If you ever sat dozing and daydreaming while a high school history teacher bored you to DEATH with endless and meaningless dates, you’re going to LOVE Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. History never had it so good! -maybe because it’s a historical story from a woman’s point of view, for a change. She presents real human figures we can IDENTIFY with – not just stiff one dimensional characters. Sofia focuses on the everyday life of these famous people – how they dressed, how they shopped, how they amused themselves, what amazing foods they ate, and how they GOSSIPED about each other. Did you realize gossip and hairdressers have been around for CENTURIES! And the scenery and set decoration is beyond lush. It’s a feast for the eyes. THANK YOU, Sofia, for making history fun!


Posted by Janet on October 17, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On October 17, 2006 at

    It should be: “at ITS best.” (No apostrophe) Sorry. Just trying to help.

  2. By Anonymous
    On October 17, 2006 at

    Sounds like you hate men

  3. By Anonymous
    On October 17, 2006 at

    Thanks 7:33!

  4. By Anonymous
    On October 17, 2006 at

    You mean the garbage which was booed and panned at Cannes? Get real, this is another poor Hollywood attempt at rewriting history ala Flight 93.
    Can you say, “straight to DVD”?
    I knew you could.

  5. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    I don’t think that Sofia Coppola was trying to rewrite history. This is not a documentary.
    I am looking forward to seeing this movie and hope it does it well.

  6. By Miss Loo
    On October 18, 2006 at

    A movie with men in white tights!
    I’m there.

  7. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    Sounds like someone was paid to write this BS. The movie was a bust at Cannes.

  8. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    My sentiments exactly.
    This is the latest Waterworld and Janet knows it.

  9. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    The movie seems to be getting ok reviews on rottentomatoes.com, but you guys are right. It sounds like Janet is being paid to promote Kiki Dunst’s movie.

  10. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    Janet stop writing movie reviews, You are not Roger Ebert!

  11. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    She kinda resembles him though, just around the face.

  12. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    A movie with men in white tights!
    I’m there.
    lol me too..

  13. By Belissa
    On October 18, 2006 at

    It’s a well-accepted fact that getting booed at Cannes doesn’t necessarily mean a film won’t do well with regular audiences.
    I’m going to love it, but I think it’s funny thinking about how bad everyone smelled in those days! And no one washed their hands before they prepared food! And they probably didn’t have their hair washed when it was dressed!

  14. By Anonymous
    On October 18, 2006 at

    Is this site about gossip or movie reviews? Janet does not look like Roger Ebert.

  15. By Anonymous
    On October 19, 2006 at

    “Is this site about gossip or movie reviews”
    Why can’t it be both?
    If you are not happy here then go somewhere else..
    we won’t miss ya

  16. By Mrs. Guttman
    On October 19, 2006 at

    Sofia Coppola is so overrated! The movie was booed at Cannes because it is apparently making Marie Antoinette into the victim…poor little rich girl. (I haven’t seen the movie.) The film could have been good, but not with Coppola directing. I am sure it is too long and too slow. I was glad the Virgins died, and something definately WAS lost in translation. Coppola is where she is because of her name. The Oscars are bull shit! Just ask Brando… too bad he’s dead.

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