012 at

    Dragonfly, I don’t care how much of a sob story he gave him, I would NEVER bring somebody like that to my home to do any kind of work. And this was long before the kidnapping happened. People need to be smarter about what they’re doing and who they’re dealing with.

  19. By The Hammer
    On January 23, 2012 at

    I lived in SLC at the time this took place and saw the guy who kidnapped her on daily basis panhandling everyday and passing out literature. He seemed harmless and strange but not dangerous. I worked in their neighborhood and it’s upscale. Mormons do things like this because they believe it give them a chance to tell you about mormonism.

  20. By E
    On January 24, 2012 at

    Thanks, Walt.

  21. By Patrick
    On January 24, 2012 at

    So a religious father brings a dubious religous, streeter into the house where he is supposed to be protecting his women folk.
    Would it be safe for me to say GOD moves in mysterious ways?
    And what did GOD want us to learn from this?

  22. By Evie
    On January 24, 2012 at

    What a bunch of judgemental doodie-heads (Natalie, Christine India who is also Kitty). What a smug self righteous bunch you are. Pointing your dirty little fingers.

    A kind act of helping someone less fortunate. This particular act given by a religious family man turns into a tragic nightmare for his whole family and especially his young daughter who is kidnapped. A tragedy that Mr. Smart has relived the horror over and over in his mind and then someone sits back and judges him on something that he himself has tormented himself with over the years.

  23. By Christine India
    On January 24, 2012 at

    Evie, I am not Kitty. I have never gone under any other name.

    I’m sure Ed has chastised himself many times. I still say he acted weird during the whole ordeal; that is just my feeling about it, if it’s OK with you.

  24. By Kitty
    On January 24, 2012 at

    Evie, I am Kitty and I’ve never pretended to be anybody else, unlike some people on here. I said even before this I wouldn’t bring some random crazy looking person home for handyman work and possibly expose my family to danger. In my book, that’s just common sense and self preservation. You owe it to your children to always be vigilant and protect them! If you want to help vagrants and street people, there’s plenty of other ways to do it other than by bringing them home!

    Evie, you like to criticize others-you sound very holier-than-thou to me!

  25. By Mel Zipskin
    On January 24, 2012 at

    Hell no, you don’t bring street people in your house! You donate to charity or The Red Cross!!

  26. By Strom
    On January 25, 2012 at

    More power too her. Mormon’s promote great family values.


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