Ashlee Simpson has LOST her title as Hollywood’s lip -synch queen to Paris Hilton. Paris hosted a record launch party Friday at Privilege and she amazed her audience by having the colossal nerve to mouth the words to her music! The only real words out of her mouth made up her opening comment “You’re all bitches!” She lip synched half a dozen songs from her album and the crowd grew increasingly restless. Many were mocking her behind her back. Her album got decent reviews, but insiders say there will never be a tour or personal appearances – Paris’s voice is too wispy and requires monumental enhancement.


Posted by Janet on August 20, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at

    Paris can’t sing. She’s a no talent tramp.

  2. By Pint
    On August 21, 2006 at

    No big deal. Paris will probably just follow in the path of Jennifer Lopez. A studio creation that lipsyncs and does not tour but will have a successful music career.

  3. By Anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH. See, told ya so. She’s a Herpes whisperer! Man o Man do I hope her album fails big time. OF course it won’t cuz the world is made up of idiots that will buy her trash. But, if there is a God in Heaven who really cares for humanity, he’ll help to bring this fake down and send her back to making amateur porn with her slimey friends.

  4. By anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at

    Why do columnists and TV reporters think anyone wants to hear about Paris Hilton? If it weren’t for her money, she’d be called white trash! Please no more Paris stories!!! Her 15 minutes are up!

  5. By Anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at

    Is there a reason people keep saying she has herpes?

  6. By Anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at


  7. By jt
    On August 21, 2006 at

    Hoe does her album get decent reviews if she doesn’t sing? MAybe her producer should get the acknowledgement.

  8. By jt
    On August 21, 2006 at

    How does her album get decent reviews if she can’t sing? Maybe her producer should get the acknowledgement.

  9. By Anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at

    If it wasn’t for her parents money she would be asking if you want to supersize that meal.

  10. By sick of it
    On August 21, 2006 at

    it’s clearly not her singing. if it is, it’s a digitized version. she’s so tired. i’m sick of hearing about her too.

  11. By Anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at

    The public makes her famous. Why? who knows, she’s just a rich tramp but we still buy her rediculous book, CD and watch her TV show. Shows our mentality more than hers. She’s getting richer by the gimmick.

  12. By Anonymous
    On August 21, 2006 at

    Paris books suck. Whoever wrote them for her must have been desparate, since we all know she can’t write.

  13. By Mimi
    On August 21, 2006 at

    Please! Enough on PH already!! Give us a friggin’ break!!! I wish she would go away somewhere for a long time. Talk about WAYYYYYYYYY over exposed!

  14. By one who knows...
    On August 22, 2006 at

    Paris and K-Fed have the same amount of class – NONE. Not only that, both are uneducated and their grammar is atrocious.

  15. By NOT a Paris fan, but not a hater
    On August 22, 2006 at

    Who are these people writing comments?
    It’s HOLLYWOOD people.
    Are “ya’ll” from Iowa or Arkansas?
    Paris is marketing brand genuius.
    You could only wish you had her bank account.
    I do.
    Sure, she can’t act, sings well with an amazing producer, and markets her SELF.
    Purfumes, TV Show, ect…….
    “Don’t hate the player, ……”

  16. By Anonymous
    On August 22, 2006 at

    If you people want to call Paris a slut, then let’s see all your relationships old and new be put out on blast!!!! She’s no virgin mary, but she’s not trash.

  17. By Anonymous
    On August 24, 2006 at

    Our local newspaper review person trashed the new Paris CD. And with good reason. Has anyone heard it? Listen to some song snipets on Barnes & Noble website and you’ll know what I’m saying. It’s awful. If people buy it, they deserve what they get.

  18. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    I have to wish her well-For someone who has no greater attribute than”posing for a flashlight”-She has built herself an empire on other people’s support-& talent
    Time to shut her down!

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