Psychologists say that people tend to repeat the same behavior over and over, and Usher, 31, seems to be a perfect example. He hastily married his stylist Tameka Foster, 44, and she had a baby shortly thereafter, but also took charge of his career. This year the singer waited to split from Tameka until she gave birth to their second child so he wouldn’t seem like a cad. Immediately he started dating Grace Miguel, 42 – another older woman- who had worked at Def Jam and took charge of his new album. They were photographed in New York apartment hunting together (with his two sons) and they ran when paparazzi spotted them. Now it’s rumored that Grace is pregnant and Usher seems to be repeating his first marriage. His exwife Tameka labeled Usher a “bitch ass dude” on Twitter.


Posted by Janet on September 5, 2010

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  1. By captain america
    On September 5, 2010 at

    …………….why not?

  2. By Lenny
    On September 5, 2010 at

    Usher, let me explain how this works you have a penis, she has a vagina. When you put your penis in her vagina and ejeculate semen with contains sperms and these go in the woman and she get pregnant. Now if you don’t want this to happen her are a few tips, One wear condom or rubber. Two get fixed, three make sure she’s on birth control and the fourth is for dumb shits pull out, which is probably what go your ass in trouble in the first place.

  3. By Seriously?
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Class attracts class.

  4. By jojo
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Either the boy (man now) has serious esteem issues or mom issues. The esteem issues creep me out less, so I am going with those. Take charge of your life, dude and stop having babies. You can (should) get snipped unless you want to be an octopop.

  5. By SebastianCanada
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Used to be that cars and houses and bling were symbols of success, but the boom and bust of the last decade ruined that. Now, folks, the ultimate status symbols are babies and baby mamas. The more the better.

  6. By Meg
    On September 6, 2010 at

    If this is true… it’s beyond ridiculous! Usher must have mommy issues. He goes for mommy types.

  7. By CoCo
    On September 6, 2010 at

    It’s not like having babies makes him feel tied down – or so it seems. Maybe he just feels he needs to prove to the world that he is man enough to have sex. Silly boy; poor babies! It’s funny how we don’t see in ourselves what is so obvious to others.

  8. By SebastianCanada
    On September 6, 2010 at

    I hope these young punk celebs make sure that all their offspring have trust funds.

  9. By Bettye Bluejay
    On September 6, 2010 at

    No matter how successful Usher is he still has ghetto behavior.

  10. By Lenny
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Now these are the things Jackson and Sharpton should be talking about other than worried if someone used the N-word. Oh I forgot they have done the same thing. Now you know why thing will never get better in most black neighborhoods.

  11. By Sweetie
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Lenny, your comment about condoms and birth control was awesome!

    When will these spoiled brats wake-up and realize they are creating a life, a person, and these children are affected by their parents’ poor decisions?!

  12. By Indy
    On September 6, 2010 at

    He must have a mommy complex, e.g. the older ladies he choses to ‘go out with’ have large bosoms and he must have been nursed at mommy’s tits until he was at least 5.

  13. By Reta
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Bettye, I agree with you completely! It IS the ghetto lifestyle. Have baby after baby, hook up and leave hook up and leave…stick your dick in as many females as possible, it’ll make everyone think you’re a “man”.

    Well, he is rumored to be the illegitimate son of Ben Vareen (who is his “God father”)…compare pictures of the two side by side and you’ll believe it like I do. So, maybe he gets some of this baby plopping attitude from his very own beginnings…it’s possible he has very very deep rooted issues with fathering connections…

  14. By jas
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Ghetto behavior. Really, so when white people do this what do you call it?

    Usher’s mom took well care of him, so I doubt he stepped foot in the ghetto!

  15. By jas
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Oh and Reta don’t forget this gem you left in the Travolta thread:

    {Who are you to choose how anyone else should live their life? Are you so perfect that you can make the rules for everyone else?}

    Pot, meet kettle.

    Oh and Lenny, those pesky black folks! If every illegitimate black child would vanish in the world and the poor also disappeared, they world would indeed be a perfect place!

