Chef Gordon Ramsay doesn’t seem to smile EVER on Hell’s Kitchen – now in it’s 7th season. (Can you believe it?) For some reason nothing funny ever happens on that show. But Gordon did show his lighter side while vacationing in St Tropez with his wife Tana. They were walking on the beach by their hotel when they spotted a nude swimmer. Even Gordon couldn’t hold back a grin.


Posted by Janet on June 28, 2010

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  1. By clementine
    On June 28, 2010 at

    Ugh…getting the brain bleach… why do wrinkled old farts think we wanna see their bodies? We don’t! D:

  2. By captain america
    On June 29, 2010 at

    …………..how will his PENIS look like?

  3. By yoyo
    On June 29, 2010 at

    Talk about doing crack? That’s more than an eyeful, dude, put your depends back on.

  4. By SebastianCanada
    On June 29, 2010 at

    HaHaHa! It is so funny to see previous comments, mocking his physique, as Gordon – on his shows, and even when doing the publicity circuit – has a nasty tendency to abuse people over their physical appearance. Just goes to show: live by the sword, die by the sword.

  5. By SebastianCanada
    On June 29, 2010 at

    Oh, they were writing about the old naked dude. Oops.

  6. By Reta
    On June 29, 2010 at

    LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Gordon Ramsey, and love his shows too! Bring it on you donkey!!!

  7. By E
    On June 30, 2010 at

    The old guy looks in better shape than Gordon. Keep laughing, chef-boy.

    I actually don’t think Ramsay looks that bad, but he’s so abusive to everyone else’s looks, he certainly doesn’t come up to his own standards.

    Besides, on UK talk shows he’s always spouting off about his fear of female genitalia, so maybe he’s just disappointed it wasn’t a younger specimen more to his liking. Poor Tana.

  8. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 3, 2011 at

    We can’t fight father time..Sooner or later every young man gets older and stranger and of course this old man must really be proud and feel really good about showing his stuff in public adn would it look any better if He put all his cloths back on..All in All the wrinkles come out and there is no place to hide it?

  9. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 3, 2011 at

    Tana just looks shocked and she seems like she is going to laugh at the remark her Husband is making and of course Ramsay is going to say something really funny but of course no matter how much we try to slow down father time..Sooner or later He is going to catch up with us all.

  10. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 3, 2011 at

    My goodness Nude Beach..Then you should not be shocked to any degree or level and of course You Sir Ramsay and your Lovely Beautiful Wife are minding your manners and having a wonderful conversation at the beach and lets face facts only the young and Beautiful take off there clothes and walk down the beach and Beauty is eye to each person there and maybe home boy was nude for his wife and girl friend or maybe he is proud of what he has at his tender age..In life we feel young and we don’t always see age as a number.

  11. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 3, 2011 at

    I Know Ramsay is going to hurt that mans feeling with some smart ass remark and I am glad that…That man is like 20 feet away and of course at the same time! Not hearing a single word Ramsay has to say and lets face facts in about 40 years down the road..Ramsay may look like that as well. But Tana look fantastic and wonderful and Breath taking and of course put on massive amount of sun-tan-cream and protect your lovely skin.I know that if that old man has wisdom and can crack at people all day but I Think he is Nude! Because he is trying to get a reaction from people.

  12. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 3, 2011 at

    The only thing that old man has to do to get even more attention is to take some Viagra and turn around.. Well enough with the jokes and it is nice to see a husband and a wife taking time for themselves and just getting a pieceful time in the sun and looking at the blue skies and smelling the fresh sea air. Very nice and wonderful at the same time. To Gordon Ramsay and His lovely wife Tana take care and have a outstanding and funny day.

  13. By Casonia logenberry
    On June 4, 2011 at

    Yes that old man might had been smoking Hot when he was young and that in his little mind he still feels young at heart and he is proud of his body and wants to be nude and of course he is not going to get tan lines and to walk on a nude beach with your cloths on really freaks this out but for me I Love to cover up..Because when your not wearing anything men get the wrong idea and think they are going to get some.. So of course it is better to stay dressed and just look at all the smoking hot people or look at the freaks.

  14. By Casonia logenberry
    On June 5, 2011 at

    Most men think they are Sexy as Hell and think they got it going on and some people don’t want tan lines and some people just like to show what they know are are just so proud of what they have and yes it is funny to see a little old man naket but on the other hand staying dressed on a nude beach is good..Because some people get the wrong idea! If you get what I Mean but yes it is nice to see Ramsay and his lovely wife talking and walking down the beach.

  15. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 8, 2011 at

    Gordon lovely wife cracks a smile and wants to see the front for the Hell of it and Every man on the Beach that wants to be nude should take VIAGRA AND HAVE A CONTEST AND LAUGH…LAUGH FUNNY and IF THAT BEACH HAD SOME SMOKING HOT YOUNG MEN ON THE BEACH LIKE BRAD PITT OR GEROLD BUTLER OR Bradley Cooper then I would never leave the Beach and would get darker even though I am African american.

  16. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 8, 2011 at

    I think Nude Beaches are Creepy and I Know what a naket man wants and that is sex and I REALLY DON’T WANT TO SEE A MAN WITHOUT CLOTHES UNLESS I WANT TO HAVE MY WAY WITH HIM BUT NUDE BEACHES ARE JUST FUNNY AND THAT IS ALL I WOULD DO IS LAUGH AND OF COURSE STAY DRESSED AND TAKE A WALK..Because getting nude on a beach would bring trouble for a lady!

  17. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 12, 2011 at

    Smelling the fresh air and looking into the blue skies and know we have a nude old man playing in the water and I Wonder what words are coming out of Chef Gordon Mouth and his wife is smiling at the funny remark that was made at this old man? Mr Ramsay took a Crack at him? Must had said some joke about that old man needing a Diaper!


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