This is how Honey Boo Boo looked at her mother June’s wedding last weekend. She was an important part of the wedding party in her ruffled dress. After some sweet treats, the ruffles disappeared and it looks like she was hosed down.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


Posted by Janet on May 7, 2013

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  1. By Pippa Martin-St. Onge
    On May 7, 2013 at

    Why do you keep posting about this insufferable rubbish?

  2. By JanJan
    On May 7, 2013 at

    Baby fat. I get it. But this is beyond baby fat.

    This is an adult males big gut we are looking at in the last picture. That is excessive, please give your child a chance to lead if not a normal life at the very least a healthy life.

  3. By abe
    On May 7, 2013 at

    pssst: PAEDOPHILES reunite now because of the belly?

  4. By Hello
    On May 7, 2013 at

    Janet must be advertising for her pedo friends to show this girl way.

  5. By Fabu
    On May 8, 2013 at

    Seriously, Janet, going after young kids because they are not the “normal skinny?” You’re such a bitch sometime… you need to leave children alone, your words are ugly.

  6. By susieserb
    On May 8, 2013 at

    I’ll never forget a little redhead gal (in the first grade) had a belly just like this (neighbor’s kid). Fast forward 10 years the girl was slender and beautiful, I was STUNNED. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bo went through the same thing?

  7. By MissEva
    On May 8, 2013 at

    In a word: Grotesque!!!

  8. By abe
    On May 8, 2013 at

    psst: without the dress she is still BIG, folks!!

  9. By Connie
    On May 8, 2013 at

    Ditto ” ” what Fabu said.

    D- isgusting
    E- mpty
    S- tale
    P- arched
    I- gnorant
    C- ruel
    A- rrogent
    B- ulimic
    L- ow
    E- lderly

    Words defining Janet to a T

  10. By Anonymous
    On May 8, 2013 at

    Her mother is not feeding her proper healthy food is this young girl is that big. They must be multi-millionaires now, there’s no excuse.

  11. By chattycathy
    On May 8, 2013 at

    this is so not right. her heart at this very minute could have fatty tissue around it and her blood vessels could already have a placque buildup. Someone needs to stage an intervention.

  12. By Hilary
    On May 8, 2013 at

    My wedding colors were also pink and yellow, but more in the pastel arena… 🙂

  13. By Bunny
    On May 8, 2013 at

    Does anybody know what happened to that creepy guy Patrick? How about ol’ Walt, Indie, Pitbull lover or Rita?

  14. By donny
    On May 9, 2013 at

    Bunny, go away too

  15. By Shelby
    On May 9, 2013 at

    Trashy people with money. Lord help us.

  16. By cindyloo
    On May 9, 2013 at

    The kid is definitely on her way to a serious weight problem.

  17. By Bill
    On May 11, 2013 at

    Sad. This is what happens when people eat garbage fast food, sugar, and lots of dead animals flesh and blood and pus(dairy products). Blame the mom, but, she is a food addict. The real fault lies with these damn Corporations that have been allowed to run wild and put toxins and junk in food and water. Europe regulates food ingredients the US gov is in bed with the Corporations. This is the way many kids look now at that age and it is getting more common. 50 years ago you never saw it.


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