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If you were walking down the street in New York and saw this guy leaning on a lamp post on the corner, would you surreptitiously get a better grip on your handbag, or would you ask him for an autograph? He IS a movie star, after all. It’s Keanu Reeves and a lot of women have tried to get a better grip on HIM, without success. He’s a very independent guy.


Posted by Janet on June 2, 2009

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  1. By gerard vandenberg
    On June 3, 2009 at

    …………………NEED A ROPE?

  2. By Debutante
    On June 3, 2009 at

    I’d still recognize him if I saw him dressed like that.

  3. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2009 at

    AND GAY…

  4. By inquiring mind
    On June 3, 2009 at

    Anyone else think that Brad and Angie have broken up? It is a rather enticing rumor. If they have, would not be surprised. By the way, I think Jen has been holding out all these years waiting to be with Brad again — even if just for a moment.

  5. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2009 at

    could it be that Keanu, as someone else posted, is independent with women because he’s just not into them?

  6. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2009 at

    What’s the word on Keneau. Gay or straight?

  7. By MamaSan
    On June 3, 2009 at

    inquiring mind: I have heard they have broken up or at least very shaky. I HOPE SO !!! And, contrary to many thinking that Jen has “moved on with her life”, I don’t think this is true. I think she still would take him back if he ever broke up with the man-eater-stuck-on-herself-ho. Angie has said she will always be a free spirit and if Brad takes off on his Harley one too many times, she may give him the boot. I heard Jen say on Oprah that she will always love him. If they break up and Jen starts seeing him again, this will be 100 times juicier than the sickening saga of “Jon and Kate plus Eight”. Let’s keep hoping for something big to happen soon. Thank you, i.m.!

  8. By MamaSan
    On June 3, 2009 at

    Janet, I’m sorry to digress from Keanu, but I just had to answer inquiring mind, as we want to hear about the so-called golden couple, the fornicators of this century, Ang and Brad.

  9. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2009 at

    He is hot to death. A hot mess. Love me some Keanu.

  10. By D. Duck
    On June 3, 2009 at

    Really, I mean honestly, to each his own, but a movie star that doesn’t at least bathe, shave or wear clean clothes, or even have a decent place to live, and with all his money, something is wrong.

  11. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2009 at

    OH yes, I’m SURE Brad is making a beeline back to “Jen”
    ’cause who wouldn’t want to return to SPAM after having Filet Mignon?

  12. By Meg
    On June 3, 2009 at

    If Brangelina is really done, and if I was Jen I would take him back. Just to piss of A and prove that he came back to me.
    Janet, give us some scoop on this latest Brange gossip please.

  13. By truth for the sillies
    On June 3, 2009 at

    NE breakup lie already denied by reps in People and Us and EW and so forth. Get this in your heads idiots Brad wants Angie not Jen. Brad left 5 years and SIX kids ago and has never looked back. He wanted prime rib not hamburger. BTW-Angie is the #1 most powerful celeb in the world according to Forbes mag. Brad is never leaving Angie, the man is lovesick behind her.

  14. By brad is happy with angie
    On June 3, 2009 at

    Brad is never leaving his babies or their mother. Angie gave him what he wanted the most, something stupid Jen failed to do. Yes Jen is stupid because she said she would never adopt, Brad was down for a lot of kids anyway he could get them. Angie is one smart woman.

  15. By Oh Lily Lily
    On June 4, 2009 at

    ^^^^^^^^^Angie is ‘happy’ now? Maybe, maybe not. I think she has bitten off more than she can chew. Too many kids, keeping Brad happy, too many overseas travels, too much movie-making. She could kick at any time (just like any of us could) and then where will she be…heaven or hell; she has not repented of her present and past raunchy sins. As for Jenn, she most probably would like to have him back, but it’s not likely to happen, even if Angie were to be out of the picture.

  16. By me
    On June 6, 2009 at

    can’t belive my eyes….you guys talking about the cheese brangelina on keanu’s page…did you run out of webspace, maybe????


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