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Apparently Eduardo Cruz did NOT have his “Eva” tattoo removed when he and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria split up last month. We had a feeling this split would be a failure and they would hook up for another go-around. There’s definitely more to come for these two, but it’s probably not a forever thing. They both had a few unsatisfactory dates with other people before they publicly reunited at Chateau Marmont last night. Eva tried to keep a straight face as she drove away, but she’s really happy inside.


Posted by Janet on April 2, 2012

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  2. By Strom
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Publicly reunited at a place like CM only means fame whoring. Neither look Happy….Cruz will get a night of the Border Rat’s behind but this won’t lead to much more.

  3. By Walt Cliff
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Gee, I don’t know if I should bother commenting because my comments keep getting deleted !!!

    Has anyone else noticed their comments being deleted a lot lately? I had at least two yesterday afternoon.

  4. By Walt Cliff
    On April 3, 2012 at

    I don’t think that Eduardo & Eva won’t last much longer and I am surprised that there was an attraction to begin with. Love is strange. As long as they are happy, that’s all that really matters.

  5. By Christine India
    On April 3, 2012 at


    There is definitely something wrong with Janet’s site. You will notice the very top one, which is not a comment, but looks like it was hacked into. I hope we don’t get a virus, because this weird stuff is at the top of every subject Janet puts up.

    My comment was deleted and I said nothing offensive at all.

    Eva Longoria appears desperate. As she has said in the past, she wants babies, so maybe he can fulfill her wishes. LOL 🙂

  6. By Walt Cliff
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Hey Little Indy,

    Good morning to you! 🙂

    I didn’t say anything offensive either and at least two of my comments were deleted yesterday evening. Makes no sense. Janet must have hired someone that doesn’t appreciate our comments. If they keep getting deleted, there’s no real point in posting right?

  7. By Walt Cliff
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Hey Indy,

    That first block is actually kinda cool. When you double click on it, it takes you to a website (another gossip site) that is using Janet’s clip of Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz and info on their site and they are just referencing it. It also has a link on the other site that goes back to Janet’s site so they can keep reading more of her gossip.

    I suspect that she may have hired someone to help her out on the website and that is how our comments got deleted.

  8. By Strom
    On April 3, 2012 at

    I think it is more a tech error than anything else…the site has always seemed to work quirkily.

  9. By Walt Cliff
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Thanks Strom. You’re probably right.

  10. By Muffie
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Yup, Eva looks like the the Cougar who ate the armadillo!!

  11. By Dragonfly
    On April 3, 2012 at

    And this is why I’m glad I’m not a celebrity. People saying how I feel on the inside from looking at a picture of me. Who would have thought that once you reach celeb status, your feelings are that transparent? That makes no sense and the look on her face is more of a Mona Lisa smile. You have no idea if it’s an aggravated smirk or an “I’m pleased with him coming home with me” smirk.

  12. By Strom
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Driver doesnt even look like her but the female in the back does. Maybe it turned into a 3-some or Eva brought in a few illegal aliens and they had a party. She should go to Laredo and live happily ever after.

  13. By Edie
    On April 3, 2012 at

    She is my favorite on desperate housewives. I am gonna miss that show.

  14. By Strom
    On April 3, 2012 at

    for sure the jews or homos or beaners are hiding the comments to mess with us, send them all to the island

  15. By Patrick
    On April 3, 2012 at

    That thing at the top of the page is another gossip site. Google it.
    gossip file this moment.
    It’s safe.

  16. By Strom
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Previosu Strom quote was by some imposter who should not be so cowardly to post in her own little name!

  17. By Strom
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Previosu Strom quote was by some imposter who should not be so cowardly to post in her own little name

  18. By Christine India
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Thanks Walt and all who discussed Janet’s site. I am forever afraid of some jerkoff giving us a virus. My computer got a major virus once and it took a nerd 3 days and $150 to fix it.

    IMHO, Eva looks horrible in this brightest red lipstick. 🙁

  19. By gogo
    On April 3, 2012 at

    Those that publicize their relationships usually do it for media attention = no talent.

    Those that are not in the news right now are usually the smart, talented ones!

    I can’t wait until the true talent comes out of hiding. We REALLY need to change the way we treat stars – and be more picky on who we call a star.

  20. By Patrick
    On April 3, 2012 at

    It’s not about posters.

  21. By forrest gump
    On April 3, 2012 at

    we can’t accuse her: HE’S A BIG LAUGH, folks!!

  22. By Cal
    On April 4, 2012 at

    The back link posts are suppose to give leverage to Janet’s site, so as to lift it in the rankings. Not a method I would use, there are plenty of other long term white hat methods that can be used, without these spammy type links – won’t be long before google picks these un-natural links up and the site will get sandboxed, or at best lose what google pr it already posesses.

  23. By Strom
    On April 4, 2012 at

    Better check for std’s as ‘Uardo is said to have been pupming Kim K. Very fitting if they all reinfected each other.

  24. By Shaquita
    On April 4, 2012 at

    she looks like his mother in this picture, not a flattering one of her at all

  25. By Strom
    On July 8, 2012 at

    Expect some news from Border Rat Eva next week, along with some major touched up pictures. She can’t stand being out of the news and has been desperately trying to find a man. She is going the hispanic route because she knows BLACKS are not good for the fame she seeks. She has a very high opinion of her (lack of) talent.

  26. By Strom
    On July 8, 2012 at

    Without makeup and wigs, she, like J Lo, is a very plain looking hispanic woman. Not a head turner at all.

  27. By Strom
    On October 6, 2012 at

    She is an extremely plain looking hispanic woman who seems to have had her small breasts pumped up recently, judging by the pictures. “uardo” is long gone and she has found another guy who at least is not BLACK. She is too much a fame whore for this to last long.


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