On paper, Gwyneth Paltrow seems like the perfect wife- she’s beautiful and earns a lot of money acting, but still has time to cook and bake and take care of her kids. And maintain a lifestyle website! So what happened? Chris Martin has been off on his own for the past year, busy with music and concerts while Gwyneth filmed movies. (She recently finished Mortdecai with Johnny Depp) The separation was referenced when Gwyneth announced on her site Goop that after 14 years, she and Chris were making a “conscious uncoupling” after extensive consideration. They have two children, Apple, 10, and Moses, 8. Gwyneth and Chris DID have their differences – we remember one day Chris was out with the kids alone and he made a point of treating them to chips and sweets that their mother frowned upon.

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Posted by Janet on March 25, 2014

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  1. By Gina Catone
    On March 25, 2014 at

    Goopy Paltrow was never perfect, she just wanted everyone to believe she was the bomb! I heard a rumor Goopy slept with Jay Z!

  2. By caro
    On March 25, 2014 at

    they always seemed so mismatched that it’s surprising that their marriage lasted so long times

  3. By Daily Muse
    On March 25, 2014 at

    Can not stand Gwyneth. Rumors abound that it’s an open marriage and they both cheat, very discreetly. She is a goopy stuck-up beast and in this pic is wearing a wig.
    She grew up in a rich privileged family and had plenty of experience with men, the biggest of all of course being Brad Pitt. She has famously stated they lived together, seldom wore clothes, and smoked the crazy.

  4. By mama
    On March 25, 2014 at

    The rumors have been flying around for some time now. She’s very full of herself.

  5. By Trixie Larue
    On March 25, 2014 at

    I can’t think of a person or celebrity that is more ‘hated’ than Gywneth Paltrow. Perhaps her close relationship with the disgusting filth that is named Madonna had something to do with this? Also I have heard that Jayzee had made her one of his “hoes” and was skimming 45% of her earnings.

  6. By mister baja
    On March 25, 2014 at

    well, while dropping him, she comes close.

  7. By 998o
    On March 26, 2014 at

    and Trixie we heard your brother is your boyfriend ? just as likely, whats your % ? 85 ?

  8. By Carlos Danger
    On March 26, 2014 at

    Like many in hollyweird, Gwen is as fake as they come. She’s a wh*re and a c*nt to many of the hard working people who make the films she acts horribly in. She’s a POS. But don’t take my word for it. Vanity Fair pretty much summed up what a hypocritical c*nt she is.

  9. By Patrick
    On March 26, 2014 at

    Named her kid, Apple? Really?
    Why not Turnip? or Duck?
    Coldplay, sucks.

  10. By xyz
    On March 26, 2014 at

    @998o – truth hurts, moron, I know.

  11. By Strom
    On March 26, 2014 at

    As said previously, Gywn doesn’t always sleep w/men!

  12. By Nina
    On March 26, 2014 at

    Gwyneth was born on third base and likes to pretend she hit a home run all by herself through “hard work”. Even her divorce announcement was pretentious. “Conscious uncoupling”. Really Gwyneth? Knowing her history, she probably already has a jump off waiting in the wings. I’m amazed that they lasted as long as they did. Hopefully she won’t pass on her disordered eating to her children.

  13. By anonTWO
    On March 26, 2014 at

    also amazed this is a couple that lasted as long as they did.
    The husband looks more reserved than Paltrow who is very Hollywood and high maintenance.
    I knew the marriage was doomed when they staged those photographs of getting positive test results from her obstetrician ( obviously her rotten idea).

    The anti-Gwenyth movement amuses me, everyone seems to dislike her.
    But for a significant moment, Paltrow enjoyed the same affection from the public Jennifer Lawrence now does from her fans.

    Paltrow could do no wrong a few years back, she was a modern day Grace Kelly and has the Oscar to prove it.

    It’s just a matter of time for Jennifer Lawrence, soon everyone who now claims to love her will be screaming how much they hate her.

  14. By anonTWO
    On March 26, 2014 at

    ps. I enjoy reading Paltrow’s blog.

    Her blog difficult to navigate now because it looks like a shopping website rather than a blog.

    a few years ago I would read her blog GOOP each time the press made snarky/outraged comments about an entry.
    I would be prepared to hate the blog entry as much as anyone and instead found the information she shared to be of value and interest.

    I won’t buy a 200 dollar t-shirt from GOOP and I’m still not a fan of hers overall, but the blog is interesting to me.

  15. By Palermo
    On March 26, 2014 at

    She is so pretentious. I’m sure he will have a more relaxed enjoyable life now

  16. By EfromTN
    On March 26, 2014 at

    @Nina – born on third base. Hilarious!! 🙂


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