Jennifer Aniston has made thinly veiled references to the fact that she’s happy to be with a guy who isn’t focused on his personal appearance. Her new beau Vince Vaughn is generally oblivious about his looks. Few people realize it, but Jen’s ex Brad Pitt, is one of the vainest actors in Hollywood. Not necessarily obnoxious, just OBSESSED with his looks. What OTHER actor do we know of who travels with his makeup artist to make sure his slightly flawed skin is prettied up to the max at all times? Brad is extremely fussy about his hair he spends HOURS in the salon chair getting perfect highlights. And they’d better be in the right places he’s been known to go home and decide that an important strand of hair was overlooked and go back for more! Even Brad’s funky wardrobe is no accident- like many female stars, he has a full time stylist shopping for him. Guess living up to the title Sexiest Man Alive is hard work. Wonder how Angelina feels about fighting for the mirror.


Posted by Janet on May 30, 2006

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  1. By Vince Vaughn
    On June 22, 2006 at

    It’s J. Aniston who always drags her hairdresser to everywhere. Just look at her last promotion tour for The Break Up, bvut there are many accasions where pics prove this.
    And Brad Pitt has been walking with big beard for a year, when preparing for a movie role. So i think it’s just the opposite dear Janet, just the opposite. Please don’t make up such obviously false crap in the future, right?

  2. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    sorry, jen, not buying it. you have been pictured everywhere with your hair dresser and brad, no. not that he isn’t vain about his looks, but i don’t buy this one.

  3. By Hope
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I guess you forget this is the same man who looked grungy while with Paltrow and he also walked around with that awful beard for almost a year. Vince is the one exercising now since he got with Jen. Who in hollyweird doesn’t have a full time stylist? He turned into a Ken doll with Jen , i’m glad the old Brad is back. Jen is just happy for the first time she’s in a relationship where she’s the better looking, well dressed partner.

  4. By Dorothy A. Hanna
    On June 22, 2006 at

    This is the first time viewing your websit….very interesting. I saw your site in the New York Post.
    Regarding the Brad Pitt article. I think he, along with other celebrities have forgotten where they came from. He is just a ordinary looking guy with makeup and hair enhancements. I’m glad Jennifer and him are over. She is a really a nice down to earth person. I wish her luck. Brad and Angelina derserve each other. She will throw him away when othe sex gets boring.

  5. By kat
    On June 22, 2006 at

    and jen is not obsessed with how she looks? that’s a right of passge for stars is it not?

  6. By Carol
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Brad Pitt is a jerk and Angelina Jolie is a tramp. One day he’ll realize what a good thing he had in Jennifer. Jennifer and Vince Vaughn seem like a good couple together.

  7. By Tired of it All
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Wanna be archetect BP is totally obsessed with himself! It comes across so clearly whether it is in photos or interviews. He and Angelina totally deserve each other. You couldn’t pay me enough to go see either one of their movies. Thanks but No thanks-after awhile, you just get tired of bed-hopping celebs trying to shove their politics down your throat. All the while claiming they are ‘humanitarians’ trying to save the world. Yeah right, trying to save their own image is more likely.

  8. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Please! I am SO tired of reading all of this crap about Brad and Angelina! While Jen keeps on talking about how glad she is to be on her own, she has found herself, blah, blah, blah Angelina has actually been doing things that matter. If Jen is so at “peace” with herself she should focus on others and stop her damn pity party.

  9. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Jen’s the vain one. She’s always pictured with her hair dresser, what’s his name? Chris something? Not buying it. Jen is being desperate. I’m glad Brad took up with Angelina. At least they are a cool couple who’s not desperate for attention but gets it regardless.