  16. By Lenny
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Jas, No one called black folks pesky. Black folks are really one of most strongest people we have in this country after all the shit they took. But illegitmacy in the black community is the thing that blacks must confront and deal with in the open, not what Jackson and Sharpton are doing to blacks. I know this get under people’s skin but the truth is the truth. By the way Jas, whites do this way more than they even talk about so they really don’t have that much room to talk about.

  17. By Bettye Bluejay
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Jas, when white folk do it, it’s called white trash fundamentalist Christian conservatives–I know, I’m related to some.

  18. By Lenny
    On September 6, 2010 at

    Bettye, would you say the same thing about fundamentalist Islamic muslins? Is a fundamentalist just another fundamentalist?

  19. By SebastianCanada
    On September 6, 2010 at

    jas, when certain type of people do it – whether black, white or other – it is ghetto. Ghetto trash can be any color, as can trailer trash. To assume otherwise is racist.

  20. By SebastianCanada
    On September 6, 2010 at

    P.S. So much for Obama’s new America. Not much has changed.

  21. By Bettye Bluejay
    On September 7, 2010 at

    Lenny, you must be very sheltered. Fundamentalist Muslims, not muslins (that’s a cloth) are very family oriented.

  22. By strom
    On September 7, 2010 at

    There is a lot to be said for goverment paid sterilization clinics.

  23. By Lenny
    On September 7, 2010 at

    Bettye, just a mistype. So are alot of fundamentalist christians, they just don’t strap bombs to their kids.

  24. By SebastianCanada
    On September 7, 2010 at

    Lenny, no, maybe the Fundamentalist Christians are not strapping bombs to their kids, but they are putting placards in their hands that say things like “America loves fags. That is why your son is dead”, and take them to the funerals of soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also murder doctors and bomb clinics, and finance Neo-Nazi activity.

  25. By Reta
    On September 7, 2010 at

    Jas, are you trying to turn this into something racial? I said what he was doing was ghetto, and like Sebastian pointed out to you already ALL races and clors of people can are do come from ghettos, to think otherwise makes YOU the racist.

    What I was making a point about is his being irresponsible in creating babies and then leaving. He has done it twice already, now there is ANOTHER child on the way. These are FACTS. This IS ghetto behavior, you cannot dispute that. The children from ghettos do not know their fathers and it’s a cycle that repeats to the detriment of each generation and contributes greatly to crime committed by the poor and young people who just have no guidance from proper parenting. I’m sure he IS a good and loving father, but having children and then leaving the mother, then doing it right away again is not good thinking or planning and not fair to the kids he already has. He is showing his immaturity with this type of behavior, and gets little respect from the public by doing this.
    I stand by my original comment which in no way was meant to be racist. ALL races do these moronic things, think they are cool for doing it, and are NOT. They are LOSERS!

  26. By SebastianCanada
    On September 7, 2010 at

    This is really the only difference between trailer trash and ghetto trash:

    If you gave trailer trash $10K, he would go out, buy a carton of cigarettes, a case of beer and a some sort of gas-guzzling vehicle to sit on the front lawn and kill the grass.

    If you have ghetto trash $10K, he would buy some fancy sneakers, a bottle of Cristal, and some bling.

    Neither would give anything to their baby mamas, pay off some debts or open a bank account.

  27. By Reta
    On September 7, 2010 at


  28. By Lenny
    On September 7, 2010 at

    I’ve always found it strange how people leave out hispanics, Asians and American Indians (feathers, not the dot).

  29. By SebastianCanada
    On September 8, 2010 at

    HaHaHa! Lenny, I am sure there is someone out there, probably a Native Indian, who has used the phrase “Teepee Trash”.

    Every ethnic, gender, religious group – Anglo-saxons, protestants included – has its types. I am of German origin, and can confirm that, in Canada at least, there are Germanic equivalents to the Guido`s.

    Political correctness has become a problem where this is concerned because now, you can`t even slam your own group without being called a racist, sexist, snob. It is insane.

  30. By jas
    On September 8, 2010 at

    like i said, pot, meet kettle.

  31. By jenniffer kade
    On March 21, 2011 at

    It’s not like having babies makes him feel tied down – or so it seems. Maybe he just feels he needs to prove to the world that he is man enough to have sex. Silly boy; poor babies! It’s funny how we don’t see in ourselves what is so obvious to others.


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