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Even Elton John is cutting back due to the economic crisis. A few years ago he would have held his birthday party at a five star hotel or the hottest new club in town. But for his celebration this year, he rented out the Hamlet on Sunset. It’s a comfy, pleasantly old fashioned, modestly priced hamburger restaurant with a lounge. Dean Martin used to drink there. Elton attracted an eclectic crowd. Joan Collins (who owns a condo in the building next door) arrived with her husband Percy Gibson. Jackie Bisset came with an unidentified man. We always love seeing her. Sometimes RuPaul can slip by in a suit without being recognized. Here’s Chastity Bono. QVC hairdresser Nick Chavez and diet expert Nikki Haskell turned up together. It looks like Elton is getting Star Cruncher exercise equipment for his birthday.


Posted by Janet on March 28, 2009

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  1. By Anonymous
    On March 28, 2009 at


  2. By Bella
    On March 28, 2009 at

    Cher’s could not possibly be happy with Chastity being a fat lesbian, no matter what she says. Pray for her lost soul.

  3. By da middle finger
    On March 28, 2009 at

    To the first poster: When I see Elton John, I always think of that song from Lil’ Abner: The Musical…”JUBILATION T CORN PONE”.

  4. By Anonymous
    On March 28, 2009 at

    People’s souls are not lost because they’re gay or lesbian. Get with the 21st century. Criminy!

  5. By Cal Culver
    On March 28, 2009 at

    Joan sure looks good. She is what’s left of Hollywood glamour. Young hubby, rockin body and a great personality. Love me some JC.
    Chas is a lovely person but needsa to take a few pounds off for good health.
    And Nikki Haskell would show-up at the opening of an envelope.

  6. By dieter
    On March 28, 2009 at

    It certainly is ‘trendy’ and ‘cool’ to be ahomosexual in America today. Why were the Jonas Brothers not invited?

  7. By gerard Vandenberg
    On March 28, 2009 at

    I wasn’t invited?

  8. By Anonymous
    On March 29, 2009 at

    Homosexuality is a sin whatever century you are in. It was written long long long time ago.

  9. By Back it up
    On March 29, 2009 at

    Where? And don’t quote Leviticus because I’m sure you are mixing cotton and polyester, married someone who shaves, and eat you some bacon. Tell me where Jesus says it’s wrong.

  10. By Red Rooster
    On March 29, 2009 at

    Have your ridiculous religious arguments on another site. One wonders how you have time to spare from your bible to be reading gossip sites. Surely there’s something in that book about that.

  11. By Anonymous
    On March 29, 2009 at

    Bravo, Red Rooster! Isn’t it amazing how many self-righteous, high-minded bamsticks post on (of all places) ~CELEBRITY GOSSIP~ websites?! ROFL! Ya gotta love it…

  12. By Anonymous
    On March 29, 2009 at

    @ Back it up: New Testament: Romans, Chapter 1, verses 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32.
    @ Red Rooster: Maybe Janet will fix a site for religious comments only. We must ask her. Janet??

  13. By back it up
    On March 29, 2009 at

    Nope, sorry. Not Jesus. Paul. The same Paul who betrayed him three times before the cock crowed so we know he had some disagreements with Jesus.
    Oh and by the way, you are correct. The Bible does state no gossiping so Anonymous is already in deep do do.

  14. By Lenny
    On March 29, 2009 at

    Being gay is one thing, thinking that because it’s 2009 all the rules should change everything is another. NO Marriage for gays and anyother group who thinks it’s a now thing and it really isn’t and we know there are alot of other groups who claim the same thing.

  15. By Anonymous
    On March 30, 2009 at

    4:12 PM: It was PETER who denied Jesus 3 times, not Paul.

  16. By Anonymous
    On March 30, 2009 at

    Yeah 4:12 it was Peter who betrayed him and it wasn’t because he disagreed with him it was because he didn’t want to DIE! YOU would have probably done the same thing. You are right about one thing gossip is wrong, my excuse is that I have always loved old movies and the stars in them and I always liked Janet, I had to stop gossip in real life with my friends, actually they’d call me but I loved to hear it, needless to say we don’t talk anymore. But you guys are bad and downright hateful and if anyone says anything negative about God I’m gonna say something. It wont be long before I’m gone though cause ya’ll are a bad influence on me. By telling my true story if I convinced just one person that God exists then I will be happy.

  17. By Anonymous
    On March 30, 2009 at

    ^^^^^^^ story on Nic Cage @ 9:18 , Red Rooster I was gonna say you’re a hopeless case but you’re not, I’m gonna put you at the top of my prayer list I know what you’re thinking that you don’t need my prayers but remember you don’t believe in God so what should it matter, it will probably take a while longer to be answered because there is no faith on your side, but when it happens you will know.

  18. By Anonymous
    On March 30, 2009 at

    Response to 10:04 AM and 11:08 AM: I have noticed when anything spiritual at all is commented on then Janet Charlton will delete it. She deleted my biblical comments concerning something pertinent to that particular subject, and I am going to take my marbes and leave soon. She is obviously an atheist. So, 10:04 AM and 11:08 AM: I hope you read this soon, because JC may delete.

  19. By Casonia Logenberry..Fear and Frighten of Hells kitchen but on the other hand people break down and lose there minds on that show. Jennifer really strong and very lucky girl..She got to work with!The King of Cook!Lucky Girl.Keep up the good work!
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Elton Johns parties are awsome and incredible and he has massive friends that are wonderful and fun and incredible group of people and…I think Elton did what he wanted and is having a great time and to the people out there if we can only be that lucky to trade places and yes the price of everything is going up and…It is hard but for Rich people it is good to stop spending crazy or sooner or later your going to be broke and down and out sooner or later and Yes save some for a Rainy Day.


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