  10. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    I can’t stand Brad, Angelina OR Jennifer. They’re all drama queens. Brad Pitt is a weak, weak man. Absolutely no character whatsoever and I don’t say that in regard to his divorce. That is just one of the many self-serving things he has done over the years. Brad Pitt loves Brad Pitt. And those of you who are falling for the “humanitarian” crap that he and Angelina are making sure you read about on the cover of every magazine, are being duped HUGE. The adoption thing is just one more thing that these two egomaniacs are doing to try and prove that they are better than you. They fly over to a foreign country, take a few photo op trips around the old village and then come back claiming to have all of the answers. Poverty is a far bigger problem than either of those idiots realize and you can’t fix it by just throwing money at it, contrary to popular opinion. If either of them had attended any college, other than the one of their own minds, they might begin to realize just how naive and self-righteous they really are.
    And here’s a clue for you. ANYBODY can adopt a mansion full of babies if money, time, space and opportunity are no issue. That doesn’t make them humanitarians. Just give it 15 years and then ask their messed up refugee children, if you don’t believe me. And I’m sure that if they do a good job of brainwashing, Shiloh will be delighted to learn that she is not an American citizen, like her parents and that she was born in a third-world country because her vain parents thought that to be much more elitist and “vogue” than a simple American birth. Maybe she will prove to be a good disciple and speak out in their defense but the real refugees will tell the real story and I can’t wait.
    They both make me want to wretch. They are POSERS and nothing more.
    P.S. Jennifer, shut the hell up. You were wronged HUGE and you have every right to be angry and hurt. I don’t argue that at all. I don’t even begrudge your right to speak about it. But that’s just it. You don’t speak about it. You play these “I’m just too famous and extraordinarily wounded to share my story with simpletons so instead I’ll just walk around with this big self-important, my-pain-is-way-different-than-yours stick up my butt” games and they are making us seriously tired. Get over your freaking self.

  11. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    C’mon Janet been a fan of yous for years but get off the poor Jennypo crap.
    As a Hollywood gossip queen you knew for a long time that Brad and Jen were having problems before Angelina came on the scene.
    Not buying it because Jen Aniston love the gay hairdresser (Chris) and has him attached to her like her puppy.
    At this point, I’m glad Jen has her hit movie, Brad has Angelina and the kids and Vince Vaughn has game.
    Two years from now, Jen will get her second hit movie, Brad,Angelina and kids will still be a superfamily and Vince Vaughn with still have game.

  12. By Miranda
    On June 23, 2006 at

    I think Jennifer Anniston just gave Brad away without effort. She forgot to thank him at a big awards show once because it’s all about her and he looked like a dope because of it. (I mean if all the other ppl thanked their partners on the show it becomes pretty obvious when you don’t thank yours) and then she takes off and films a gazillion movies after Friends when she said she would stay home and have these kids he was so crazy to have and then she runs to Europe for one of them while Angelina keeps Brad company daily on the set and then she takes the stupid goodbye vacation where she expected him to remain squeeky clean until the divorce was final. She just got what you get for being stupid. Now Angelina smiles like a Cheshire Cat. And yes we all are too far down on the food chain to understand the problems of Jen, Brad and Angie.

  13. By Anonymous
    On June 23, 2006 at

    To anonymous that posted his/her message at 1:13 pm. Angelina was doing refugee work WAY brfore it was brought into the spotlight. The only reason that it is getting so much attention now is because she is with Brad. This work has always been her cause and for you to say that she is a poser is wrong. So she has money, so what? The fact that she is adopting and can afford to should not be held against her. She doesn’t see herself as a humanitarian because she adopts, in fact others have called her that and that was her title when she was the spokes person for the UN Refugee group. When she adopted Maddox there wasn’t an onslought of coverage about the adoption as there was for her daughter from Africa and its all because she is with Brad. Come on, what other actor/actress do you know of that donates money from her paycheck for every movie they make?

  14. By Anonymous
    On June 26, 2006 at

    I believe this story 100%

  15. By April
    On June 27, 2006 at

    Who cares…. He looks so fine!!!!!

  16. By Anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at

    I for one believe that humanity starts at home. Why aren’t they adopting/donating money to poor American children that could desperately use some help? There are millions of American children who go without food, shelter and necessary medical care every single day, I don’t see anyone clamoring to photograph them…

  17. By Joanie
    On June 29, 2006 at

    I really like your site Janet but I disagree hard with what everyone is saying about Jen. Brad wronged her and Angelina well my opinion changed towards her when she SLEPT with a married man. I feel bad for Jen it hurts when you think someone loves you so much and bang he leaves you for another woman….

  18. By mar
    On November 27, 2006 at

    Brad Pitt is vain and immature.Why? because he never even mourned the end of his marriage, he just jumped rdight into the gorgeous beautiful Angelina. I don’t think when your that overwhelmed over someone you really give a shit about the one you dumped and Angelina and Pitt are a good looking couple. How shallow. Hey Brad if you really want to be an archetect desiger wanna be,why don’t you really you challenge yourself and go back to the best college you can pay for.You are by far no architect and looks grow old like the rest of the people in the world.Your shallow Daddy.

  19. By Idiot_Basher
    On April 15, 2011 at

    Geez, why don’t you spend less time being a gossipy fuck and more time learning how to write, or be less fat, or make your voice less annoying … maybe grow a few inches, I don’t know. ANYTHING but writing about this useless fucking subject.

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